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  1. I've got Grabber AT3s on my FL2 and they do what I want, don't do mud plugging' though.
  2. So very sorry to hear this sad news, my thoughts and condolences are with you and your loved ones. It will have been hard to post what you've written and it is truly touching, particularly your homage poem which shows the strength of your lifetime relationship with Andrew. I hope that you are able to gain further strength from the members of this forum and their messages to you. I have no doubts that you are finding your dogs comforting at this time.
  3. I've done return trips of up to 100 miles away for face to face and not bought or sold remotely by RFD. However, if I were to do it then saddler's way is the right way.
  4. @saddler That's what I'd do, covers all backs and meets HO requirements.
  5. @bottletopbill If you've not already done it then have a look at https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk introduce yourself, have a read and then ask for some advice or an offer of help.
  6. I had a P38 and a Peacemaker. The P38 was particularly well made in fairly dense plastic but can't remember the manufacturers.
  7. Welcome back, a good move and best of luck restocking the gun safe 👍
  8. Yes, we had a bolognese sauce with Red mince last night, lower cholesterol than beef. Backstrap from any deer is tops 👍
  9. Thought it looked like shoulder. I've got various bits of Roe, Red and Fallow (blade and shoulder) in the freezer but running low now, need to get out when possible and shoot some more. Cheers, Mick
  10. @Jim Neal Have to agree with @hod that's a great post. Particularly agree with keeping an eye on supermarkets for the likes of Tamnavulin, Keith, Elgin and so on. All I would add to that is my preference is not to use tap water straight from the tap, leave it 24 hours or so for any chlorine taste to disperse or use bottled. Had to smile at your post with the samples too there's my favourite distilleries in a little bunch, Bunnahabhains and Highland Park, good tastings from them too 👍
  11. Looks delicious, what cut is that?
  12. @Lloyd90 Glad you are sorted, my neighbour's one is a lot older than that and manual. I hope it serves you as well as his has.
  13. I've not got any direct experience of them but I believe it's a similar drivetrain to the FL2 but more road orientated. I'd certainly be interested in test driving the D5 auto. With the right tyres on it should be quite potent but with less ground clearance than the FL2. As an aside I'd had the V70 quite a few years before accidentally spinning it round in snow one night, fortunately nothing in the way and no harm done. I fairly quickly got a second hand set of wheels and had some snow rated tyres fitted. Used them October to April/May since then and they've been fantastic. Due to not usi
  14. Next door but one neighbour has an older X-Trail. I'll try to get his thoughts tomorrow, it was his late father-in-laws car and has been in the family a long time, possibly from new. zipdog's point above, I don't know which Land Rovers he's owned but the later FL2 is generally considered to have fewer problems than other models in the LR range. One thing I will say about the FL2, and it's something that I'll need to address at some point on mine is the Haldex unit. LR don't have a service schedule for it, it's a swap out on problems or failure. Other marques that use the same unit do
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