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  1. There is a lot of this type of thing about.we have a heating oil comparison company here that claims to find you the cheapest price between several suppliers yet man the suppliers are owned by the same company as is the comparison site.
  2. I changed a part of mine a couple of months back .as it was only one small part of it changed they charged me £100.which incidentally was the same as they charged me to do the original.i believe you are allowed to write your own.i feel sure there will be info on the web about this.
  3. Anyone here use one .I would like an unbiased opinion on these not only I have one and love it.id like a true report pros and cons.
  4. My own take is that this curŕent lockdown will run until towards the end of march then we will return to a tier system of sorts.as people come from all over the country I cant see it happening also a lot of people from Europe and with travel restrictions I cant see them coming.as for clashing with other comps well if Essex got in first then the others would have to fit in with it.also as the Essex runs for a full week it gives ample chance for the top shooters to do the other comps anyway the same week.
  5. Foĺlowing the recent añouncement from Boris regarding the easing of lockdowns what do people think the chances of this year's going ahead.or would it have been better to maybe set it for August or September instead.
  6. When you see just who gets them and for what it makes them pretty meaningless really.
  7. From reports seen in the media it seems the hold ups are mainly fishing rights and state aid for business.well the eu decimated our fishing industries fleet with their super trawlers and other eu countries have blatantly propped up some of their industries.as far as i can see if the rest of the eu are denied access to our fish then it will give a chznce for stocks to recover.and our fleet coulx increase to supply the home market instead of buying it back off others.as for helping industry why not as creating employment can only bd a good thing.as we have a massive deficit with the trade we do
  8. Honours should be for those who perform acts of great humanity.and help others with no gain for personal circumstances.not for driving fast or throwing darts kicking a ball.whilst filling their bank accounts for doing so.captain tom did more at his great age than most of the other recipients have combined yet it had to be by public and media demand that he got recognised.
  9. They have been lower for many decades.
  10. So mow all you need to get a knighthood is to earn bucket loads of cash and life a luxurious lifestyle ìn another country with a pop star on your arm.driving the best car on the circuit and then preach on about how he and his ethnic are oppressed. The honours system in this country is and has been totally out of touch with the real world for many years now and does not look like changing ever.
  11. I am in sibsey about 4 milès out of boston centre.
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