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  1. Would you sell the duck separately?
  2. Yes please - pm sent.
  3. Looking to swap a floating gunslip for a beretta retriever slip. photo of mine
  4. I got hit with £28 for the first parcel and nothing on the second. seems like it’s luck of the draw.
  5. There are over 10,000 English words come from French. Many others come from Latin, the language from which French originated. This means that a significant number of English words have either exact French counterparts or very similar equivalents in French.
  6. “Gotda” ..... English at is best 🙄 Do you need a hug? You seem very bitter about something... which is strange for a Londoner who now lives in Cornwall!
  7. Made by hunters for hunters 😎
  8. Hollol cytuno Aled popti ping is used as slang.... as most of the English language is. popti ping - cooker that pings... Lads - don’t hate us because we can talk about you when you come visiting our beautiful country. Cym Bwyll
  9. Check out Hunters Element. New Zealand company and their gear is quality and reasonably priced. I have the odyssey jacket and downpour trousers. I've been walking the dogs in the wonderful weather we’ve had recently and they’ve not leaked
  10. As above.
  11. Been looking at the Benelli 828 black if anyone would like a swap...
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