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  1. Sorry to read it JDog. These type of gentlemen are sadly a dying breed never to be replaced. I'm sure you made an impression on him same as you do to everyone lucky enough to chat with you.
  2. Sounds like great way to blow off the cob webs. Well shot👍
  3. Great video, well shot. Thanks for posting👍
  4. Can't blame them for wanting to be out of that wind. Evil chill to it today.
  5. Interesting🤔 looks like the stems of something chopped up. Maize perhaps. Can you think of any such thing in the area?
  6. I thought elephant grass was another name for it? One of my farmers has grown for the past 20 years (as game cover) and that's what he's always called it? http://www.recrops.com/miscanthus
  7. 👍yep I call it elephant grass as i can never remember the proper name😅
  8. Some sort of bio fuel? Elephant grass?
  9. Looks a lovely place to spend a few hours and the dog looks as happy as can be! Great result👍
  10. Thanks J. Some drilling done there but some of the ground still tacky! It has been seriously wet over the winter
  11. Well done on shooting the crows. A big help to songbirds at this time of year 👍
  12. Had a call from the Farmer this morning say his drillings were 'blue over' I was quite surprised at this i had been watching the fields yesterday and could only see a few floating around. Never the less I told him I would have a go this afternoon once I had finished work. I was finished by lunchtime just as a band of heavy rain showers arrived. I had some lunch and sat tight for a while. To be honest I was not very enthusiastic as i had no dead birds and i am currently trying to recover from a bad back (yet again!) The rain stopped at one and i headed for the field, armed with only 8 plastic decoys and 100 cartridges, + my hide gear. The walk was a good 400yds and i had to navigate a small dyke through a hedge. Not the best in my current condition! When I got to the field I could not beleive the number of pigeons there. Possibly 1000 or so on an 18acre field which was only drilled 3 days ago. I set my hide and put out the plastic decoys. The majority of the pigeons didnt really return, there has been a lot of drilling in the area so possibly pushed them onto another field,but after 2.5 hours shooting I decided to pack up with 33 pigeons and 15 crows. The walk back with the gear and dead pigeons was a real challenge, but at least half of the corvids were Carrions so I was happy with that! The farmer too was happy with my effort. Plenty of seed on the surface here and firing 70 or so shots in today's wind is going to do little to deter the pigeons so I think i will back as this ground before long.
  13. There is no doubt modern farm machinery is very effecient on most soil types nowadays. There is still always the unexplained though. I have on a few occasions shot good bags over spring drillings when i struggle to find a single seed on the surface. Much the same as i have watched pigeons flying low over a litterred bean stubble in october to reach beach mast on the other side instead! Some of my drillings have gone in today. I expect pigeons will take a while to get on them (if at all) given how pre occupied they are with clover and tree buds. The farmer will no doubt ask me to shoot corvids on them before the pigeons turn up. That has happened the past couple of years.
  14. He has aged a lot in the past two years. As you can see in the photo he wears old man slippers and rumour has it he smokes a matching pipe😂
  15. I was thinking the same. Madras hunting knife comes close on google images. But not quite the same.
  16. Thank you Tightchoke. Yes i beleive wilksy is on the naught step ! He can see the posts though & is grateful for your input👍
  17. Wilksy, who is currently unable to post on PW has asked me to post some pictures of a knife he has recently aquired. Any help of identifying it would be gratefully received. The pics .
  18. Brave men, that wind was evil. I was out for 2 hours this afternoon and i am still cold now! 27 was a decent score👍
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