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    Pigeon Shooting with my Beretta Tenkys Semi-Auto & Game Shooting with my Betinsolli O/U 12G +
    Rabbit / Vermin / Fox Shooting with my .22 CZ452 or my .17HMR CZ455TH or my .223 CZ527

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  1. Larsen Trap

    I have one Brand New one just made of 2” by 1” tantalised timber, very heavy gauge galvanised wire. Timber has then been covered in Ronceel timber Green. 2 Trap doors with a call bird section. My M8 GORDON who is a retired joiner makes these for me and LADDER TRAPS i am located in BEDLINGTON in NORTHUMBERLAND 😃👍🏻
  2. My M8 “GORDON” is after 1 as per title only please please PM me thx U 😃👍🏻
  3. Sports match scope rings high

    Hi what scope tube will they fit ? 25mm or 30mm tube 🤔👍🏻
  4. Bettinsoli/Beretta Mobil Extended Teague Chokes

    PM on its way
  5. My M8 “GORDON” is after 1 as per title only please please PM me thx U 😃👍🏻
  6. Gun master .17 Cal Rifle Cleaning Kit.

    PM REPLYED TOO PAYMENT MADE THX U 😃👍🏻 PM sent of postal address for Cleaning Kit to be sent too
  7. Gun master .17 Cal Rifle Cleaning Kit.

    Hi I’ll take it PM me your PayPal email address and with fees of £12:00 asking price HOW MUCH WILL I THEN OWE U ?
  8. Simmons Whitetail Classic 3.5- 10x50 scope

    I also have one, I agree with above. I would never sell mine for love nor money. They are a cracking scope and at the price U R selling yours at ITS A BARGIN If anyone is looking for a good quality scope cheaply THEN BUY THIS ONE 😃👍🏻 U will NOT regret it
  9. Apex rail for the Cz527

    Is this specific and designed for the CZ527 ? I have a .223 CZ527 and thinking of putting my Pulsar NV Scope onto it 🤔 Will this be suitable for my needs ? Do U have any spare mags for said rifle?
  10. Cz 452 10 shot mags for sale

    Deffo will NOT fit the CZ455 I had the CZ453 and now have the CZ455 They are not interchangeable Hope this helps 👍🏻
  11. CZ 452 17HMR Magazine

    PAYMENT AS REQUESTED VIA PM THX U Dean R James This is for a shooting M8 of mine GORDON He would like a CZ452 .17HMR 10 shot plastic mag and a stock in plastic / synthetic 😃👍🏻💷
  12. CZ 452 17HMR Magazine

    At 15£'s I'll have it thx U
  13. CZ 452 17HMR Magazine

    any 10shot plastic mags ?
  14. gamebore

    R U any where near the NORTHEAST "NEWCASTLE" area ? On my IPhone so can't see your location 😃👍🏻 Dean DUNDEE, that's no good for me. I am a poet U C Lol 😆 lol Thx for the update, wish U where closer, good Luck with the sale 😃👍🏻
  15. STOCK CZ452 - CZ453 in .17HMR WANTED

    Hi all My M8 GORDON is after a STOCK for his CZ 452 Rifle in .17HMR He is after the PLASTIC / SYNTHETIC type PM me with what U have and how much U want for it inc recorded post Thx U Dean I live in the North East, BEDLINGTON 💥🔫😃👍🏻