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    A good friend of mine is looking for some second hand flexicoy pigeon decoys, he's not a member on here so I thought I would ask on his behalf. Anyone got any for sale?
  2. aga man


    sent you a pm Chris.
  3. aga man

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    Teal or Golden plover are up there with the very best in my opinion although young woodpigeons and half grown rabbits are very good too.
  4. aga man

    Groundhog Weekend

    You certainly have a good population of pigeons in the area PC. I think the person you met is just one the things we are faced with nowadays and it is only set to get worse. Such folk will never understand or be interested in learning about our sport or country ways. I agree wiyh JDog, you dealt with the situation well. Good on you for that and well done once again for the impressive bag.👍
  5. aga man

    a wet day

    been using lead myself for a while now as supplying a guy who supplies posh diners, but may well be back on steel in the spring.
  6. aga man

    A few at roost.

    Ah yes, lovely piece of woodland that. That screamer was a bit of a fluke but I remember it well. Full choke black gold 30gm no6 and a dollop of luck!
  7. aga man

    a wet day

    Nice to see you are still bagging a few Daz, barely touching the rape here as yet. Are you still shooting with steel?
  8. aga man

    A few at roost.

    Has to be one of the finest shooting sports of all roosting pigeons. I look forward to February when a lot more of our woods and valley sides become accessible. Very satisfying bringing the longer birds down with a tight choke.
  9. aga man

    A very lucky find.

    Very nice.
  10. aga man

    Wet morning on the pinks and teal.

    Blimey! I have never seen so many geese in one place before. Great pics Sako.
  11. aga man

    More Than Usual?

    The woodpigeons will turn their attention to the rape once the hedgerow berries, beechmast etc are all gone. This will happen regardless of weather but usually happens around Christmas time. Feral pigeons can accumulate around farm building or any nearby sheds/industrial buildings and venture out to farmland during the day. They will generally mostly eat seed and not cause too much bother to winter rape in the leaf stage. Shooting them around buildings or even at roost with an air rifle is normally the most effective way of culling them. Great to hear your Lapwings are thriving much as they are here. The best thing you can do for them is keep the vermin down and kill Carrion crows, magpies and foxes etc when ever the chance arises.
  12. aga man

    Third Week lucky

    That's good to hear. Its been a tricky year for me and I had to go down the steel shot route for a while, but I am pleased to say I am now supplying a chap who supplies restaurants. With the help of Wilksy off the forum I am supplying 30 a week for a very good price. Long may it continue.
  13. aga man

    Third Week lucky

    Superb PC, great bag of woodies for this time of year. You still shfting your birds ok?
  14. aga man

    hushpower on rape

    Great stuff Daz, not on rape here yet and no shortage of berries still to go at. That's a great bag using the hushpower.
  15. aga man

    Strange Seed

    Yes I understand that but if you zoom in on the photo you can see something emerging from the seed that looks similar to a tree bud? I could also be wrong but it looks strange to me.
  16. aga man

    John Wilson

    An angling legend. Sad news.
  17. aga man

    Strange Seed

    Whatever floats ya boat pal I am sure PC has seen enough wheat in pigeons crops to know. I am certainly not an expert but I was a sprayer operator for a good few years and have a hnd in agriculture and I have never seen sprouting wheat seeds that look like that. Could well be a hybrid variety of this.
  18. aga man

    A few more 100m pigeons.

    Great idea JDog but no doubt the line will typically shift 80 yds upwind😞 Jasper looks well.
  19. aga man

    Strange Seed

    I would disagree. If you zoom in on the photo you can clearly see that the plant emerging from the seed is not wheat. I can't suggest what it could be at the moment, but for the first time in a while I will follow a post on here with interest. If you still have the seed PC perhaps you could plant some in a compost pot and see how it grows. Wheat would grow very quickly indoors and would be easily identified.
  20. aga man

    barbour bedale

    Bargain! Only wish I was a bit slimmer.
  21. aga man

    Oilseed Rape

    The frosts will knock the crop back a bit and by Christmas time you could well have pigeons hammering that field with such a roost wood close by. Getting to have a decent session before the farmer gets the gas bangers out will be the biggest challenge. Farmers love to get the bangers out at the first sight of pigeons on winter rape.
  22. aga man

    The migration has started...

    Sounds like fantastic sport, any video footage?
  23. aga man

    Its Never Easy

    A great report and a great picture. Looks like a lovely spot.
  24. aga man

    Beans, Bangers and Birds

    Nice to read that you Lincolnshire yellow bellies are shooting a few. I would be very happy with that number at present as the woodies are very much on the Hawthorne berries here and the hedges are a wash with them.
  25. aga man

    I love October

    I'm sure you can spare him one out of that lot!😊 Surprised at that motty they seem to have disappeared here, I shot 70 odd last weekend and never saw a single fly. It was windy though so perhaps that kept them away.👍