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  1. Can't suggest a long term solution but short term you could try mixing a can of oily fish with his food, sardines etc. Yet to see a Jack russell that's not tempted by the fish and the oil coats the rest or the food making it more desirable.
  2. I think when all the shooting starts in surrounding woods, the deer walk about lost, I was down wind of them too so perhaps they didn't know I was there, unlike the Buzzard which soon clocked me.
  3. If you have facebook try a group called Giving up the game, I'd be suprised if you dont get some on there.
  4. Short and sweet i'm afraid. I got got a fair bit of footage throughout February but managed to delete most of whilst editing {something which I find difficult!}. Here is a bit of footage that I salvaged. Sorry for the poor editing and the annoying beep, camera only a cheapo.
  5. Good effort on what sounds like a difficult day.
  6. I am sure you will. Look forward to reading about it, Thanks. Please do keep posting PC. I sort of get where DB is coming from though, I left the pike fishing scene for similar reasons. Cheers fella, yes certainly not been an average year for us so far. Not sure if Ellerby/ Withernwick area is your patch but plenty of birds round there yesterday.
  7. A good read Old Boggy, sounds like you might well be back at that rape field for a few more shots yet.
  8. Can highly recommend the outlander. I have an 08 reg with 70k on it has been great. Super reliable, good mpg and 7 seats which is handy. I have had mine 2 years now and it has proved its worth off road a few times, the only downside is a/t tyre choice is limited, but i have found some general grabber at2 that fit and it does very well on them. The car suits as a family car and shooting truck no problem, prefer it to the landrover discovery and octavia scout i previously had.(also tows very well). I have also heard the dacia duster is very good?
  9. The farmer will no doubt appreciate your effort and that goes a long way
  10. haha that will never happen, we simply don't have the sort of pigeon numbers that those boys do. I'm sure he will be back before too long. I think your Norfolk crops are always ahead of ours as you have a slightly better climate etc, but rape crops are struggling generally here this year and we have nothing near to flowering yet. Some fields have been badly affected by flea beetle and are to be ploughed up soon. The top end of this field is better at around 6 to 8" tall and quite dense but the damage in my pictures is all pigeons and the field has had two gas guns on it!
  11. Yes spot on fuds, I already shoot a fair bit of land up on the Wolds here but this land is nearer to Humber
  12. February was very good to myself and tan regards pigeon shooting, We managed to shoot 110 pigeons over four Friday nights in our small 8 acre wood, smallest bag 13 and biggest 42. The storms and high winds made for some of the best shooting I have had in a long time. Following on from that I had a taste for shooting pigeons again, something which was starting to fade away for a time. The first time I had a good chance to look was Thursday of last week, not the best day to be looking but it was a lovely sunny spring day. I scouted most of my land and all of the land around the woods we had shot in February within a 15 mile radius and barely saw a pigeon. I remembered some land which I had been given permission on a while but had never got round to shooting up there. By chance I came across a field of winter rape and thought it might be worth a look. The top end of the field showed nothing much but when I drove round to the bottom of the field,, which went down into a valley I spotted a good line coming out of nearby woods to the field. It was quite some line in 20 mins I counted over 200 pigeons heading out to feed. The main problem I could see was that the birds were still flocked up and playing follow my leader, when one bird left the woods the others would start to follow. With a good wind forecast for Sunday and a free pass from the wife I made contact with the landowner and he said he love me to have a go at them. I was well prepared with a well loaded car 10 dead birds and my rotary, I invited tan along to help carry the kit and hopefully help workout a plan. We left the pigeons to have their early morning feed and arrived at 10.30am and started to watch. The best hedge to set up on would mean a strong sw wind in our face and I didn't fancy that so we set up on the opposite hedge with wind at our backs. The pigeons came as I expected in big bunches 60 or so strong and rather than decoy they skirted the pattern just having a shy look. This was frustrating and we let many go by and tried to pick off the tail end birds. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not. It was starting to feel like a waste of time but we sat it out and as our pattern grew and we had a blue patch on the ground smaller groups began to decoy and we killed a few. We saw a lot of pigeons in this area today and I feel that in a week or so when the flocks break up a very good bag could be had on this field. As it turned out we picked a total of 71, 68 of which are in the photo with yours truly. We had to start packing up at 3.30pm but the pigeons were still wanting the field. A very decent day on winter rape. Thanks for reading. .
  13. Well done. I am out on osr tomorrow {new ground} and I will be very happy if I get anywhere near to 49 birds.
  14. Good report Jacko, thanks for taking the time to type it up. That little Barney is a cracker and will make a very good dog I am sure. Never seen a spaniel so steady.
  15. Yeah i can see where you are coming from. I got addicted to catching the big pike, using float ledger set ups on the areas you describe, but i do get the lure fishing thing, especially using braided line. Those lean river fish really do fight too. Quite a lot of skill involved tho so fair play to you 👍
  16. Very nice, but surely you are tempted to go and try a dead bait in that slack water before the season ends?
  17. When I had as discovery 2, someone stole the front propshaft!, could not believe someone had the bare face cheek to lay underneath it on the drive and undo 8 nuts and bolts. Despite living in a fully lit street no one saw a thing. Very annoying.
  18. Frustrating when it dosent quite go to plan but hey you both got out and got some frrsh air. All good experience for Jacko👍
  19. Good report. It has been an exceptional year for roosting.
  20. Shame as i hear they are a good cartridge, all be it a bit pricey. I would use the super fast for everthing no bother. Similar to the old three crowns i would say.(showing our age now!)
  21. Last ones i used were black with silver head. The superfast pigeon will impress you im sure. £57 (250) from ripon farm services mkt weighton.
  22. Rc sipe are yellow if you can find them locally.https://www.bywellshootingground.co.uk/cartridges-ammunition/game-cartridges/12-gauge/rc-sipe-32-gram-6-plastic.html Maybe the gun room could help. Failing that hull superfast pigeon which i currently use are blue (darkish). Only 29gm but very good all round shell. Or maybe a magnet stick like the auto boys use. Atb mate👍
  23. I beleive gamebore do a bio degrade wad but similar money if not more than the eley. As far as i understand it you will be fine to continue shooting clays with lead and plaswads. Shooting live quarry is what is set to change. Cartridge manufacturers will no doubt come up with a cheaper wad or at least i hope so.
  24. Welcome dotty83 from here in Hull. Not shot round your way other than cottondale many moons ago but used to fish for pike at Wykeham.
  25. Expansion vessel needs re charging or replacing by the sounds of it. The pressure relief valve is probable discharging the water outside.
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