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  1. Schmidt Bender scope

    Im in ulverston hour away from brough but my mate gets up to Helbeck wemmergill etc most weeks
  2. Schmidt Bender scope

    Where is brought
  3. Schmidt Bender scope

    As title 8*56 30 mill tube a7 ret mint boxed £315 Rmsd
  4. Miroku MK38 Gd 5 sporter or similar (s/h)

    My mates selling a browning 425 grade 6 minter wants £1850

    There's a big warrior prone to talking rubbish around camp fires as well who's not so northern but whoever talking it's mainly rubbish just like the standard of the shooting
  6. Duck Rings And Wing Bands.

    My dad shot ateal in the 70s I found a coot with five plastic coloured ring and a metal one last year on one flight we shot five greylag two of which were ring and this season my brother shot a Canada that was rung
  7. Changing my user name

    As pw was the first forum I was a member of five a rather **** user name is it Possible to change it to on that talkys up with all the other forums I'm a member of that was people will recognise me easier from forum to forum
  8. sticking ejector on a Beretta

    I had same problem with a 20 bore silver pigeon the newer ones aren't near as well made I romo e ejectors and polished rough metal on the backs and never had a problem again
  9. How was everyone's first flight?

    I sat by the river feeding week old mallard ducklings seems a lot of late broods about this year so I'm leaving inland until October
  10. I don't believe any moor should set up hh project I think they should be firstly be recognised for the successes they have on all the other endangered birds they are helping to conserve not just one that anti shooters cherry pick as an example which as previously said have never historically nested very well in the uk and certainly arnt nesting successfully any where else other than grouse moors
  11. Hen harriers are a contentious subject as with all ground nesting birds they are at a higher risk of predation from foxes etc also weather , ticks , etc etc also once fledged group roosting birds can be very quickly become fox food and effectively wiping out a whole population in seconds
  12. Thank you Sir Ian Botham : "The facts speak for themselves. British Trust for Ornithology ringers have just conducted a survey of a grouse moor in the Pennines. They found 800 pairs of lapwing, 400 curlews and 100 golden plover on one estate. There were 89 species 21 of them endangered red list birds. Another grouse moor in Scotland has 81 species. This is bird heaven. The RSPBs scientists admit that grouse moors are the best breeding grounds for birds, saying that there are up to five times more endangered birds on grouse moors than on other moors. So if the activists who run the RSPB had their way and forced grouse moors to shut down it would be devastating for Britains endangered birds." Touche Chris Packam.
  13. Swap...

    I can offer you a walked up day mixed bag of duck woodcock pheasant etc with a duck flight at end of day based in cumbria bag of around 30 head between four or five guns or days decoying crows / pigeon when about or an evenings roost shooting crows with six or seven thousand crows going in the wood last time we shot 140 between five guns
  14. Ive just got in from two days of flanking on one of the most famous grouse moors, where other than grouse ive seen untold amounts of other birds curlew green plover or lapwings snipe etc kestrels merlins the list goes on .anyone who disputes that grouse management is a negative thing on our uplands is in cloud cuckoo land the money generated that goes back into the rural economy is a major factor the employment on a shoot day Is unreal over 50 staff today from 6 year olds upto 70 plus, if grouse shooting didnt exist then the moors would turn to a vast wilderness devoid of all life in a very shirt time
  15. PW RIFLE SHOOT WEEKEND 11th-12th JUNE 2016

    As above Id like to thank sparkie and the lads for organising a good do with a real good bunch of lads had a good couple of nights sat round flnnys Fire talking **** and putting the world to rights see you lads next year atb lloydy