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  1. So the next question is why do they not just reinstate the license as it was with the condition you have to be licensed to do pest control and crop protection. And still need to show some evidence of non lethal means. No I suppose they might have to do ž bit of work issuing them. Well just stay calm while they go after the shooting of fox. Squirrels. Rats etc and game shoots. Fishing. We can all say my word we are all surprised by this. Again. Our sport is in one hell of a mess licensing is becoming a postcode lottery the doctors thing has not crept up by surprise over the past five years yet the mere threat of a legal challenge sent the establishment into panic but our cash rich organisations decided a stiff letter is all they need do to fight these threats. Country sports and its way of life have one foot in the grave and it won't be long before the dirt is being shovelled on top of it for good. Sit back stay calm.
  2. Surely sitting back and remaining calm is exactly what brought us to the current situation. Packham and friends did a publicly open fund raise for the purpose of going to court over the gl. And while all the organisations and the shooting public were busy sitting back in a calm manner we can all sit back and be as calm as you like now as it's all lost.
  3. I have clicked on it as you said but it only then shows from the welcome to the trading posts. All sorted now thanks.
  4. For some reason when I open pw on my phone I only get half of the topics. It starts at air guns and not the welcome bit. It always worked fine before I have uninstalled it several times but with the same result.
  5. And what could they do throw us out with no deal. Oh dear wouldn't that be tragic. We are allowed to give financial assistance and incentives for foriegn companies to set up shop here. And lend banks billions and they are businesses. So a 30 mil loan would be well within limits.
  6. Well as we are leaving it would have been an ideal way to snub the EU. And it was a loan not a subsidy. Thousands more on benefits because the EU would not like it. Its time this country of ours grew the pair back that the EU took away.
  7. It's a shame that as a parting gift she did not give British steel a hand. It was a drop in the ocean what they asked for when compared to the foriegn aid that is thrown out each year to undeserving countries to squander. Charity begins at home.
  8. Exactly right. She ran the campaign with the same lacklustre manner that Cameron did the referendum. Just a casual indifference to the electorate.
  9. So now she joins the long list of resignees that will dissappear into obscurity. Along with her protection for the rest of her days and a pension equal to her wage at the taxpayers expense. How will it pan out now if the brexit and other parties are big winners in the EU elections will the new leader and the other sheep finally realise the country wants out now and stuff the deal. Or if somehow the main stream remainders get a majority will they take it the country wants to cancel brexit altogether. I know where my money lays.
  10. I wouldn't say he is a pillock and he achieved what he set out to do which was bring about a vote on and to leave the EU. He would not have been involved in direct negotiations on the terms of withdrawal. As for Cameron who stated make no mistake if you vote leave we will leave then jumped ship to sulk as he never got his way. To be replaced by a remainer who has spent almost three years trying to push through a deal that means we will not leave only in name.as for all the others each and everyone of them are grinding their own personal axes at our expense. If the ordinary person acted the way this lot are in work they would soon find themselves unemployable.
  11. It's a funny old thing the used gun market. I have advertised a few on various Web sites and on here. Never had any luck selling and all my guns are immaculate condition. The last one I had on an ad for eight weeks at 6k not a sniff put it into my rfd and it sold within ten days for more than I originally priced it.
  12. The company paid one pound for what is now British steel however part of the deal would be they take on the responsilities of the company. So not only buying a business but also a debt. I think it is wrong that EU rules bar us from subsidising our industry. Although this rule might not apply to all members. I also find it strange that if I buy something from a country that is not in the EU say for £100 I am liable for customs duty of just over £22. Yet Chinese steel comes in millions of pounds at a load but after customs still cheaper than home made. I suppose somewhere in the EU this craziness made sense to someone.
  13. Lots so advocates for the 21 grm cartridges in 12 and 20g I would ask why do people think it is so hard to hit targets with a 410 I shoot one and use 18 and 19gram and they are a very effective gun. With little recoil.
  14. Heard the lib dem leader on radio four today. Saying we need a proper referendum to get the real answer. I thought we had already had one and got a real result. He is also under the misconception that the euro elections will not be a brexit vote. I worry how long will it be before we have any political party capable of government as the crowd we have in the house now are not fit.
  15. No the question is do you shoot. This is again a thin edge of the wedge. I only shoot clays these days and have done for a good few years. I am a member of basc and cpsa I see this as just another attack on shooting in general.
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