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  1. " Lex non minimus curat " - get on with it !
  2. Like others on here I have permission over several thousand acres and twenty something farms,do they seriously expect me to list each and every farm,with Post Code and Map Reference,and does this refer to the homestead,the office,the yard or the land,which is often miles from the farm itself ?
  3. Does anyone know of anyone who was prosecuted for any breach of the former General License conditions ?
  4. R & R Steel helmet,pick axe handle,shield,respirator and tear smoke grenades,then armed section with 0.303 No 4 Rifle and Federal 1 1/2 inch Gas Gun(tear smoke) , 12 bore Martini action Greener. Officers (2) Sterling 9mm,Webley 0.38 Bren gun one per platoon. Greener Police Gun,firing 3 1/2 inch drawn brass cartridge with SSG shot used in Hong Kong,latterly replaced by Remingtom 800 Pump. Tough ? Commensurate with the problem.
  5. This style of baton was also issued to certain Colonial Police Forces,BSAP (Rhodesia) and Hong Kong being cases in point.They were sourced through the Crown Agents for The Colonies,some having leather straps and others a strong cord.In Hong Kong this type was on charge to the first section of a riot squad who carried rattan shields.They were in addition to the normal short baton which was carried by uniformed junior officers either in a leather frog (Hong Kong) or suspended by a metal loop from a baton hook integral to the revolver belt.In Northern Rhodesia the anti riot squads carried pick axe handles and metal shields,the leading edges of which were often found to have been mysteriously sharpened.Ouch.
  6. Out of interest; when an applicant does pay,to whom does he/she make out the cheque ? To Dr.Dolittle or to the Practice ?
  7. I foresee a forrest of press and media chequebooks awaiting her,tax free of course.
  8. We have a couple of low lying islands in the Humber,might fit the bill, very suitable for low life.Failing that there is always Rockall.
  9. If the G.P.sends a report about me to the Police, am I entitled to a copy ?
  10. Amnesty now over and the results are in.Lincolnshire apparently received 132 items,no breakdown available, and Humberside showed off a tableload of kitchens items along with several rifles and shotguns.Anyone anything to add ?
  11. kaunda

    Pinkfoot decoys

    Penelope I note the luckyhunter website advertises the deoys as ' Pinkfook '. Am I missing something ?
  12. Many Thanks for comments received ",no system is perfect,no plan lasts beyond breakfast."
  13. Anyone had recent trouble with this system ? All I ever get is " The system is currently unable to confirm the status of your item ".This has been going on for a week and I do seem to be getting anything for my high cost for using the system. Similarlly. I do not seem able to find a ' complaint hotline'.Gratefull for your views.
  14. Game dealers here taking game off our hands for nought,yet paying 20p for pigeons.
  15. I used to make them from an old car inner tube,painted grey,with a cotton bobbin as a head.On the day,they worked. Lollipop stick as a spine.
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