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  1. I have a lovely echo 2700es on eBay at the moment great revvy little saw but need something a bit bigger for a new job.
  2. WelshAndy

    Mole trap

    All traps will work - location and a clean run are more important.
  3. A dairy farm near me recons he looses £40k a year through contaminated feed from their poop, the feed they eat, and the reduced milk production from the cows not getting enough feed. He has tried gas guns, blokes flying hawks and has tried to put netting on gaps in his sheds - even has the plastic curtains of a freezer lorry hanging on a shed door away - they still get in. I visit at least 40 farms on the Llyn and from early November until late feb every year there are 10’s of thousand of starlings feeding - red list my ****!
  4. That’s a good deal 👌🏻 Shame you’re so far!
  5. That’s what I said. it’s a nightmare - last year I had several farms where they had drilled barley ans the rooks were hammering it. By the time I had submitted evidence (photo and video) and had a response it was too late.
  6. They? I know as of last year we can’t shoot them without applying for an individual license. Im hoping now the court case is over they may rethink the license and get them back on it.
  7. What will happen to the control of Rook in wales Conor?
  8. Fantastic to see 👍🏻 How is the mod fitted to the 410?
  9. They’re everywhere in numbers!
  10. How long did shipping take Steve?
  11. Is this real wood or synthetic made to look like wood? Andy
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Good-Quality-Leather-Game-Carrier-11-Loops-/124149121859?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
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