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  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way but you’d be better off going round your local area knocking on land owners doors
  2. Sorted now 👍🏻 Thank you.
  3. Evening all, My boys are at the age where they are going to be beating this winter so after a waterproof smock - ridgeline pintail/monsoon type in size Medium. Doesn’t have to be perfect but clean and tidy. Please pm me what you may have. Many thanks Andy
  4. WelshAndy

    Duck Call

    Just sold my buck Gardner call as I couldn’t get on with it. Regret selling my Eddie Nixon! Just a post to see what is on offer - sat in a draw unwanted 😬 thanks Andy
  5. Have sent you a message
  6. This is her full sister form the litter two years ago.
  7. My dog is the father and the dam is out of ftch tweedshot kite. Edit to say tweedshot is the grand sire. My dog has glenpatrick, drakeshead, and craighorn.
  8. There’s always one bud...
  9. This is the one this gentleman is selling https://hollandscountryclothing.co.uk/products/deerhunter-beaulieu-waistcoat
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