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  1. Fabarm Gamma o/u Teague chokes mint but repaired crack to forend. £180
  2. WelshAndy


    Lost for words... very sad 😔
  3. size large 58/59 As above - new without tags rrp £79 £40 delivered.
  4. WelshAndy

    Mountain Bike

    After a mountain bike for my lad... on a tight budget so be kind 🙈 pm me what you have. thanks Andy
  5. You’ll need a certificate to buy full fat poisons, store and online.
  6. Recently took on a new contract where they had 5 of the good nature traps..... there were rats in the hundreds there... a month of brodifacoum and a lot of visits due to bodies everywhere and we now have control.
  7. I have the kaiwaka - top quality
  8. Their gear is usually on the same stand as Duck Dri at the midland. maybe worth a message to the Duck Dri company??
  9. Ah well - I thought it was quite a good read.
  10. Hope this was published and not just an online article. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/it-gets-birdbrains-in-a-flutter-that-wildlife-is-booming-on-my-green-and-pheasant-land-prwd3bq3l?shareToken=61227e4a31e5fdfbc09eb112aead4253 enjoy.
  11. Just watched...... what an awful sequence of events!
  12. Where in the country are you Christian?
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