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  1. yeah i haven't oiled it as i think it looks quite good without, but hey personal choices
  2. aas410 classic MK1 .22 2 10 shot mags mtc mamba 3-12x44 good all purpose gun
  3. two locks, both sets of keys 8 months old, £75?
  4. Using it for a bit of pest control rabbits, squirrels, pigeon and rat. Yes I've looked in to the s410 and it's definatly pulling me towards it! Such a nice looking gun and I think ill stick a MTC MAMBA on the top
  5. Looks great! Now wishing I had that amount of permission, oh well I'm still young! So can get to know plenty more farmers!
  6. Sorry Daks but there's already 4 of us and its only going to be a small shoot, but will let you know if we get any neighbouring land for a bigger shoot
  7. I'm stuck between the choice of 3, BSA R-10 mk2, AirArms s410 and weichrauch hw100 has anyone got one? Or two?
  8. just spoke to my local gamekeeper and he said he'll sort them out for me
  9. We are thinking about breeding them and releasing on a later date, we have only heard 1 pheasant around the area but still not seen him, we also have a pond and are thinking about a few mallard
  10. Me and a friend of mine have about 3 acres and are going to put some pheasants on it this year, it's our first time and we are looking for about 20 pheasants in the braintree area, anyone know anyone they can put me in touch with? Thanks.
  11. thought i'd get a nice days shooting in today, but no it had to rain!

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