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  1. If the G.P.sends a report about me to the Police, am I entitled to a copy ?
  2. kaunda

    Yet another national amnesty

    Amnesty now over and the results are in.Lincolnshire apparently received 132 items,no breakdown available, and Humberside showed off a tableload of kitchens items along with several rifles and shotguns.Anyone anything to add ?
  3. kaunda

    Pinkfoot decoys

    Penelope I note the luckyhunter website advertises the deoys as ' Pinkfook '. Am I missing something ?
  4. kaunda

    Royal Mail - Tracker

    Many Thanks for comments received ",no system is perfect,no plan lasts beyond breakfast."
  5. kaunda

    Royal Mail - Tracker

    Anyone had recent trouble with this system ? All I ever get is " The system is currently unable to confirm the status of your item ".This has been going on for a week and I do seem to be getting anything for my high cost for using the system. Similarlly. I do not seem able to find a ' complaint hotline'.Gratefull for your views.
  6. kaunda

    game dealers

    Game dealers here taking game off our hands for nought,yet paying 20p for pigeons.
  7. kaunda

    Pigeon Decoy Shells

    I used to make them from an old car inner tube,painted grey,with a cotton bobbin as a head.On the day,they worked. Lollipop stick as a spine.
  8. kaunda

    Not good press

    Three ' huntsmen " ? . What sub/editor let that one go ?
  9. kaunda

    Yet another national amnesty

    Notification is on their website,news section, Firearms Surrender"
  10. For a fortnight commencing 13th inst.
  11. kaunda


    Last weekend Countryfile (of which I am no great admirer ) had an interesting piece on the increasing growth of soya beans in this country,you may have seen it. As it is a late harvest crop,and not often written about,I wonder if it migh provide some post-grain-harvest shootiing.Anyone know of its' potential.Do they/will they like it ?
  12. kaunda

    Guns and self defence

    As your mate reported this to the police,presumably this is being investigated as " attempted aggravated robbery",at the very least.
  13. kaunda

    new Browser suggestions.

    You are not alone !
  14. kaunda

    Shooting Gazette

    If this month's issue of Shooting Gazette is indicative of the future,then I shall give this up.Read the whole thing (and did wordsearch) between clocking on and elevenses;only thing of interest to me was a review of an American made shotgun.
  15. kaunda

    Two sets of barrels

    I have a Berretta Combination 20/28 The 20 bore is entered in full,the 28 barrel is detailed as ' spare '. That's Lincolnshire.