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  1. Must admit I’m fairly smitten with mine and looking forward to bagging a few driven birds with it this weekend.. Just been checking the proof marks on my Yildiz barrels and surprised to see the CIP S stamp plus the Birmingham twin crowns sitting above SUP which I believe equates to 1320bar proof or 19140 psi..!! Kinda edging into rifle territory here, me thinks..
  2. Thanks Walker570 - I’m tempted to loctite it all down but daren’t dismantle any of it for fear of losing all those valuable settings.. LoL..
  3. Not yet squire.. I’ve got myself a Chrony Beta but need to get it set up plus some suitable pattern sheets and a backstop location without hinderance ie inquisitive livestock and/or dog walkers.. The tested loads (at clays) were clean burning with very little barrel residue. Factory loads always disappointed me with barrel fouling.. I believe little barrel residue might indicate high pressure though. The recoil was punchy which was to be expected and noted that a number of empties were melted at their mouths, this I understand is due to fibre use so they’ve been binned...
  4. Well, here goes.. case: once fired Hull ‘high pheasant’. Powder: Hodgdon H110 - 14 grains.. Primer: Federal 209A. Wads: 2mm OPW plus 12mm Fibre wad. Crimp closure too.. Sorry if I appear a bit ‘officious’ here but usual caveats apply, so if you’d like to replicate, please use caution in assembly and no responsibility can be accepted if it all goes south.. I’ll add that these loads function in my OU but have not been proof house or pattern tested yet.. Earlier I’d found a published load of 21grms using 15 grains of H110 plus Fiocchi F616 primers. I’ve no access to 616 primers so subs
  5. Quick update folks.. got in touch with MEC and they stated that the resizing die should have an ID of 0.470” - 0.473”. Mine sits at 0.470” so it’s going to be a bit tight. Now, they also advised ensuring the deprime punch is concentric with the resize ring which I’d assumed would have been the case, not so on my machine. So, after some additional fiddling the situation has improved. Now have a bunch of once used, high pheasant cases sporting full crimp closures Hull would be proud of, loaded with 20gms of 7’s sitting on fibre wads, driven by Federal 209A primers and Hodgdon H110 powder. A
  6. Thanks Walker570.. as for chokes I currently run half in bottom barrel and three quarter in top and I’m collecting two more multi chokes tomorrow from my local dealer (£15.00 each, which is reasonable I suppose). Now, as for barrel proof, you’ll find this information under the forearm, as previously said, mines 10.2mm not 10.4mm as expected. Not a lot in it but I’d like to know what other Yildiz 410 users have..
  7. Hi Walker570 - did you manage to mike up your resizing ring on the MEC yet..? Also, I’ve noticed my .410 barrels are proofed 10.2mm which is a tad smaller than the expected 10.4mm, not that it’ll have any relevance to the chamber dimensions apart from potentially higher pressures. Be interested to know what other Yildiz .410’s barrels are measured at.. Thanks.
  8. Spot on Gas Seal.. this reloading lark needs a bit of intuition and definitely a tentative feel for how each stage functions and delivers. I find myself now gently pinching the case at the base - plastic interface during crimping in a bid to detect case collapse/bulging which for me, happens at this point on the final straight. I know then to either adjust the crimp plunger and/or cam or alter the wad size or put less shot in.. Deep joy. Thankfully, I’ve not wasted too many brand new primed Fiocchi cases but oddly enough, still enjoying these challenges..
  9. Hi Guys - you’re probably aware of this but if you’re using new cases you’ll need a decent pre crimper such as GAEP, Siarm or Ballistic Products. These devices effectively cut/form the six or eight folds needed to produce a tidy crimp finish on unfired cases. The standard plastic MEC ‘spindex’ is good for used cases but not good enough for new in my opinion.. that’s my experience. And, when you’ve bought, installed and calibrated said device and start producing those perfect crimp finishes, please let me know how you did it.. As for used 410 cases - once used Eley and Cheddite fibre
  10. Thanks Walker570 - I’ve just miked my MEC resizing die and its 0.468” plus a new Fiocchi case at 0.467” however my once fired Fiocchi case is 0.470.. Like you, I shoot a Yildiz OU but wonder if my chambers are slightly larger therefore causing me grief when having to resize the ‘fire-formed’ empty. The actual resizing downstroke on my MEC is OK, it’s the upstroke that causes me lock ups and case binding then it’s a bit of dismantling and quick trip to the shed to punch the offending case out. As and when I do use a once fired hull, I have no problem with the MEC spindex and final crimp f
  11. Thanks Stonepark - sounds like a good idea.. Was trying out the new loads at Westlands on Friday - Hodgdon H110, 12mm fibre wad and 21 grams of 71/2 lead. Punchy with a clean burn, no powder residue in barrels. Broke clays too, when I did my bit. Downside was a fair bit of loose shot rolling about in me pockets.. The crimp closure on the new Fiocchi cases looks great.. apart from that bl**dy 2.5 mm hole..
  12. Well, I’ve been struggling to resize used 410 cases with the MEC 600 junior for some time now with Eley fibre cases being the worst so they’ve all been binned. Even Hull high pheasant once fired cases can sometimes bind on me even though I’m using case lube as recommended. So.. I’ve now shifted to new 76mm Fiocchi primed cases and have purchased a Ballistic Product, super crown crimper to replace the existing spindex, if only it was that easy..!! Every completed case has a 2.5mm hole in the centre of the closed crimp. I’ve ran out of lever cam adjustment and raised and lowered the case c
  13. Just a ‘heads up’.. That bottom AYA with the plastic pad might be a model 117 and not a No.2. Why be cautious.? A long time ago I was sold an AYA No.2 and discovered it was a cheaper, European 117. To his credit the RFD took it back. Serial number emailed to AYA Spain usually gets a fast response.
  14. Thank you Walker570.. As you suggested, I’ve now regoogled the powder manufacturers (correctly spelling ‘Hodgdons’ this time) and behold - discovered a previous PW thread detailing the use of Lil gun and Federal 209A primers, the down side is the use of plastic wads as opposed to the fibre wads I intend using. I imagine swapping wads would have some effect on pressure so an initial reduction in powder charge would be on the cards. I’ll speak to John at Folkestone Engineering tomorrow and seek his opinion... plus order the wads, shot and cases too.
  15. Folks - I’ve struggled to get SP3 powder and Fiocchi primers but managed to purchased some Hodgdon Lil’ Gun and Federal 209A’s and wondered what might be a suitable/safe powder charge to propel 11/16 (19grms) of 7’s to circa 1200 FPS. Info printed on the bottle refers to 1/2 ounce (14grms) loads with difficult to source American cases plus wads. I’m tempted to use new Fiocchi 3” cases with 2mm overpowder and 10mm fibre wads with crimp closure on the MEC. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks - Salmo9
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