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  1. Saw this posted in the Estate Office window in Middleton-in-Teesdale I've got no connection to the estate, nor ever have done, so no idea on hours worked, days needed, rate of pay, exact location of beating, etc. Hope it gets someone local a few days out & some new contacts
  2. Good news! Missed the fact that it is the PW Shoot at Gardners this weekend - really enjoyed my day there last year Hope you have a good one.
  3. Surely the issue, aside from the cartridge that travels "10 miles" is that you'd never choose a .308 to shoot drones in the first place? (or at least, not in a population density like is found in the UK & similar First World countries) 10-bore semi auto or pump or some such; bigger wider payload, less downrange disturbance outside of the target area
  4. Not quite.. What you need to do is chamber a primed case, pour the powder in from the muzzle, ram the bullet down until it's compressing the powder...then get some ****** who doesn't owe you money to test fire it while everyone watches from a safe distance. Extra points if you can get it all on HQ DVD for playback at the gun club Xmas party
  5. The new BBC presenter, ex-RM Sniper Aldo Kane, has been plinking at a drone with his .308 "as that's what the Police would use" The laugh out loud part - if he wasn't shooting into a hillside "this bullet would travel 10 miles!!" He's a **** poor shot to boot....
  6. Tried finding any for sale recently?? None been brought in for a while now The lead bullet route is on par with .22lr prices
  7. 74?? You say "was" - was that when you still had fingers & the rifle wasn't in twenty pieces? Without even digging out the reference books I'd say that is a VERY compressed load = maybe 47 would be closer (again, without checking ANY books - so DON'T use that as load data!!) 7,62x53R is not basically the same, it IS the same: The actual case length for both is 53.5mm - the Finns went down to 53, the Russians up to 54...but it's the same ammo. The FIRST true Finnish made Mosins pre-date the Winter War by quite some time, at least 15 years....as a lot of the M91 rifles seized from the Russians/Soviets in the 1917 Independence War & the Bolshevik uprising were rebuilt in the early 20's - the first true Finnish rifle being the M24 = nicknamed the Lotta rifle as the female Lotta Svard raised the funds to have the work done. (They were a like a cross between the Women's Institute & the TA) The Finns had two main factories to do the rifle upgrades & new builds. State Factory 1 & Home Guard Factory 1; these would in turn change names to, SAKO and TikkaKoski (meaning Woodpecker Rapids, after the location). The other factory at VKT eventually morphed into its current entity, Valmet. All three still well known makers of high quality products. My Finnish rifles tend to slug at around .3095" - and most of the Finnish reference books DO state that the nominal bore dia of Finnish barrels is .3095" Even my M91B with a Belgian made barrel slugs at that size. THE official issue bullet of the WW2 Finnish military is still in production too - the Lapua D46 Tracer? The Finns bought some 10 million or so .303 tracer as WW1 surplus from us - this was in turn pulled apart as a source of powder - and the .330 tracer bullets were used to make 7.62x53R tracer ammo. Not too big a departure from the big scheme of things as the UK made a lot of 7.62x54R ammo in WW1 & WW2 for export to Russia, etc. Greenwood & Batley being possibly the biggest supplier, but Kynoch & others make it too. @SPARKIE If you have not done so, try to do a bore slug to confirm dia. Also, check out "the load" information online - for most military .30-cal or similar, you use a lead bullet of standard weight & either 16gr of 2400 or 13gr of Red Dot. Good for up to 300m or so. If your Mosin is a newer one or a Soviet, you may be better trying a Lapua of bigger dia or the Sierra Match King or Game King .303 bullets Best of luck with it
  8. Five year BUMP 😁 Also after 6.5x55, 7.62x51/NATO & 9mmx19, etc.
  9. How much collected? I'm passing on Thursday p.m. so could collect then if convenient?
  10. Surely the term/name is Shooting Saddle or Hog Saddle? Shooting sticks are what folk park their rumps on between drives, etc.
  11. Got a few - some good to go as is - some nee the odd part or a bit of work on the stock PM me if you want more info & I'll make up a list (IF you do, an idea of budget would help too)
  12. I'll give you the £20 per box, if you can find the phrase "bullet heads" anywhere on the original Sierra boxes What is UK shipping for both boxes? (or if you FILL IN YOUR LOCATION AS PER THE RULES I may be local enough to collect)
  13. saddler

    308 ammo

    Aye - how soon do you need them collecting? Will be up that way possibly next week...
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