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  1. They sure are pal the first shot was fatal just the nerves when jumping about folk think they are not dead so i plug em again just to keep them happy lol. Its the young ones they always seem to jump about quite a lot even when hit in the head.. Ye i know the feeling pal its not good Thanks Dave.
  2. Thanks young fella Cheers mate, ye strange the full size one for me feels better plus you get more shots but every one to their own..
  3. Thanks Ditch ye i kill them as kindly as i can lol.. Thanks mate. Cheers pal ye i have had the HW 100 and Pard 008 quite a while now but its been spot on.
  4. Cheers men thank you for the feed back...
  5. Thanks popper ye its doing ok pal its been up dated twice now with the new firmware up date and it seems spot on, i put it back on the air rifle so i could just literally use it more, i have 5 different zero setting for it now for the air rifle from 25 to 50 yards and each time i use it its spot on so ye so far so good.
  6. Well ye cheers Ditch think what is when i talk to the camera Jack thinks i am talking to him so gets all giddy lol.
  7. Being honest i didn't need the C50 as my Drone is spot on BUT as i couldn't help my self i bought one just to spice up my shooting life as i kind of got bored keep using the Drone and even now the Drone is the best of the two at distance but up closer the C50 is a top Nv with the right IR and i really have enjoyed using it.
  8. Thanks a lot men its the good comments that kind of make me do the videos as said above it does take some doing filming and editing after wards thanks again to you all 👍👍👍👍
  9. Ye trigger sticks, i got mine around 2 or 3 year ago thinking i don't need these they are just a gimmick but i can honestly say for ratting 100% perfect i couldn't be with out them now, i think for the fox shooting i do to be honest would sooner use the bipod but air rifling are spot on. To be honest i have never used them when using my centrefire rifles but a lot do.
  10. I think the days of the old shows we all used to go to get bargains on the last day and such are over with unfortunately, don't get me wrong every thing these days is a rip off and not cheap just look at fuel but we have to keep at it i think, for me the show at Harrogate is the last chance we will ever have of the old shows we used to all go and enjoy and just not get round in a day as there was so much to see.
  11. Ye the LED IRs do work better with most of the old NVs, The PBiR M i mentioned as you say doesn't just have the power of the Laser or the old LEDs but you can dim it down or turn it up which is good and is covert so the quarry can not see the glow but i have used it on my Drone Pro and the C50 and you still easily see 200 yards with the C50 if not more and the Drone i see 300 yards so is still ok for fox distance. Thanks young fella.
  12. To be honest pal there is a PBiR M out now which is a covert IR so no glow and this works brilliant with the old photons or old Digex which used to white out all the time.
  13. Thanks Popper ye its a PBiR Laser and works brilliant pal.
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