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  1. Need to do something similar - but in my case I need an MP5K 1:1 scale model/airsoft - a mate in the US wants me to make him a shoulder rig for one
  2. No legal reason not to keep it = it's a piece of barrel blank & will remain a legal lump of inert tubing until someone adds a chamber to it. Had my old BRNO Mod.2 chopped by someone working in a factory I was sent to by a job agency one Xmas when home from Uni. Turns out he'd done his training as a REME Armourer - so he got the nod from the manager & the next day I brought in the stripped down Mod.2 & the P-H sound mod He refused payment. I think we settled on 16" or so - from memory we just made the rifle with the mod fitted about the same length as the original rifle, so it fitted into all the normal slips, etc. Never had it reproofed as the Proof House had not made up that new rule back in those days
  3. ....as would I Glad I could be of some use
  4. Are they cylindrical with a flat top & base, or rounded top & bottom? The Redding Model 16 had two versions - one with a square bat, the other a round bar
  5. saddler

    Brass for sale

    Any maker info? What qty of each?
  6. WAZE Tried it out - a partial success - on a very rural A road initially....and for most of the almost 3 hour trip Seemed to drop out a lot & lose satellite access a fair bit It also seemed to think that I'd joined around 20% of every side road I passed, before re-routing Driving parallel to the main road in the middle of a field or lake cropped up more than once I was also surprised to see that my Fiat can do 98mph uphill on a 12% slope when stuck behind a tractor Still - not too bad It did find a couple of route options when the main bypass was gridlocked 6 out of 10 so far, may see if I can adjust a few settings to make it run smoother
  7. Oi do too Back when it was not as refined as like it wot is today 3 years of my life in Dudley that I'll not get back 🤪 ...still, means me and Mary Whitehouse have a common thread
  8. a double wide....for the Greggs aficionados
  9. last one in is face down so he has somewhere to park the bike
  10. I refuse to play....unless there's a prize? A Geordie with two patios? A bit too posh for your neck of the woods?
  11. Like this idea...will do some research into the various models & see if I can grab a bargain VERY keen to get such a unit that has Digital Radio option. Doing a 6+ hour round trip every Friday means that where I can listen to it, I have the mobile attached to the car dash with velcro so I can use the "Radio UK" app to get some of the old classic radio comedy shows...Works about 90% of the time, if a little hard to hear, plus some areas there is no signal so I have to put on a couple of 78's instead I thought it was a perk of the job, first stab at the bins for new pulling clobber - got to look bostin to pull the Dudley babes
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