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  1. if this is still for sale I am interested , cheers Danny
  2. Afternoon , Is the gun cabinet still for sale ? My brother in Swanage is after one Cheers Danny
  3. Hello mate I don't want to offend you so IL ask what the lowest price you would take delivered ? Looking for one for my daughter so she doesn't go on mine lol . Cheers Danny
  4. My view would be I don't know if it is loaded or not ! So I wouldn't feel safe !! so a no from me
  5. any pics ? and how many guns will it hold shotguns/rifles ?
  6. I've got a 325 and it never misses a beat
  7. So true a really nice gesture ! Pitty I missed it though as my 7 yr old daughter has just started shooting nemind
  8. Id ask for another pair mate ! Obviously not fit for purpose ! in my eyes that is
  9. How much would a Browning b325 stock and fore end go for ? If you had one of course
  10. I've got a Mossberg 500 and its brill and only cost me £50 to boot
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