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  1. Fair points you have raised. My background is that I'm a somewhat recently retired police officer and have been involved in shooting in some form or other for over 5 decades and for almost 20 years have stayed in the area referred to and also worked there. I am friends with 2 local vets who are also shooters and a full time falconer, again a shooter. Between my job, hobby and helping out friends, I have indeed seen it first hand several times. Several species of raptor shot, poisioned or trapped. I am in no way an "anti" or attempting to defend CP or groups such as WJ, but these offences do occur. With regards to the reference made to "escaping prosecution" , that is indeed only my opinion. Based on overwhelming evidence , which due to a technicality was never brought to court. Again, bearing in mind that a person is indeed innocent until found guilty, my comments are indeed conjecture but made with a fair degree of knowledge of the specific incident I was referring to. I'm sure a google search will throw up a much more recent incident in this area where a goshawk ( i think) was shot by an estate worker in full view of witnesses. Having witnesses who are prepared to give a statement or evidence can be problematic if not only their livelihood, but their home and that of their family would be lost if they were to be dismissed..
  2. I stay in this area and unfortunately, most of what is reported here are facts. There are 2 large estates and the gamekeepers are instructed to "deal with an issue". Methods used have been illegal and one of those responsible escaped prosecution due to lazy and incompetent police involved. There may be other landowners involved but for as much as I do not agree with Packham and the likes, there is most definately an issue in this particular area
  3. Clover dodder, a species of Scaldweed Botanical name Cuscuta epithymum Well, thats according to my free app on my smart phone called Picture This. Great for identifying plants
  4. Hi, couple of pics sent. Regards, Bob
  5. You as an individual will have a marker against your name but your vehicle certainly does not. They must have run your details through the system which the public do not have access to
  6. Hi, I have the same cabinet , roughly the same age. If you pm me a mobile telephone number or email address I can send you pics. Regards, Bob
  7. figgy, You are very wrong with your assumption. Male children who are abused often show physical signs of arousal which is why being abused, particularly by another male has such a devastating effect on their mental state. She is a child abuser and deserves prison. Edited to say that unfortunately there are other posting who share the same thoughts. Apologies for singling you out.
  8. Hi, I have a free app on my smartphone called " Picture This" which is a plant ID app. I took photos of your pics and the app tells me the top one is a Fushcia Hybrid and the bottom one is Balloon Flower or Platycodon Grandifloris! Worth downloading the app, even if its just for fun
  9. Hi squirrel shooter. I have pm'd you re the Sunranger. Bob
  10. The police simply report the matter to the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland. He would then make the decision to bin the matter or take it to court. Happens all the time but for a report to be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal, there would normally be more than simply the word of one person.
  11. Not sure if you do your shooting in Scotland. Under the "reckless discharge/ reckless conduct" law which exists in Scotland, simply shooting in a field next to someone would not land you in hot water. There would need to be an element of "reckless" about taking the shot. circumstances which could constitute "reckless" is pretty much infinite but I would like to think that if the police were called by some anti shooter who complained about a shooter in the field next to his house, if you were safe there would be nothing to worry about
  12. I see where you are coming from but simply having permission to shoot over ground doesn't mean "your sticking to all the laws" if you fire when there are kids close by . The "reckless discharge" crime would be appropriate in such circumstances. Its under Common law and not part of the Firearms Act. I very much agree with you regarding the issue of shotgun certificates (and FACs) to people with little or no knowledge of safety and responsibility
  13. He was charged under common law for the reckless discharge of a firearm. There was doubt over the "safe shot" aspect. Hence police involvement
  14. Hi, In scotland we have "reckless discharge of a firearm" on the books which is a sort of catch all piece of legislation. The laws regarding certain distances from center of the roadway and having to prove that a road user was affected will be trumped by the reckless discharge which would apply in Scotland. It would all depend on the circumstances if a complaint was made to the police. I know of one shooter who found out to his cost that firing his cf close to kids and houses was not a clever thing to do despite him thinking he could because he had permission to shoot on the ground.
  15. Hi there, If still available, ill have no3, the three hats at £14. I will pm you re payment details. Regards, Bob
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