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  1. Ideal - thank you again 👍🏻
  2. Thank you. which model would you recommend?
  3. Looking for the above - one with plenty of pockets to put dummies, lead, etc. size medium if anyone has one, or can recommend me one. Thanks in advance Andy
  4. That’s a bargain for someone 👍🏻 You’d get way more on eBay.
  5. For me they are a last resort. If you choose to use them, please read this. https://www.parliament.uk/globalassets/documents/foi/152211aw.pdf
  6. Wouldn’t recommend these - especially on top of a hedge where birds could get stuck.
  7. This. I see this weekly - if there’s bird feed in winter you will get rats. Phone your local authority, their pest control should be cheaper than rentokil.
  8. CSJ mines are on Hike on - salmon based 👍🏻
  9. Thank you to everyone who has enquired about ‘Nan’ the border collie. I think we have found her the perfect home - thanks Jim 👍🏻
  10. Most of what you wrote could describe most springers and cockers... Like I said in the advert, she does not possess the drive for herding therefore offered for an active pet home.
  11. It sure why you say ‘these dogs’ no different to any other working breed.
  12. This is not mine, this is not a lockdown puppy... This is an opportunity to own a very well bred working border collie. Sire is the famous Glencregg Silver. Unfortunately she’s not showing the desire to herd sheep, so she’s been offered for a pet home. She would excel in an active home agility, or as a keen walking/running companion. Up to now she has been kennelled but I’m sure with time she could be house trained as she’s very intelligent. Based near Porthmadog. Seller is asking £500 Thanks Andy
  13. Hi Aly, no worries 😂 I know grandfather/grandmother to granddaughter/grandson - and half brother to half sister is still accepted by the KC. Just doesn’t sit right with me. take care 👍🏻 Yes I know it went on, and we probably wouldn’t be where we are now without it happening - but I feel now we’re at a stage where there are so many good dogs out there it isn’t needed.
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