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  1. I'd say that they may be genuine I am an ex-Browning employee - but back in my day the slips & accessories tended to be the sand colour cotton type fabric with the lettering in smaller brown letters Some time passes, and I am working in a small factory in Jarrow as a bench-hand leatherworker....making lots of gunslips for a huge number of UK airgun & rifle/shotgun firms (as well as most of the Barbour retailed bags and leather accessories) One day I even answered the phone to find myself chatting to my ex manager at Browning! That threw him off tilt a little.... The slips in the post seem to be of the right construction style, but we only ever added embroidered logos to the slips we made - that screen printing is bad..! The black case with red trim = looks almost identical to what we made The Jarrow firm went into liquidation, but re-formed on the basis of the boss and his secretary, sitting in an office with no on site machinists, farming orders out to third party makers, etc. They MAY still be farming out the orders for the gunslips & having them screen printed now....but I heard that they'd closed too.
  2. I would say that if the Hatsan & Remington mag. tube threads were the same it would be more common knowledge, as I tend to run Rem 870 pumps so always have the radar on for cheaper accessories where possible Knowing the Turks, they're more likely to have have copied a metric maker/thread on the Hatsan models, so maybe Benelli or Beretta would be a close match? Did a quick double check and not finding anything on the Nordic site to say that they offer a Hatsan option.
  3. Thanks Not fussed on construction type, so whatever you have to hand will be fine!
  4. Interested in a pair each of 410 and 20-bore maybe plastic versions if available
  5. A pity the rifle rack was an optional "extra" Looks like a good little car - IF I was in the market for such a thing I'd go for one over the Indian. US or Japanese alternatives. The option to save a few thousand £ by doing some paperwork/registration yourself looked like a good plan too!
  6. "Sellers should not ask for payment to be made by Paypal as a "gift", this removes all Buyer protection and Ads with this condition will be edited, or removed and the Seller will be suspended from the Trading Post."
  7. post some links to a jokes page that contains swearing - one of them will be along to chat to you soon enough
  8. I can drop some through your letterbox on the way back from the next Catterick shoot if you want
  9. ....it'd be more correct to change it to Wookie, surely?
  10. Just hit refresh - the badges are gone but that strange Norfolk type is still here - can ya hit reset again? 🤪
  11. ...I have no doubt the running total has a few zero's in it I was going to post a link to the original movie where the line came from.... go on then:
  12. I have had good results re-crowning using a suitable large round head brass slotted screw and some lapping compound - save buying a single use tool You can do a temporary "bedding" job using shims cut from old soft drink cans - it will allow you to get the action & barrel out of the stock, to see if contact in that area is one of the variables that are the cause of the problems
  13. Totally legal to drop it into a suitable box, then mail it at the local Post Office, direct to any new owner (as neither of you are an RFD & it's a 2nd hand gun) Looks like a nice little project..!!
  14. Strange behaviour from some clay shooters....but it does explain the reception/warm welcome I tend to get from clay grounds when I ask if I can take away fired hulls Free reloading components for me, less mess/rubbish for them! win win - though I tend to only grab the translucent cases, plus any non-12 bore types too
  15. Likely not....shipping guns RFD-to-RFD is easy as they are inanimate objects Ammunition has to go by special couriers, of which there are few available. It may be use, that IF the ammunition is of standard Section 2 configuration, then no SGC is required to POSSESS it - so anyone you know who may be able to bring the cartridges to you in person could do so legally
  16. Will have to arrange a time/date for collection - but I will take them
  17. Been that long since I bought them there - be best to ping them an e-mail in advance
  18. sometimes shoot PSG there Seems like a good if basic clay set-up Smaller numbers, so likely ,means more shooting.... They sometimes have a cook-house going for drinks & bacon butties, etc.
  19. ....what did the animal courier charge to fetch him over from Norfolk?
  20. Not legal to post live-primed cases
  21. You do you.... GDPR is there for a reason - so anyone ignoring it should be taken to task - irrespective of accessor from other parties/employees, whether they themselves treat the data as confidential or not - and if not then they should also be suitably taken to task...!
  22. It's been a part of the Soviet/Russian school system for decades
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