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  1. This is one of my lads, he's got a fair bit of Badgercourt in him, good solid shoulders and a strong worker.
  2. Strop, depending on what grit you've already got down to. The finest grit in mine has a pink stone.
  3. Unscrew the plastic bush, bin it and crack on. The over barrel part of the moderator will cool more efficiently without it and the lack of a bush will have no effect on the operation of the mod. IMHO it should not be supporting anything either, why is it a support bushing?
  4. @oneshot1979 That's a very sobering post, thanks for taking the time to share it.
  5. Great photos, these are fascinating birds to watch. Thanks for posting.
  6. I started with CENS non-digital earplugs several years ago and quickly moved over to the digital inserts. Used them for clays, driven, rough shooting whilst working a dog, indoor rimfire shooting and .308, 6.5 and .223 from a covered shooting area. Never needed anything else and they are always in my shooting jacket pocket. I can recommend them for what I have used them for.
  7. I've got a Tau7 in .22 which is an unusual calibre for that model because it's a single shot match target pistol. Being .22 it's no good for 10m air pistol comps but it performs well at 20 yards in the classes that allow air or rimfire. I've also used it with a BSA Edge pistol scope out to 40 yards on field targets and it gave a good account of itself there. Not seen any other .22 CO2 pistols for quite a while.
  8. I've got Grabber AT3s on my FL2 and they do what I want, don't do mud plugging' though.
  9. So very sorry to hear this sad news, my thoughts and condolences are with you and your loved ones. It will have been hard to post what you've written and it is truly touching, particularly your homage poem which shows the strength of your lifetime relationship with Andrew. I hope that you are able to gain further strength from the members of this forum and their messages to you. I have no doubts that you are finding your dogs comforting at this time.
  10. I've done return trips of up to 100 miles away for face to face and not bought or sold remotely by RFD. However, if I were to do it then saddler's way is the right way.
  11. @saddler That's what I'd do, covers all backs and meets HO requirements.
  12. @bottletopbill If you've not already done it then have a look at https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk introduce yourself, have a read and then ask for some advice or an offer of help.
  13. I had a P38 and a Peacemaker. The P38 was particularly well made in fairly dense plastic but can't remember the manufacturers.
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