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  1. That’s a bit naughty...
  2. WelshAndy

    Short and sweet.

    Second that. Home nice and early keeps the mrs happy haha
  3. WelshAndy

    iPhone 6s Heavy Duty Case

  4. WelshAndy

    7 Seat 4x4

    Thanks Hayden. Currently looking for a Volvo XC90 same age and mileage as yours.
  5. WelshAndy

    Cheap 410 wanted

    Where in the country are you?
  6. WelshAndy

    Barrel blowups

    Gamebore mammoth 3”.
  7. WelshAndy

    Barrel blowups

    Earlier this season whilst decoying duck I experienced something similar. Three duck had wings curled and paddles down coming into the decoys. I pulled the trigger and there was a quiet bang and shot falling from the barrel and splashing the water in front of me. Thankfully I didn’t take a second shot as the wad was stuck in my choke! Once I had removed the wad I inspected the action of my beretta xtrema 2, there was unburnt powder everywhere.
  8. WelshAndy

    Beretta UGB25 Excel used gun wanted, North Yorks

    Always fancied trying one, quite rare I believe. Good luck with your search.
  9. WelshAndy

    Shot with #5s

  10. WelshAndy

    Tagged goose

    Awful... are there many of them? Where in the country are you?
  11. WelshAndy

    Tagged goose

    Any photos? do you have to deal with the protesters often?
  12. WelshAndy

    Teague Type Choke Key

    As above please. Thanks.
  13. WelshAndy

    7 Seat 4x4

    That’s good to know thank you.
  14. WelshAndy

    7 Seat 4x4

    Thank you - what year is yours?
  15. WelshAndy

    7 Seat 4x4

    Evening all, I had my heart set on a disco 3 before reading up on the issues... Quite fancy a xc90.... What are the PW massive thoughts. Budget is 10k. Thanks in advance.