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  1. Ye pal the Icotec you can down load better calls on if you contact who you bought it off. One of the best this time of year is The Vixen On Heat its brilliant ye good luck with it also the 223 will be spot on for foxes Cheers pal ye its a big job editing i do them over and over again to try and get them half right lol.
  2. Ye thanks pal, that is an 8 twist Sako 85 with a 24 inch barrel, i know when you talk to folk every thing they use they always think are say its the best but that rifle has blown me away the accuracy it can deliver even at 500 yards and more on calm days using a 69 grain bullet, i highly recommend you get one also mine even shoots the 40 grain bullets into .25 of an inch at 100 yards. Thanks again popper much appreciated.
  3. Hyia mate, i don't have another yet but i fancy a fox red one next if i be honest, when i first got Jack the reason i bought him was for the pigeon hide as i was a mad keen pigeon shooter back then, it was when i first joined here and got told off from a few of you for my bad spelling 😂 any way as time went on i got more busy using the rifles and that's where Jacks kind of retired so to speak. but ye a fox red bitch be spot on and stay safe my friend. Thanks Cranefield much appreciated.
  4. I reload cat for around 50 pence a shot if that but factory can be any thing from 22 pound to 30 pound i think for a box of 20.
  5. Thanks Popper ye good nights them in the 40s
  6. Thanks pal. Cheers mate. Thanks Ditch
  7. Thanks pal ye you are right folk do think speed kills but its accuracy, my friend has a 22.250 and one day we did a test right out to 750 yards and my 8 twist 223 out shot it past around 400 yards with the 69 grain bullets, the 22.250 was only shooting 55s mind ya but my bullet doing 2950 ftps out shot the 22.250 doing 3650 ftps. Saying this the 22.250 is a top fox calibre with out a doubt.
  8. Ye plenty shot in this, i suppose no one likes to see any misses or wounded ones but you quickly followed them up ye brilliant pest control.
  9. Looked a cracking spot and nice shooting to brilliant way to start the season.
  10. I use an almost max load of vit 140 pal the COL in my rifle is 2.345 inch but this is a Sako 8 twist kind of designed for them, to be fair i have shot the TMKs at mag length around 2.275 and they still shot well just i had a bit more pressure so i knocked the load down. I use the 77s as well at a 1000 yards which impressed me on very calm days.
  11. Ye to right a good chair and some trigger sticks you can't beat it pal.
  12. Thanks pal ye i do a lot of this type of testing to make those long shots especially one after the other i think some times some do not realise the testing about you have to do. Thanks Ditch in a funny kind of way i do enjoy this more than the actual hunting. Lol cheers Silver. Lol cheers pal i could only see it through the scope 😂
  13. Brilliant mate nice one i am due to go ratting again soon but every one is hagged with foxes at the moment.
  14. Thanks pal, its my Pulsar thermal spotter XQ50 i actually use it for fox shooting but works brilliant on the rats also.
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