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    Shooting, leatherwork, guinea pigs, dachshunds.
    Qualified military historian.
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  1. saddler

    Remington 870 Wingmaster stock required

    Possibly got a spare or two, but need to check when I get back home. Take it you're after wood, not polymer/plastic??
  2. saddler

    Berger VLD Target 75 gr 22 Cal

    PM me about these too please
  3. saddler

    Sierra TMK 77 Grain in 22 Cal

    I'll take you up on the free postage. All TEN packs please ....any other 5.56 / .223 pills to list?
  4. saddler

    Hornady 22 Cal. 224 55gr SP

    Yes please
  5. saddler

    FAC 12G

    Mate has a Fabarm Lion PSG model if you'd be interested?
  6. saddler

    Leather 2 to 2.5 mm

    On mobile so no idea where you are. Le Prevo are very good for leather & fittings, check the online site as they have a lot of one-off speckial priced deals on.... Old saddles may not be too good a source as they're normally expensive & the leather will have had some hard use & exposure to sweat, muck, etc. Car boot sales are OK for older out of fashion briefcases/bags. Lots around once you get your eye in...
  7. saddler

    Leather 2 to 2.5 mm

    Nah, the bits are normally on the reins. You'll be thinking about the stirrups.... ...I'll get me coat!
  8. saddler

    Dillon 550 - casefeeder

    Looking for the casefeeder assembly for a Dillon 550. Not bothered what its set up for as I'll chop & change to suit my requirements
  9. saddler

    10 bore

    Got a H&R single barrel 10 for sale.
  10. saddler

    Barn clear out

  11. saddler

    22 Hornet

    Mate has a BRNO .22 Hornet for sale. Got photos if you want to see it: will need your email address to send them over.
  12. saddler

    Once fired 10 Gauge Hulls

    I know someone with a pallet load, but not sure if he's selling them yet, nor a price if he is. Will ask next time I see him as I want to make up a batch of slug and need new cases.
  13. saddler

    Barn clear out

    PM sent a day or so back. Is the CZ250 bike still available? If so, e-mail address for photos is in the PM Thanks
  14. saddler

    XS Lever Scout Mount for Level Actions

    ?? Has this been sold? Not had a PM about payment options