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  1. Excellent, thank you for the guidance and advice.
  2. Morning all, As it says on the tin really, I am looking for an opportunity to go out and experience a days stalking. It is something I've been wanting to do for a very long time but due to work commitments it's not been possible. It is a sport I would like to get heavily involved with but before investing heavily both financially and in time, I would like to give it a go to make sure it's for me. So if any kind member could enlighten me with an opportunity or point me in the right direction I would be extremely happy. It's something I would be more than happy to pay for and if a meet face to face before hand for a character check is required than I'll buy the first round of tea/ coffee/ pint. Based between North Lancashire and East Yorkshire but would be willing to travel if the right opportunity came up. All the best and thanks for taking your time to read this. James
  3. What's the year and mileage please?
  4. I can vouch for a kindle paperwhite with the backlight over any app on a smartphone tablet. I would prefer a book but carrying a few books around when travelling is a nightmare. Plus, you can purchase and download a book directly from the kindle which makes life a lot easier. Hope this helps buddy
  5. Have been meaning to do this for a couple of days now. After seeing an ad for a lamp man on the free shooting section on the forum. So I messaged pigeonblasterian if I could tag along with him. So on Saturday night I met him at a meeting point and the permission was only a short drive away. Arriving at half 8, after getting wrapped up and a quick cuppa we took a walk around the permission and found a nice little spot to set up. Within 10 minutes of been there a quick scan with the lamp we saw the first rabbit at around 70 yards. Ian got himself into position and a quick shine of the lamp and the shot was taken. One bunny down. After waiting another half hour we decided to have another little walk a bit further, scanning the area every 100 yards or so. A few hours later and 6 rabbits down we decided to call it a night because the rain was starting to come down heavier. On the way back to the cars, scanning the field for that one last shot we noticed one at 60 yards away, with a safe shot, Ian got down to take the shot but by the time he was ready the lucky little rascal was on its way back into a hedge row. After a cracking night with a few laughs in between, it was a reasonable bag for the amount of rabbits we saw. Would like to thank Pigeonblasterian for the experience and hope to go back out on another outing.
  6. Scope arrived today. Very pleased with both product and service. Top guy to deal with. Many thanks
  7. You win some and you loose some mate. I'm sure a big bag is around the corner.
  8. Nice bag there mate. Like you said the more you get hold of now the better.
  9. We use these at my pace of work for hydraulic valves. All we use is a small amount of washing up liquid and we have the the heater so the water is luke warm. Hope this helps Atb James
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