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  1. Honours should be for those who perform acts of great humanity.and help others with no gain for personal circumstances.not for driving fast or throwing darts kicking a ball.whilst filling their bank accounts for doing so.captain tom did more at his great age than most of the other recipients have combined yet it had to be by public and media demand that he got recognised.
  2. They have been lower for many decades.
  3. So mow all you need to get a knighthood is to earn bucket loads of cash and life a luxurious lifestyle ìn another country with a pop star on your arm.driving the best car on the circuit and then preach on about how he and his ethnic are oppressed. The honours system in this country is and has been totally out of touch with the real world for many years now and does not look like changing ever.
  4. I am in sibsey about 4 milès out of boston centre.
  5. Five gun cabinet in excellent condition with two sets of keys.£80.collection from boston lincs
  6. Five gun cabinet with two sets of keys.in excellent condition.£90.collection from boston lincs.
  7. Does this mean if your dog takes a dump you are not allowed to remove it as it is now the property of the crown
  8. Pigeon magnet with speed controller.i bought this a few years back but never used it so has been in my shed for a good while.all works as it should just a little marked from being under other stuff.i had to replace one of the little bolts as the original somehow got lost.£35. Collection from boston
  9. My hilux has 190k on the clock and still running on everything it came out the factory with bar a exhaust brake pads and tyres.a previous hilux needed a radiator so to cut the cost I bought a eBay rad it lasted less than a year so I put another original from main dealer on and got several years until I sold the truck and probably still serving well.
  10. I can fully understand why basc would jump n and claim they had anything to do with shooting being exempt as they may wish to reclaim a few points after the dismal performance over the past few years. I would say that the lords and other estate owners who are in both houses and on the verge of their season had far more influence. Also it seems a massive coincidence that as most forces are insisting on medical report before application and a lot of doctors refusing to do this that the legal help is withdrawn. Maybe with a big dose of hindsight they should have got of their hind quarters and pro
  11. And a lot of brownings are not made by browning
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