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  1. Pigeon Decoy Shells

    I used to make them from an old car inner tube,painted grey,with a cotton bobbin as a head.On the day,they worked. Lollipop stick as a spine.
  2. Not good press

    Three ' huntsmen " ? . What sub/editor let that one go ?
  3. Yet another national amnesty

    Notification is on their website,news section, Firearms Surrender"
  4. For a fortnight commencing 13th inst.
  5. Soya

    Last weekend Countryfile (of which I am no great admirer ) had an interesting piece on the increasing growth of soya beans in this country,you may have seen it. As it is a late harvest crop,and not often written about,I wonder if it migh provide some post-grain-harvest shootiing.Anyone know of its' potential.Do they/will they like it ?
  6. Guns and self defence

    As your mate reported this to the police,presumably this is being investigated as " attempted aggravated robbery",at the very least.
  7. new Browser suggestions.

    You are not alone !
  8. Shooting Gazette

    If this month's issue of Shooting Gazette is indicative of the future,then I shall give this up.Read the whole thing (and did wordsearch) between clocking on and elevenses;only thing of interest to me was a review of an American made shotgun.
  9. Two sets of barrels

    I have a Berretta Combination 20/28 The 20 bore is entered in full,the 28 barrel is detailed as ' spare '. That's Lincolnshire.
  10. Shells

    I suppose much depends on what gun you intend to use.
  11. This sub - forum is,and I quote - " The place for general information on shooting relating matters ". I think this submission is appropriate.
  12. In 2014 the Lincolnshie Police held a Firearms Amnesty which garnered some 132 weapons,principally unlicensed shotguns A further Amnesty is scheduled for the period 3rd July 2017 to 10th July 2017. For details see the Lincolnshire Police website.
  13. " Manipulator" decoys

    Many thanks for your views to date. In my experience they will be discussed,exhibited,admired,purchased,used and then as faults develope and patience expires put to the back of the shed amongst a lifetimes' accumulation of similar expired bright ideas;until of course another 'new' invention hits the market.It was ever thus !
  14. I see yet another decoy, the Manipulator,has hit the market.Any views?
  15. Car broken into whilst shooting

    Last month the Lincolnshire Police appeared in the Red Book of Endangered Species.I believe they are now extinct.