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  1. Thanks pal. Thanks again Foxhunter hope your fine and dandy. Thanks Oowee ye i wasn't just fast enough lol Thanks again Ditchman Cheers pal ye doesn't time just fly be Christmas again any minute lol. Thanks old chap.
  2. Thanks a lot Jim you are 100 percent right and Reading your comment almost brought a tear to my eye to, me and Jack have been through so much together as you can imagine in a pigeon hide for a good 8 years also game shooting it goes on for ever and they do age so fast and i dread that day my self but on the up side i will be after another very soon to train up again as i fancy a fox red one this time, stay safe my friend. No problem Shufti and thanks to you for your comment.
  3. Thanks Fuddster Cheers pal very much appreciated
  4. Thanks Westly. Thanks pal ye the sport or work we all love and do is in uncertain times for sure. Thanks a lot pal Hyia JD he's Called Jack if you remember when i posted on here a few years ago with Pigeon Driller he was only 2 or 3 years of age then hell how time flys. Thanks Mate. Thanks a lot pal ye he also spots if any one comes walking to he is quite handy lol.
  5. Thanks pal, ye the Blitzkings are a cracking fox bullet and will use them for that but for the 400 yard plus shots will still use the 69 grain TMK's Thanks a lot pal. Thanks Ferret much appreciated.
  6. Lol thanks a lot JD i think you are right, he stars more in my next one as they want to see him more than me lol Ye just as i get ready for the shot they all separated damn it .. lol thanks mate
  7. Thanks pal, we don't really have hundreds of crows on the moors its usually groups of say the same 10 or 20 all the time and they do wise up, when they see my car pull up at the farm the fields empty yet the post van they stay there its a joke how clever they honestly are, so really the rifle way can be handy not saying the very best method but for up there and with me being a long range shooter kind of works. Thanks a lot Cranefield. Lol thanks Jim if ever it happens i would give you a few tips but i am no professional by far my friend.
  8. Lol thanks Old chap, the miss was years ago 😅 i had to put it in so i look human lol.
  9. Thanks Dob ye Rips is a brilliant shot and has done well for him self.
  10. Thanks pal. Cheers mate Thanks Butch Thanks Morkin its doing 52 ftlb pal with a 26 grain Hades Thanks pal Thanks Scully Thanks a lot Bruno I use the 26 grain Hades in that rifle pal the wind did affect them at times if i be honest but i kind of held off to allow Thanks Ditchman the weather was all over the place that day Thanks pal Cheers mate
  11. Hyia guys some air rifle pest control here with my Daystate Red wolf
  12. Ye i do pal a Drone Pro 10x been brilliant Thanks pal ye its big open moorland where i go Thanks pal
  13. Thanks David i use the Strelok plus app and read the wind with a Kestrel wind meter and range the shots with a Leica 1200 range finder Thanks pal i miss shots to but practise quite a lot Ye cheers Walked up the sheep have got used to me these days lol
  14. Thanks JD hope you safe and well pal
  15. Ye to right JD he is highly trained well was lol to right Walked up
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