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  1. Very nice. As you say some sport to come off there in the coming weeks, no doubt.
  2. Bear with it J, i feel sure June will be a good month for pigeons on pea crops up here. Hopefully many of the butterfly shooters will head back to work too!
  3. Well worth the nettle stings and sunburn! Nice bag. 5pm seems the time to be setting up round these parts, but we are not getting those numbers yet. Well shot
  4. Top bag and a good read. Well shot gents👍
  5. https://basc.org.uk/updated-advice-on-shooting-activities-in-england/
  6. Try your local farm merchants/tractor dealers.
  7. Has it really been almost 5 years?!! Looks very nice.
  8. Good reconnaissance and a great end result. Nice to know the birds went into the food chain too
  9. aga man

    Tap indicators.

    I would imagine some regular clear silicone sealant would do.
  10. aga man

    Tap indicators.

    I would try as snow white suggests, then failing that hold it by the brass bit in a vice and use a small hacksaw to cut if off close to the ceramic. Any excess can be removed with a file. A small hacksaw will cut through brass pretty easily.
  11. Gamebore super steel 32gm no 5 work well enough too.
  12. Well done J, good crop protection. That little dog is a credit to you
  13. Good shooting. Thanks for the video.👍
  14. Very nice Jacko. The ground looks quite familiar, was your friend well spoken and wearing a large hat?
  15. Would be nice to think he uses his safety catch though, the muzzle of that loaded gun was right below his chin at times!!
  16. 😂i tried my best to refrain from saying it to avoid anyone getting upset😂 yes i agree great cartridges. When my old man was a keeper late 70's his monthly cartridge allowance was the eley gp. Killed everthing that a keeper needed to kill. Great smell from the spent shells too.
  17. Would love to have these but sadly the distance makes it impossible at the moment. A whole load of nostalgia in a box there. Great price, good luck with the sale.
  18. known as Leucistic, something to do with loss of pigment I believe. I have shot a few over the years including this one a year or so ago.
  19. Ex battery hens will give you all the eggs you need. Don't be put off by the poor appearance of them, as bruno22rf says they come back to condition pretty quickly.
  20. Lets hope so marsh man as that is when essential crop protection realy comes onto play! Short term i am happy just biding time and trying to support the missus who works as a nurse. Just thankful we are all well so far. Pleased i have the dogs to walk daily though!
  21. You are showing great restraint, {Never knew it was possible!}. Well done that man. Seen a similar video the other day of loads of pigeon on recently drilled Oats. Not the norm in my experience!
  22. Been there many times before, always the crow
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