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    Stopping drinking

    Yes I have basically stopped the drink already but I see what you are saying. I enjoy a drink but I am so out of shape its unreal so I need to take a break. I stopped the fags 6 years ago after 25 years of smoking, so never say never!
  2. aga man

    Stopping drinking

    No, but I am right beside you. I need to do the same.
  3. Yes their website shows the WG 8's as 2.3mm {uk 7.5} . Not all their clays cartridges use continental sizes those using diamond shot do. https://gamebore.com/uk/clay
  4. aga man

    115 in a few hour! 🤯

    Great effort. Well shot.
  5. aga man

    Promises made.

    The deadly duo strikes again! Well shot guys.
  6. aga man

    System boiler questions

    My thoughts too providing it is flushed properly.
  7. aga man

    Lazy Sunday afternoon

    Fair play to you. I chickened out yesterday and like marsh man i opted for the shade of trees. Good result.
  8. aga man

    How Long Do You Shoot Rape Stubble ?

    I think maybe 10 of the birds I shot were youngsters. I saw a fair few young birds but not in bunches or groups as yet. Pretty much what I would expect for this area in early August really.
  9. aga man

    How Long Do You Shoot Rape Stubble ?

    I chose not to decoy pigeons on the rape stubble. I walked around 80 birds off and wasn't convinced by their reaction, on top of that it was way too hot to set up a bale hide in the field, especially for a fat bloke with a beard! Instead I found a line of pigeons going elsewhere along a line of trees, I put the magnet in some standing wheat and a single bouncer in a stubble the other side, and tried to shoot the birds flighting over. I had some great sport and found that 32gm no5 super steels through the trap gun was a good combo. I fired way too many shots but shot some satisfying birds. I picked 34 and the van said 27 degrees at 6pm. Edit to say I haven't seen JDog in quite a while and haven't shot with him since Feb/march time but I hope to sort that in the coming weeks when more of our wheat fields are harvested.
  10. aga man

    How Long Do You Shoot Rape Stubble ?

    I normally find that pigeons turn off the rape soon after it re germinates and greens over like many others here. I am hoping to be out this afternoon though on a rape stubble that was only harvested last week yet still has lots of germinated seed which has fallen through the ripe standing crop over the past week or so. Plenty of birds on it yesterday so will report back.
  11. aga man

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    A bit of a long shot but just putting the feelers out for anyone who might have an old forend suitable for my old gun as mine broke today. I am going to try and repair but a replacement would be better obviously. The gun is a 30 old bettinsoli sideplate, not sure on model etc but I believe it is similar to a Lincoln. Sure I have other guns in the cupboard but this is my best pigeon slayer so would love to get it fixed. Many thanks
  12. aga man

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    Thanks mate. I have yet to put a good number of shells through it to see if holds. I have glued it using gorilla glue and pinned it with some 4mm welding rod which I also coated in the glue before inserting. Time will tell!
  13. aga man

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    Thanks for that. I would be interested in the second hand one if you happen to find it. I have repaired mine as suggested above but would be handy to keep a spare. Should have asked you to start with, didn't think!😞
  14. aga man

    A day in the sun

    I have often wondered about such a device as there is bound to be some folk who try to offload lead shot birds as steel shot. Perhaps an ordinary metal detector would do it? As for how long the market will last, it seems very positive. One chap I supplied at the weekend said their falcon breeding unit can use 9000 woodies a year! the price will no doubt go down though as others move over to steel. He thought my birds were cheap at 50p each.
  15. Yes exactly, or even Gamebore white gold/blue diamond both of which use a 28gm load of 2.4mm {7}.
  16. aga man

    A day in the sun

    Nicely done. It seems some very good bags are being shot at the minute and posted elsewhere on the internet, perhaps numbers are up this year? Plenty round our patch at the minute too. Keeping the birds fresh and free from flies is the real challenge right now. Well shot.
  17. aga man

    Can It Get To Hot For Pigeon Shooting ?

    I was out for a while yesterday 2pm till 5pm and I saw lots of pigeons all the time I was out. The birds were busy on the flightlines travelling back and forth maybe 4 miles or so to rape stubble. I only shot 30 as that was all I needed and hardly surprising many had water spilling out of them. Plenty of young pigeons about too!
  18. aga man

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    Thank you guys some great useful info here. A reminder of how good this forum can be.
  19. aga man

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    Loving these suggestions gents most helpful. Yes I agree the wood is saturated with years of oil and I think shooting a lot of hp steel through lately hasn't helped.
  20. aga man

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    I was more thinking some gorilla glue and some small buried panel pins. But thanks. I am sure I can repair it somehow. Will keep you posted.👍
  21. aga man

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    Thanks, I was hoping some one would suggest I could be repaired. There is plenty of material to glue/pin and the split does nip tight together. I shot a further 25 pigeons this afternoon with zip ties holding it together.😊
  22. aga man

    Spoiled For Choice

    Nice report mm and a very tidy bag. That dog is a beauty.
  23. aga man

    nice day

    Great bag that Daz. 20 on the flighttline is some real bonus sport. well shot.
  24. aga man

    Barley stubble

    Yeah, some great vermin control there, well shot.👌