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  1. one things for sure, if everyone thought like our friend here the world would be a lot worse off. Gladly there are and have been people who will think past their lifetime to preserve the planet for our future generations.
  2. Stop taking it on shoot days and train it. you must get the basics into any dog before it goes anywhere near a shoot.
  3. surely that's goes for every shot no matter where or what your shooting .
  4. The only trouble with buying part or fully trained dogs is peoples interpretation of "trained" one mans fully trained is another mans part trained . A lot of part trained dogs are dogs that are lacking in something for the field trials and are sold on to make room for the next potential , saying that this doesn't mean they won't make a good gun dog for somone who's prepared to carry on the training . As for a fully trained dog that goes back a good distance , stops on the whistle, goes left and right , hunts on commands , doesn't run it or squeak . Jumps fences , delivers to hand with a soft m
  5. I know a few people who will leave rabbits where they've been shot ( including farmers) I've even done it myself shot gunning them off the back of the truck . Sometimes it's purely pest control and their ain't time for picking up .
  6. jayDT10

    FINNS LAW...

    its a bit harsh to assume that you have a certainty that some of "us " will use dogs as a tool then kill them when they are of no use. I have never got that impression of anyone on this forum .
  7. but then you can't have access to your guns if ya wife takes the key. And you know the old saying, wife out guns out . Lol
  8. no chance. If I go on hols and take my ticket and leave my guns locked up and keys very well hidden at the same address it's all above board. I'll place a lot of money on that.
  9. get real. there's nothing wrong with taking your ticket anywhere whilst leaving your guns and cabinet keys in the saftey of your own home. How this would be an issue is beyond me.
  10. Rachael Carrie is the daughter of Dave Carrie . She's a great ambassador for our sport and will only represent shooting/hunting well as does her father Dave Carrie .
  11. They pay to shoot a certain animal that's been picked for them to shoot , Well let's just say that the unsporting game shot is the canned game hunter. They can't be bothered to perfect their ability to shoot sportingly or hunt/stalk well enough so they shoot at easy targets.
  12. I've never heard of pheasant shooting being referred to as canned shooting , but I do see your point. Thing is with pheasant shooting you can pick your shots and try to be as sporting as possible even though they are there to be killed . With big game this is not the case .
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