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  1. Thank you Kev ye i still have the Rapid and ya know still the best air rifle i have ever owned, also that 8 twist 223 really has blown me away with its accuracy with the heavy bullets at range, don't get me wrong i don't always shoot that good with it but the day i filmed i did lol, also ye the rats i just love shooting them with 12 ftlb air rifles it gets no better lol.
  2. I am a Dry Liner pal and nothing is cheap these days as you probably have gathered, a good man will probably do that easily in 3 days and charge you right just times have changed as you have probably gathered there as well.
  3. Thanks mate. Lol cheers mate ye loads say this when watching i even do it my self 😂 I use 24x pal the max magnification.
  4. Ye will do pal cheers, i to use a Sako 6ppc for fox control to be honest the best rifle i have ever owned.
  5. Cheers pal. Ye pal i also see this a lot on other videos make me shake my head, i have even seen this with well known shooters to which shocks me. Cheers mate.
  6. Thanks Popper ye they soon get out of hand for sure. Lol just the way i like it Thanks again young chap. Thank you my friend.
  7. Ye Ditch i actually shot at a spare Asbestos sheet out side on a tip very close up just to make sure it wouldn't go through and it didn't so i was away and ye every one wants to see Jack so he made an appearance for a few seconds at the end and the video was a success 👀😉🤣🤣 Ye i might of said before but Rat shooting i just love it with a 12 ftlb air rifle just brilliant to say i have been involved in all other types of shooting in my life.
  8. 😂 funny enough JKD the ones falling down the walls were falling out another hole at the other side of the wall i should of tried to film it all it would have been funny, but ye i just had a average day and night really i didn't shoot that many lol
  9. No pal this is a 12 ftlb air rifle using light pellets as not to damage the building. Nice one Popper the king of sports so they tell me, wouldn't be surprised if its my favourite one even though i have been involved in them all.
  10. Thanks Jim ye i pick up what i can with a litter picker upper lol
  11. Cheers Ditch ye that dog is a bit simple to start with i knew it was there but did chuckle when she popped out lol Thanks Mossy i was only thinking when i put this on i bet you lot are sick of seeing me now lol. Thank you Mel much appreciated pal.
  12. Thanks ever so much Jim and ye so long as the law keeps letting me and YouTube don't tell me off 😂 i should be able to my friend.
  13. Hyia pal my next vid is a ratting one to be fair using my Wolverine R but in all fairness the weather has just been rubbish and i have been grounded 90% of the time also what time i have been out has been on the foxes as this last month they have been bad news up here on the moors. I use the Strelok Plus David its been pretty good and i zero at 120 yards pal and set every thing up from there. Cheers pal ye he's 13 soon the old lad.
  14. Cheers pal and the back to you. Thank you Ditch and the same to you my friend and keep safe in these silly times.
  15. Thank you mossy Thank you pal and very very much appreciated. Cheers Bob and the same to you pal. Lol cheers Bike , i did go and pick that crow up to be honest as its not right leaving then dead all over the place and Merry Christmas to you pal. Cheers mate and ye up here this time of year with the wind hell does it get cold. Thank you my friend very much appreciated. Cheers Mars and the same to you my friend. Thanks Al and the same to you mate.
  16. Cheers Ratlegs, i should be out shooting but this damn weather is shocking up here on the moors Thank you very much Mossy
  17. ye sorry about this pal i found out this two days ago, all the clips are from other videos that are not Age Restricted but now they are all together they have Age Restricted it stupid really just how YouTube works, i have done the same with rat vids i do 3 vids all on the same farm yet one of them gets pulled and i get told off but the others nothing is said, just the world we live in these days i suppose. He does ok really pal but he is nearly 13 now so his age is getting the better of him with out a doubt. Thanks a lot pal, ye i am no professional film maker by far but do try and ye my mate Jack spent a lot of time with that boy in the pigeon and all sorts really will miss him one day.
  18. They were cubs on a farm and the farmer didn't want them shooting so probably being a bit silly i fed them got friendly with them and Jack got even more friendly with them to the stage when i tell the story no one believes me, fortunately i have the videos of them all running around together like some thing out of born free then they grew up and disappeared and i never shot a fox on that farm ever again. Two months later i got a phone call off the farm next door he had 3 foxes in his garden quite tame and would i shoot them but i never went that was the last i herd of them, it was around 7 years ago. Brilliant experience i will never forget it. Thank you Wisdom.
  19. How are ya JD, ye my old Sniper buddy had a piece of cotton on the ariel of his jeep years ago so i kind if knicked the idea from him, stay safe my friend.
  20. Thanks Ditch i use a Leica range finder for the distance and a Kestrel winder to measure the wind speed and for the wind direction i have a piece of cotton taped to my barrel.
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