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  1. I look forward to the day of the announcement that the body against sports of country (basc) have a new honorary president in one Mr c. Packham.
  2. Dropped the price now £250.if it don't make that it can stay in the cabinet.
  3. And the tree huggers will still be protesting here.
  4. They don't need to as defra and the organisations will just roll over as before. And as with the current gl review they will have input. So how do you think the future of not only shooting but all country pursuits is going to pan out.
  5. I see you are of the keep a dog and bark yourself. They are sitting on millions of members money yet all they ever do is spend a few pence on stamps for their strongly worded letters. And now their response to the latest wj court threat is to ask to be shown as an interested party. That should frighten them.
  6. If basc don't hurry up and grow a pair the likes of wj will make the organisation a thing of the past. Obsolete.
  7. So how does the basc or medicert thing work. If a GP refuses to pass the information onto the police or wants a large fee then why would they pass on the same information free to another doctor. Has anyone used either of these services to success.
  8. £60 paid last week. GP turned it around in two days. I am quite happy to pay for their time.
  9. While this will no doubt be of some assistance to those who have Gp's who for reasons of ignorance of the sport of shooting or the ways of the countryside. I fear there will be a lot of shooters having to make arrangements for their guns as it can take weeks if not months for some surgeries to pass on records. This is surely an infringement of our human rights. I take it from your earlier statement that basc will continue to strive on our behalf to counter this means another strongly worded letter being sent out. We have nothing to fear with this kind of support behind us. 🙂
  10. He did 20 weeks in what was no more than a skirmish by previous standards. He was in one of the most up to date flying gunships and no doubt given a level of protection no other serving soldier saw. His grandfather went through the ww2 and then continued through to his nineties supporting the Queen and doing what his position in life expected of him. And this for a country that was not his own. Harry lost his mother at an early age and that is very sad but many children lose parents but are not cosseted to the extent he has been for the years after. In fact they can and do lead very hard lives. And as for his wife it would seem family loyalty is not that high on her priority list. Titles should be withdrawn and let them fend for themselves in the same world millions of others do.
  11. If he wants to go then fair enough. If daddy wants to give him pocket money also fair enough. But as far as the British taxpayer stumping up millions for their new hollywood style life then no. All costs for security etc should be paid for by them or from the families own funds. I doubt they would want to subsidise them for long with no return by way of public duties.
  12. About the same as 95% of so called comedians these days
  13. bostonmick


    Be interesting to see how many of these world saving acts are carried out after the oil has run out in these countries. I believe we will then see that they will be left to do whatever they wish in their own country as the west will just ignore it totally.
  14. bostonmick


    According to the Americans the Russians have been coming for us for most of the century. Yet still we wait. I doubt Russia has any appetite for war. They like the yanks pick fights in small countries to test their new weapons for the open market
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