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  1. Fair play PC, you still get a great result whilst many others struggle [ me included! ]. Those pigeons look to be in great condition.
  2. You did well to strike whilst the iron is hot muncher. I had a decent number of birds on my drillings last Tuesday, hoping to let them build. The weather turned on the Wednesday and I haven't seen the pigeons since despite plenty of seed on the surface? Good result, well shot.
  3. I can't comment on things in your area but sadly many gamedealers have either closed shop or stopped taking woodies in many parts of the country. Talking to gamekeepers, butchers and farmers that shoot may point you in the direction of any game dealers locally. It is good to know you are giving thought to an outlet for your quarry. There are other outlets for those of us who have limited game processers, shooting with steel and supplying hawk breeders and giving game away to those who want it are options and these folk can be found through social media. Generally you will not need a licence to supply pigeons in feather to a dealer and you are ok to gift people game if no money changes hands.
  4. Well done Naeem, top bag. Quite a contrast to your post as a beginner last summer. Shows what you can achieve if you get out there and do it. An inspiration for others
  5. Quick google turned up this? perhaps we are on the right lines!
  6. I have a feeling they was a Kent cartridge, although fiocchi did load 410 in green cases at one time.
  7. Nice to read of your success Trenta, the boy looks keen and interested which is great and it is nice to see you have shown respect for the quarry by preparing it for the oven
  8. Well done, you deserved a decent bag after all the miles and recon you have put in lately JDog.
  9. Yep great cars. I also have one in 08 reg, exact same as the picture which is the warrior model. 2.0 vw engine, very economical and plenty of pulling power for towing . Engine is cambelt driven so maybe check that's been done. 60k or 4 years change interval. Put some general grabbers on mine and it goes well in the mud. Boot has drop down tail gate which is very good for the dogs . Nice car to drive, thumbs up from me!
  10. An honest report JDog and goes to show fresh drillings are not always the milk and honey some folk think.
  11. I think even a very large decoy pattern would have only resulted in the odd bird peeling off for a look. In the situation you describe pigeons often know where they are going and nothing will convince them otherwise. Just wait for the foolish ones or those that are a bit lower and enjoy those.
  12. Mitsubishi outlander is another option. Very happy with mine. Great mpg for a diesel, can tow up to 2 tonne and has seven seats and 4wd. Plenty of these running around with 200k on the clock and theres a good reason for that!
  13. Well, just returned from taking the pigeons across town to this chap and I am so pleased I did. A lovely fella in his mid eighties greeted me at the door and invited me into his home. As we chatted it became clear the man has been through an awful lot lately, but still takes whatever life can throw at him. Salt of the earth we would say round these parts. Hope you enjoy the stoggies Walt, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you sir.
  14. Very sorry to read of your bad news fella. I have plenty of woodpigeons frozen in the feather {all shot in the past month or so } or will hopefully have a few fresh at the weekend. You are free to as many as you would like and I will gladly deliver them to you. I am in Hull. PM me if you prefer. Best wishes aga man.
  15. Great report Gingercat. Some folk have great skill when it comes to long range pigeons. JDog is up there with the best of them.
  16. Good bags PC. Great effort.👍
  17. Wow yes almost identical marsh man. You have got me thinking about migrant birds too now, the plumage certainly seems to have a different shade to it. Clear to see those feathers around the head /neck are a young bird though. Yes totally agree TIGHTCHOKE, although these numerous broods per year seem to have only come about in recent years, certainly round this part of Yorkshire. I can't really recall shooting youngster in the roost woods during February 20 years ago. It can only result in bigger pigeon numbers, which is great for the pigeon shooter!
  18. I would also suspect the water pump, especially if the thermistors have been changed. Pump can seem fine when cold but slow down and almost stop when they get hot. I would only try a second hand head though, the boiler is not worth spending money on. Worst boiler Ideal ever made!
  19. Yes Davey and son {east coast field and stream} Wykeham nr Scarborough Nth Yorkshire. A lovely little shop and I always buy something when on holiday up there. The price was from 3 years ago!
  20. Yes I totally agree, fine food roasted whole. This bird was very small, the bulging crop of rape leaves was bigger than the actual breasts!
  21. Shot this bird tonight whilst roosting, can't have been off the nest more than a month or so surely?
  22. I actually prefer to shoot fibre these days and can't tell any noticeable difference in performance. Having said that my guns are usually old and pretty well worn so perhaps the fibre wad suits the barrels better? Any way I will be sticking with fibre wads and won't miss scrubbing that plastic residue out of the barrel chamber after a busy day. Just a shame the run of the mill steel loads are plas wad only.
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