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  1. Not only two left shoes but odd also. Even comrade corbyn has got to announce her as an embarrasment to his sham of a party. And even more so to this country.
  2. I spoke to basc with regard to the medicert thing and their reply was we have no knowledge of it. As they have been largely inactive in any practical way over the problems of the past few years I would have thought they could at least have looked into it and advise members accordingly. But then again I guess they are to busy sorting their office parties to worry about us shooters the members.
  3. I genuinely think that most shooters myself included have no objection to paying for a GP to complete the questionnaire. A reasonable fee. And would it be beyond the gmc to send an email to all GP surgeries asking if they will participate in replying. After all they only have to press send to all. Then all forces could publish on their website which surgeries in their area will respond. What does make a mockery of this is you have to have a medical for hgv etc yet this doesn't have to be done by a GP that knows you. A GP can rent a room for a day and then ask a few questions ask you to read a chart on the wall. Then your clear to take to the public highway a 40plus ton killing machine or have 50 plus persons on your coach that if you choose to you could drive straight off a cliff with no understanding of your mental health history. The courts can change democratic decisions taken by the public and then approved by Parliament yet it seems cannot be expected to set standards by which the police should act on this matter legal challenge may bring about a standardised system which is all we ask. So I would ask basc to maybe try for this maybe use the time they take to organise the Christmas ball to help the members.
  4. The facility for police to gain information has always been there. Any GP whether anti or not would no doubt reply to normal requests if they believed a patient of theirs to be unfit due to duty of care. I would like to know how many people were granted when they had mental illness because the GP never replied.
  5. So if we all accept that there is nothing that basc or any of the others can do to protect the sport what is the point of them. As any new demands made by police will always be under the guise of public safety. The magazine goes from letter box to bin. I am not interested in game fair. (same old same old) the insurance can be had cheaper elsewhere. It seems we are just on countdown to no sporting shooting in this country.
  6. I don't think people want to see basc go bump as you say however if they carry on just taking the cash and doing sweet fa for it then shooting will go bump. Police chiefs would not want to spend vast sums of their budgets defending a case where they are not following the lines set by the home office. One force sets the ball rolling and see no resistance do all the others think why not. It's the members who are suffering and its the members money laying idle in their bank account and the question has to be if not to fight for members why is it there.
  7. To be honest there is nothing wrong with the way things should go according to the current home office guidelines. No reply within 21 days assume no medical problem. Doctor is in no way liable as they took no part if they have genuine medical concerns then inform police so again not liable in any way. This is why basc and others should have acted. The political route of writing strongly worded letters to those in authority has and never will achieve anything. The same as when I sent a email with strongly worded content to basc regarding this matter they did not even deem it worthy of a response.
  8. Home office guidance which should be followed by all. If no reply within 21 days to doctors request then issue certificate. Not make applicant supply doctors l report or don't issue. There was a review a couple of years back which involved the police and home office. And to a lesser extent basc and others. Apart fromthe new charges all other agreements have been binned by police and gmc. We are being discriminated against and that is unlawful. As for the advice basc got to take the political route well that has worked as instead of the two forces that were doing this we now have more joining in every couple of months and all this while a new review is going on. And who is to say that the result of this will be adhered to.
  9. So we have wild justice threatens to take the establishment to court and brings the shooting community to near standstill along with getting a payout from natural England. A business woman takes the government to court and get brexit stopped throwing the whole country into turmoil. Yet basc cannot spend some of our money taking forces to court for creating chaos to law abiding people by casually making their own rules. Even if this action only produced a standardisation of the licensing system it would be better than the lottery we find ourselves in now.
  10. As long as you feel you are getting value for your money that's fine.
  11. If all we have is an outfit who does nothing then maybe better if they do not exist. Just taking money under false pretences.
  12. Personally I think we would he better off without the pcc taking resources away from general policing. When our current one was up for election he stated his first job would be to get rid of g4s as they were not fit for purpose. Also he said he would put extra into firearms to end the long waiting times for grants and renewal.
  13. Quite correct. They will only wake up after shooting in this country is a thing of the past along with them being a thing of the past also The only way to keep something is to fight to keep it something they seem to be quite happy to overlook.
  14. I agree the organisations should have jumped onn this years ago. But as you say they have better things to spend our money on. I myself am at an age where I will only probably want to renew once or maybe twice again however my next one is next year and after that basc will be one member short. I don't expect them to be able to sort everything but do at least try to sort some. Not just the company cars and Christmas Dinner.
  15. Has anyone on here used the company medicert to do their GP letter. If so how did it go.
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