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  1. Didn’t know that Tony! I have/had ulcerative colitis. Was diagnosed at 12yrs old, had my bowel out in feb 2016 - changed my life looking back I should have had the op 15 years ago.... would have saved on suffering and constant issues... all the best mate.
  2. Its is nearly as good Steve... haha. The Sam Neyt is far easier to master 😬
  3. I use the Sam neyt crow call, works on crows, rooks and jackdaws. It is pricey but an excellent call. Alternatively the primos power call is good... not quite as crisp, but for the price is an excellent choice.
  4. I have a similar gun and it only has a 65mm chamber.
  5. pm me the address and I’ll get it in the post tomorrow bud.
  6. Found this in the draw... no longer own the gun. Few marks still handy as a spare. FREE.
  7. I had a reply earlier in the week but not a reply for the message I sent yesterday.
  8. Is this still available? I have a miroku mk70 game that id like to move on.
  9. Evening all, asking on on behalf of a friend, need a forend for a fabarm gamma over and under 12 gauge. Many thanks.
  10. We’re going to try auto feeders on our diy syndicate this year. Does anyone have one that’s not being used that they’d like to sell? or know of a reasonable priced stockist. Many thanks Andy
  11. Interesting... I didn’t realise Eley had changed wads
  12. I use plugzz custom passives. Think I paid £50 at the midland a few years ago.
  13. Gamebore mammoth 👍🏻
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