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  1. Boil wash bedding if possible alternatively freeze for 48hrs. I supplement my three with a product called Billy no mates from CSj dog foods. Not seen a tick or flea this year! Andy Edited as I forgot to ask what vacuum you use, if it’s a bagged type make sure you are binning the bag as a eggs/fleas will come back out of the Hoover.
  2. Plastic or Acrylic - will consider most 👍🏻 Diolch Andy
  3. All the best Steve 👍🏻
  4. The salmon one 👍🏻
  5. My 3 do great on csj 👌🏻
  6. There are lab pups for sale for a grand and a friend has just paid £900 for a well bred Kc reg springer.
  7. Morning all, Its that dreaded time of year! Horse flies back with avengeance... I remember seeing a similar post a few years back and someone posted a link to a light weight net type hoodie. Can anyone recommend one please?! Over 20 bites the other day 😞 Thanks Andy
  8. How have I missed this! I’ll be looking for a pup in the future 👌🏻 Never a dull moment at yours 😂
  9. My lad started off with 65mm gamebore 9g 6’s 👍🏻 These are good too
  10. Sorted for skeet - still after a cheap quarter 😉
  11. Deposit taken on dog pup Thanks to all who enquired.
  12. Thank you - I’ve enquired about these 👍🏻 The adjustable one has a nick out the stock.
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