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  1. 15 minutes ago, Smiler23 said:

    Mgreeny off here has one I know he was thinking of selling

    Yes he has messaged me. Thanks👍

  2. I don't personally use a flapper for pigeons, only an old one for crows.

    I have seen others use flapper to good effect & it seems you can buy all manner of types of flapper these days.

    For me the Magnet is a great all round tool and can often be the difference in making a bag or not.

    A fair bit of my shooting is drawing birds off a flightline, either going out to feed or returning after a feed.

    The magnet is very useful for this and helps attract the birds in my General direction. I don't believe a single flapper would have the same effect.

    I have shot a fair few pigeons on laid Barley of late and found the only decoys i have needed is 2 dead birds on a magnet.

    I'm sure the flapper is a great tool, but for me if I had to choose it would be the simple magnet. Not a magic tool by any means but a very useful one in many different situations. 

  3. Wait till Autumn to fish with dead baits for the bigger fish would be my advice.

    Great sport can be had fishing  lures on the surface in the summer months.

    As for end tackle a wire trace is a must. Plenty of vids on YouTube etc👍

  4. 45 minutes ago, JDog said:


    Working dog owners will not want to know unless it is proven in the field or in tests or trials. Pet dog owners are now getting more interested in hips and eye scores etc.

    My suggestion is to put yourself out to stud first to see how that feels.

    Hahaha, not so many years ago, I was put to stud regularly with no complaints. My hip scores are no good these days and there is no doubt far better out there.

    As for the dog, I was thinking more along the pet dog owners but it seems it is becoming a minefield. No wonder pups of all breeds are fetching so much money these days!

  5. 5 minutes ago, Dave at kelton said:

    My dogs are all castrated at between 18-24 months for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes I think wouldn’t it be good to have a dog like. ..... ? In practice it doesn’t work that way and I am spoilt for choice of good working dogs here so let someone else go through the hassle and just buy a pup as I need one.

    Thanks again Dave and point taken.

    The reason for asking the questions is to help me gain info and give it all some careful thought.

    I appreciate your input👍

  6. Thanks for the reply Dave at Kelton.

    I hadn't thought about hip/eye tests etc. I do have some paperwork relating to hip scores on his parents but will have a read through and check it out.

    My main reason for considering him for stud, is I would possibly like a pup from him & castration may becoming a possibility.

  7. Good evening gang, hope all is well.

    I am currently thinking of offering my Labrador for stud. Something I have never done before.

    So I wondered if anyone can offer advice on how to start the ball rolling, (where to offer him) and any other useful info I should know.

    We are not talking a field trial champion but he is kc registered and has good pedigree. He has made a fairly steady reasonable gundog so far and is 5 years old.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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