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  1. saddler

    Brady Catridge belt 12 gauge

    Pm replied to....
  2. saddler

    Brady Catridge belt 12 gauge

    Will take this please
  3. saddler

    Leather canvas 410 cartridge belt

    Best way to shorten it is undo the buckle end by tapping out the rivet, cut the webbing & reattach the leather end-tab/buckle. Drilling leather isn't healthy = highly carcinogenic dust
  4. saddler

    Voere .22 magazines

    I think they're purely for the semi auto
  5. saddler

    Free BSA sportsman 15 .22lr

    What effect will Brexit have on the price of three legged Peruvian tree rats? (Asking for a friend, some moderators can be shy at times)
  6. saddler

    Remington 1100 LT-20, spare parts required

    Hi. Thanks for the link...knew of the shop but forgot that they did other than airgun spares. They've got what I'm after, but prices for the two main bits I need are above what the gun is worth/costing me. Will keep looking.... Thanks again!
  7. .22 magazine holds 7 rounds, £40 posted Stock for WW2 .22 Mossberg rifle. £85 posted Spare parts, basically everything stripped off the WW2 Mossberg 42 that wasn't load bearing (& classed as an FAC component): trigger group, bolt parts, firing pin, extractors, rearsight unit & mounting screws plus front sight, trigger guard, sling swivel bracket & screws, etc. Lots of very rare parts for a genuine issue training rifle, £90 posted. (Most of the above aren't even available online in the USA, so extremely difficult to source)
  8. saddler

    Voere .22 magazines

    Have 4 of the 10-rd Voere magazines, with the "Aut" marking on the base. Good used condition but fully functional. For sale at £32 ea., (inc P&P) All four for £110 posted
  9. Been offered an LT-20, but it's had a rough paper round & got a few bits missing. Anyone have any spares for this model?
  10. No, already have it; but it's had the factory barrel cut back & an external choke system fitted. (UK custom made) The butt has also been a replacement at some point, as its an SP10 one (most Remington parts fit the Ithaca, as Remington bought the Ithaca Mag10 rights & tweaked it, resulting in "their" SP10 model)
  11. He needs to be careful, they make an identical barrel that is fully rifled....not that either of the UK importers is aware of any Mossberg made 870 barrels!
  12. Looking for a smooth bore, rifle sighted barrel, 24" long. One for the Remington 870, made by Mossberg Another for the Browning A5, either made in Belgium or Japan. Retailed as the "Buck Special"
  13. Looking for a 10-bore barrel, for an Ithaca Mag-10 (a Remington SP-10 barrel can be made to fit) Prefer full length, around 32", but anything considered....short ones too as I may chop one to just over 24" & maybe fit an internal multi choke of some sort. Also need an Ithaca marked buttstock, or the Ithaca recoil pad....
  14. saddler

    10-ga barrel : Remington SP10 or Ithaca MAG10

    Bump....almost a year & no new tubing!!