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  1. hello chris, i don't have a direct link but chambers found at gunspares.co.uk should have everthing you need with useful exploded diagrams.
  2. very nice bags mate given the time of year and how tricky the birds are at the moment. expensive birds though by the time you have paid your fuel and cartridges
  3. hello swiss tony, im based in hull and shoot round walikngton/beverley areas at the moment. i have a lot of permission as i do a lot of work for farmers but never enough time! wife kids etc.
  4. now then shirley, hows it going! them pigeons still on that rape. rich.

  5. hello pigeon watch. i am from east yorkshire. i control pigeons with shotgun and rabbits with pcp air rifle. just joined the forum and it seems there are a lot of knowegable people on here. look forward to chatting with you.
  6. my escort is if fine with 65mm carts, just make sure you you keep it clean. in particular the two gas port holes in the barrel and around that area. my escort is 3 inch and around 5 years old.
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