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  1. The A5 shotgun was how I found out that the RAOC had a Bomb Squad down the road from the previous employers.... (They were down as a "dealer" on the Browning UK approved RFD list)
  2. saddler


    White Americans are statistically at a statistically massively higher risk of being wrongfully killed by both Black Americans AND/OR the US Police forces than Black Americans are of being wrongfully killed by US Police forces. BLM & Antifa protests this year have killed a lot more Black Americans than were wrongfully killed by US Police for several years preceding this one. ...but surely he was already FROM Liverpool ?? Typical of the bloke, challenging someone in a coma to a race 😋
  3. As I said, I was at DLSA The RAOC 11 ORD were there at the same time ...all under the same COD Bicester umbrella I was MoD civvy, so on about a third of the pay of the RAOC guys doing the same job, plus zero accomodation for me - so I was ALWAYS trying to find a job vacancy elsewhere, esp. COD Longtown. THAT would have been perfect..... My boss always liked to regale me of the old COD Longtown chap. Worked there for all his life. Knew the job inside out & backwards. Sadly, got to a certain age, passed away. Very much missed.... A few weeks pass. The widow phones his old boss,
  4. "those are assault rifle magazines" "should he have those?" "No" "We'll take them then" Defusing dangerous ordnance is one thing, deciding on the legality of items (and getting it VERY wrong) is another. Had this happen to a local army surplus shop with pistol & rifle magazines in it for sale. Seized by the police - "these are not legal to own" Always recall one of the club members in the North East died. He was a very well known character. Lived alone, so when they went to clear his flat, his collection of inert rounds and other items caused a lot of local press headlines.
  5. as per above ALSO UK lacks a decent importer infrastructure. A very small number firms swamp any smaller competition - yet the bigger firms themselves are selective on what brands of ammunition they source & deem fit to sell into their RFD/dealer chain (in a lot of cases, only bringing in those offerings which reperesent the best %age profit margins for said importer) Not enough real competition = they can charge what they want to! UK is a very small fish compared to most other countries - lots of manufacturers therefore rank us quite low down on the priority list UK lost t
  6. Still available? Could collect...but not sure how soon as swmbo using my car for work right now
  7. Make a hollow jig or mandrel to hold them Cut to length in a lathe
  8. saddler

    Ebay Rant

    Is that not the watch you sent me an e-mail about? You know the one, it looked 100% new but when you checked it again you found that it had been badly damaged in storage, was not working, and now no longer resembeld the one you'd taken pristine photos of... Almost like the one my mate sold on Ebay to an idiot. All nicely wrapped, ready to send with a few other Ebay sales - he gets to the Post Office & finds there is a nice hole in the carrier bag - no watch. ....it's amazing the things that can happen to innocent watches at times 😉
  9. Changed my main .223 rifle so sorting out some of the components I had set to one side for it. A few sealed 100-rd boxes of the above available - (for twist rate 1-9" or faster) Product code #22793 £30 box & shipping
  10. Good work all round. Cracking looking lamp What glue you going to use for the repair? Boiled up bunny skins for historical accuracy, or Cascamite?
  11. A few good updates on here since I last checked in for news of how Martin is doing. For anyone concerned about his speech - I'd not be too worried just yet - them Geordie muppets are not as cultured as us proper Maccem folk are, so all sorts of slurring and droobling is just normal for that part of the North East. Has anyone reminded Martin that he is a closet SAFC lifetime supporter yet? (I had been keeping this secret from his mates in case one of them took offence - not ususally too big an issue with them Mags, as by the time you hear a penny drop with the average Toonie the clocks w
  12. Likely the only two in existence Would be a bargain even if they were both Webley versions of the Hurricane
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