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  1. bostonmick

    FIrst time fac holders

    Would it not be a better way and more responsible to explain to him why you do not want to shoot with him. Ducking and diving only leaves him to maybe hurt someone who does not know him. Or pass your concern onto the police. Surely a fall out is better than a funeral.
  2. bostonmick

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I believe that we are witnessing the demise of democracy in this country. The people voted the Parliament stated they would deliver the peoples wish. Yet up to now everything points to us being landed with a situation that nobody voted for. As for the Irish so called problem if the UK had never joined the EU would Southern Ireland have been refused membership because of no hard border to the north. All this farce that is there now is just a smoke screen until the non exit of the EU happens. I hope when the next general election comes the voters remember this and vote for the fringe parties not that they would be able to form a government but just give the. Two main parties a kick up the rear. Let some of the traitorous ones have a spell of unemployment.
  3. bostonmick

    Shotgun snap caps

    Again I agree. My caps go with me are removed at the first stand placed in my slip pocket and replaced in the gun after cleaning when I get home. In my time as secretary of a couple of clubs I ha ve had to speak to a couple of people but never about caps. You will get no argument from me on this matter. I gave my reason for using and respect your also for not.
  4. bostonmick

    Shotgun snap caps

    I fully agree that anyone who confuses a snap cap for a live cartridge is very much a clowm/idiot and should not be allowed anywhere near a gun. But that is not the fault of the cap. Anyone in possession of a gun should be fully aware at all times of all things.
  5. bostonmick

    Shotgun snap caps

  6. bostonmick

    Who do you believe.

    I was looking for a browning ultimate. I was never intending using it just liked them. Saw one on gt phoned the dealer and was told it is in mint condition I have known the previous owner for years. Gun has not seen a lot of work. So I set off just over a hundred miles and not a good hundred. Got there and as he took it down from the rack it looked as though not only had it been used a lot but was used for pigeon shooting and left in the hide when not shooting. No more driving distance for me on others description.
  7. bostonmick

    Shotgun snap caps

    I use them in my guns as they have v springs and these are more prone to break if under pressure all the time. If my ejector spring breaks I can remove empty by hand. If my v breaks its game over for the day. I have used them for many years without any problem. Just my opinion but works for me.
  8. bostonmick

    Winchester 23

    I have a shooting friend who is looking to buy a winchester 23 multi choke. It will need to be in excellent condition and have chokes from the factory.
  9. bostonmick

    Caesar Guerine

    I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have over the past fifty plus years looked at and owned many guns of different makes. I looked at cg never felt right for me. As with all engineered products there will be from time to time problems and I can assure you cg will not be immune to this. I also find that the price of cg drops like a stone from new to used and I have known some dealers refuse to take them in px. A used dt10 will still command a higher price than new cg that speaks volumes. I have beretta guns over forty years old and could not even estimate how many shots have been fired but have never been back to a gunsmith in all that time. So you may have to wait a bit longer than twelve years to find out how durable your cg will be. I never tell anyone what to spend their money on just pass on from my experience.
  10. bostonmick

    Caesar Guerine

    If you can use a dt10 it is a different class to any c&g. It has an ag serial number and is newer than the one I use week in week out.
  11. bostonmick

    Caesar Guerine

    I owned this gun and can tell you it is in virtually unused condition I put 100 cartridges through it when I first acquired it. This was just to ensure it was all good. The reason I sold it is I have another dt10 that I use all the time and this just sat in the cabinet for a couple of years. As for thd Mark there was nothing on it when I took it in.
  12. bostonmick

    Caesar Guerine

    Have a look on Derek Lee gunsmiths. He has a dt10 on the shelf it is an excellent example. And will outlive any c&g.
  13. bostonmick

    HALFORDS FREE MOTs !!!!!!!!!

    I remember when halfords sold car parts. Not like now car bling.
  14. bostonmick

    Amazon Echo? Is it safe?

    With the trend for everything to be Internet based I believe we are storing massive problems for the future. It is in no way safe and every now and again we get a small taste of just what could come
  15. bostonmick

    A bit thick

    A stain on mp'xs that's a laugh. Parliament is one big stain on the country