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  1. Over the moon with it, just in the rite place at the rite time. Ive found with decoy crows if you get it perfect then they decoy better then pigeons. After 2 hours they stopped coming. I just put 10 decoys out and a flapper and tucked into a hedge. I just havent got the pigeons rite this year which is frustrating. Some of the guys on here have given me some brilliant advice so far so I look forward to learning more through them and my own practise Cheers rob
  2. Its about 200 acres that he drilled so i places bangers at the very top end and I shot at the other end. Cheers for all the advice guys anything I can learn Is a positive On the plus side just shot on some maize stubble and had 60 in 2 hours so Im happy with that Cheers rob
  3. They day before I went there was still 300 on there, in 3 decent size groups. Ive been watching them feed the seem to start at the top 3 fields and work their way down through the day. My thinking being cover the top wood with bangers and push them down to my pattern.
  4. At least its not just me. Yesterday there was 3-400 pigeons on some drillings and theyve been there about 3 days. Set my bangers to push the birds around. Came to this morning and saw 1 crow Ive never seen it so quiet
  5. Hi guy hope your all ok. Has anyone else Struggled with the pigeons this year? Not had a Descent day on them all year even though Ive had What I thought would be big days but turned out to be very average Cheers rob
  6. Hay guys hope your all well. I've dropped on with some new permission, shame I didn't get it when the rape was harvested but there is still the wheat he started yesterday. I watched it last night this morning and this evening. There is one steady flight line but they seem to drop from anywhere and everywhere so to some degree it will be trail and error. The field is about 90 acre which is one of the smaller ones oddly, I've never shot in such large fields before so have you guys got any tips for shooting in large fields and how to bring them in better. I was thinking about using two whirlys
  7. Cheers guys. I've got the stuff to build a kennel and run, wdg yes that's correct mate 6-6 continental shifts. Most days I'm out doing the feeders so exercise I can't see being a problem but I don't want to have a dog and not look after it properly. My old mans usually around my way in the week since his retirement so I may ask him to pop by in the day to feed and check up on her then. Scut I've got some bars and angle left over from when I built some kennels for a pack of beagles I used to hunt with so I'll probably weld summat up out of that I guess, I was easier doing that then as we u
  8. Will be in a kennel outside with a good run area. But will be inside the house st night
  9. Cheers for the reply lads always appreciated Cheers rob
  10. Evening all, I've been contemplating getting myself a gun dog. I put my name down for a friends pup and I'd love to have a dog again, my circumstances have changed some what now my mrs has decided to leave, I work 6-6 on shifts. I live 2 mins away from work so I can come home for a half hour then I'll be back again at 6pm for quality time with the dog I'm just worried 6 hour stints maybe a little long. I've read 8 hours is the max while others say 3 hours. I don't want to have a dog and not give her the time and attention we all know they deserve On my days off it's not an issue and I can
  11. Evening guys hope everyone is well I've a couple of questions for you all, having put my first set of birds down last year and only having walked up days over dogs, I've a few birds left over so I'm looking for a few hundred ex layers to top up the numbers. Having little experience of them I'd like to pick your brains. 1, what is the average price for ex Layers? 2, could anyone recommend any game farms in Leicestershire? 3, has anyone one tried a wild meadow flower mix on their shoots for cover and more veritaty for the birds to pick away At? 4, I've heard of sum about penning ex laye
  12. Ok cheers guys, I've havnt looked on the field yet all as he has told me is beans. I'll nip down tonight or tomorrow for a wander as see what's about. Hopefully they linger around till Saturday Cheers lads Rob
  13. Evening all Had a call off a friend saying he's seen loads of pigeons on beans that are sprouting. Have you guys had any good days on them with this or is it just a passing chance of them being on beans that are sprouting?
  14. Evening all, looking for a left handed shotgun for around £1000 in the East Midlands. I don't mind traveling a few miles to view the right one Cheers rob
  15. Cheers for the replys lads, I think I'll keep an eye out for a decent make/model knocking around. If anyone knows of one please let me know Thanks again rob
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