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  1. Caliber not important (but .410 would be nice) Condition not too important Does NOT have to be complete with dies, but ideally should have the primer tray assembly In need of a SizeMaster press I can use as a base to add a set of 20-ga dies and parts to
  2. IF I had one it'd have been the end of the decade when I worked there...! Keep finding odd items in different boxes as I try to de-clutter
  3. Need to find a few different 20-bore chokes. Mossberg 500 thread, so Browning will also do, as will Winchester. Only have one, so looking for a few different options Also looking for a spare Mossberg 500 barrel in 20 bore. Let me know if you have anything available - length, choke type, vent rib/plain, moderated. etc. Thanks
  4. saddler

    MEC 600 JNR

    Not got one, sadly, but IF I can chip in....? My first MEC was one of the above. Made really good ammo, BUT, the re-size part of the procedure was not as silent as I'd have liked. Ended up getting a MEC SizeMaster instead - all but identical to the 600 Jr, but it uses an adjustable collect sizer; silent and very easy to use/adjust. Just thought this model was also worth you keeping a look out for as they are also around at not too different a price to the 600
  5. Is there no way to use some of the liquid gasket type stuff, to either repair the old one, or take the place of it? I know that with water cooled engines it used to be common to add "water glass" to the radiator to fix a damaged head gasket without having to remove it
  6. Mate in the gun club has asked for help finding an M96 standard Mauser bolt action. He's not bothered if it is a Carl Gustafs or a Husqvarna, or has any preference to year of manufacture If anyone knows of a private seller with one available, or a smaller RFD who may have one on the rack, etc. Thanks
  7. There is a dedicated dealer in such things - I think he trades as "the bayonet man" Had a few rare ones off him over the years Will possibly be in the local militaria shop now he is open again, so I will report back any SMLE types which he has. Any particular year you are after?
  8. Surprised it was a senior officer....though senior does not necessarily mean they reached that rank as a result of time spent on patrol, etc. The worst example I saw a few months back was from New York, possibly the transit system police. It had happened a few years ago. Police officer shoots & kills an unarmed man who was walking away up some stairs - he got five years probation!!
  9. Who said that they should/could NOT take the SGC?? Re-read my statement
  10. While I can understand the logic of taking the shotguns into secure storage, a lot of what else was taken and how it was taken is a little strange. The paperwork aside from the SGC is NOT Police property, so the police have no right to take it. While you do need an SGC or FAC to buy shotgun cartridges, anyone can possess them without an SGC/FAC - so that part of the "seizure" is also questionable...! Seems like a definite case of consult a lawyer and raise a few questions regarding the why's and wherefores of what has just happened. Hope you get it sorted out soon
  11. saddler


    The BBC has a legal charter to collect the licence fee, as it is authorised to do so through it's provision of a national unbiased broadcast network over TV, radio, etc. Understood and accepted... The problem is, the BBC of recent years has failed to comply with the terms of its own charter, as it is is provably NOT impartial. The BBC idea of presenting a balanced argument is to interview a Marxist spokes-person and a Socialist party spokes-person, with maybe a few sound bites from the BLM, Muslim Council of the UK, University of Cambridge Centre of Middle Easter Studies Feminist Goat J
  12. I've given bottles away to fellow MEC users. The ones I have a good few of, most of the time, are very heavy duty plastic with the same thread as the MEC inverted "caps" - and they are from an American brand of leather treatment manufacturers. Must be a default US thread thing... Prior to that, there was a UK supermarket own brand of steam iron scented water (as if there was a demand for such things!) which was very cheap to buy and then became a source of a fairly strong small bottle. I have a couple of them around somewhere, unless management dropped them in the recycling. Good to s
  13. MUCH as I am tempted, I will not post the Charlie Hebdo cartoon of young 'Arry & his bride at the graveside. It is in very bad taste. It is also VERY appropriate... The one below does fit in I think:
  14. Will be taking my .357 out for an airing at the range next weekend. Already have a couple of hundred rounds made for it - but I may make up another 300 or so - better take them and bring a few back than not take enough
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