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  1. I did use the Eley's but have moved to Hull's as the Eley box's are a pain in the *rse to get into, oh and the cartridges are also first class!!
  2. Thanks very much. It's in a village called Gosbeck, just outside Ipswich.
  3. If it was grassed for horses, would it need mains water to each of the sections of grazing?
  4. I'm certainly not trying to 'screw the last penny out of everything'! I just don't want to see the farm that has been in my family for several generations fall into a state of disrepair.
  5. Thanks all very much. Plenty to think about.
  6. I didn't realise Game farming was as seasonal as that!
  7. I'd rather not go the Equestrian route. I'd rather do something I may get some enjoyment out of. But thanks very much for the input.
  8. Could you just give me a heads up on how these work?
  9. The farm is based in Suffolk. It's always been used or poultry so the field has always been leased out.
  10. It doesn't currently as I think this would be a massive expense that isn't an option just yet. Yes this was what I had thought. Even if I just thought of using the meadow to erect a few pens. I then wondered if we could grow the food on the field itself.
  11. My family own a farm that closed a few years ago and falling further into disrepair. I'd like to try and rescue it. It used to be a battery chicken farm with 12 large sheds packed full of laying chickens in cages. Then all the cages were removed to make way for ducks. Several of the buildings have now totally collapsed leaving possibly 5 that are repairable. It also has a 17 acre field and a 3 acre meadow. I am actually an accountant and not a farmer, but have always worked on it and would really like to see it used again. I'm wondering if it would be possible to turn it into a Game f
  12. Are these the Hypa Flaps everyone is referring to? http://www.ukshootwarehouse.com/pigeon-hypa-flap-sillosock-single
  13. I really like this idea. I think I might have to get myself a couple of meters of the Stealth/Clearview.
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