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  1. My hilux has 190k on the clock and still running on everything it came out the factory with bar a exhaust brake pads and tyres.a previous hilux needed a radiator so to cut the cost I bought a eBay rad it lasted less than a year so I put another original from main dealer on and got several years until I sold the truck and probably still serving well.
  2. I can fully understand why basc would jump n and claim they had anything to do with shooting being exempt as they may wish to reclaim a few points after the dismal performance over the past few years. I would say that the lords and other estate owners who are in both houses and on the verge of their season had far more influence. Also it seems a massive coincidence that as most forces are insisting on medical report before application and a lot of doctors refusing to do this that the legal help is withdrawn. Maybe with a big dose of hindsight they should have got of their hind quarters and pro
  3. And a lot of brownings are not made by browning
  4. A couple of grounds near me are £30-32 per hundred for practice esp. there are a few small clubs one of which I am secretary is skeet and a club Nextdoor is esp. sporttrap .Skeet . Both charge £3.50 for skeet and sporttrap.and £7.00 for 50 sporting. Members which cost £20 a year. Non members pay £1.50 per round extra or £3.00 extra for sporting.
  5. Sold pending collection
  6. I have 700 410 cartridges for sale 525 fiochhi 3inch magnum 7.5 19gram and 175 eley extra length 6 18gram . Fibre wads £140no offers and certificate holders only.collection from Boston lincs
  7. I have not found one yet and to be honest I am getting confused with what is out there. I will probably end up going with a springer as I am not going to do any shooting of rabbits only a few rats
  8. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Following on what are the pros and cons of a hw 97 deluxe Weihrauch.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I have had a few thoughts around a break barrel or under lever just to knock off a few rats but with the vibration of the shot would this affect the sights and their accuracy.
  11. I am looking to get a rifle primarily for rats at my hen houses . I have seen two that are as new a bsa r10 mk 1 and a day state hunter regal. Both have sights and mod both .22 the bsa is 150 cheaper my question is which would best suit my needs I do not envisage doing a large amount of shooting with it but want reliability.tia
  12. So the voice of shooting. They stayed silent over the gp reports. Then the next move was to do the anti lead campaigners job for them. Now dump this insurance cover. I realise if you behave there should be no reason to lose certificate but what about those who suffer at the hands of malicious complaints . Basc boasts 150 thousand members yet can’t afford the insurance CPsa has around 25 thousand and can. I believe it is now time for their gravy train to derail and they not exist.
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