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  1. As far as reliability goes, my mobile supplier which is 3 has proved very reliable. I am about 6 months into my contract and there has only been one time, recently when the entire UK network went down for about 12 hours throughout the night. I can only compare it to BT, who I was with for years who were shockingly unreliable, max of 2 mbps download and if I had to use the phone or someone phoned me, it was thee dreaded flashing orange light for god knows how long before it turned blue and came back on. More and more mobile suppliers are providing an affordable alternative to using BT who, for rural customers are woeful in my experience. 3 for example are doing £22 per month for unlimited. For the first time in years I can stream movies and the kids can do online homework without any issues.
  2. Hi, I purchased the Poynting XPOL-2 directional as I knew where in the distance behind a hill, where the 3 cell tower was. It does not need to be looking exactly where the tower is. It has something like a 60 degree field of reception. I researched it and the directional antenna was more suited to my rural location as in a built up area they are not as effective due to signals being bounced about with buildings around you. The websites do recommend the 5m max of cable but Poynting actually sell an extension cable which is another 5m . They are expensive and available much cheaper on the auction site but you need to ensure it is good quality cable to minimise loss. Mines certainly works well using a 5m extension. I increased my download speed by "tilting " the antenna off the square when mounting it. The bracket that comes with it allows for numerous mounting positions. I sat upon my roof and using a speed checker on my mobile, I tried umpteen positions to get the best signal. The antenna actually faces the direction of the cell tower and you can rotate it about a lot before losing the signal. I mounted mine on a pole on a low part of my house but there are trees and hills between house and cell tower which is about 5 miles away. The hub upgrade was the B525. It is much better than the B311 which came with the deal. The B311 has only one antenna connection on the rear. The B525 has 2. I got mine second hand and have taken away from the house and used it with the internal antenna where there was a 3 signal. Well pleased with it. Its a lot of money to lay out but Im glad i bit the bullet as I binned BT after years of appalling service from Openreach and paying for a service that was a max of 2mbps and really inconsistent.
  3. Hi, I also have 3 home broadband. I am in a rural area with a poor reception. I upgraded the router to a Huawei B525 and bought a Poynting directional antenna at just over £100. Money well spent as the kids can do homework which is online and I get to watch Netflix and the likes. The antenna needs to point in the direction of where the cell tower is which living out in the sticks was easily done. The router that came as part of the package was not very good due to reception problems.The hub upgrade gives a much better wifi throughout the house and has an excellent app for managing things. The antenna comes with twin cable fitted with the connections which screw into the rear of the router.
  4. bobthedug

    .22 Hornet

    Currently looking for one for a friend. I have sent you a message. Bob
  5. Hi Tin man work,

    Do you still have your 22 hornet for sale. I have a friend who is looking for one at this moment. 



    1. Hi, with regards to hoping for a quick response from the FEO, there are several reasons as to why he was unable to give you any hints. There are very strict guidelines governing the access to systems which contain sensitive or confidential data. The fact that you had submitted an application form for a SGC would enable those who job it is, to access those systems. Hence the requirement for you to submit the application form. For what its worth, I know of several occasions when applicants have been "advised" to withdraw their application as it would not be granted. The fees are returned and there is not an official record of having an application refused. The "withdrawal" would be of benefit to those who have some issue which would be resolved after the passage of time and not have a refusal on record.
    2. bobthedug


      Definitely found in the upper stretches of the Clyde . Not sure about the numbers though.
    3. You are correct Charlie T. I should have made it clearer in my post. I was referring to the word "lose" that the op had used.
    4. You cannot really lose your certificate. Circumstances change It could be that you no longer have good reason to possess your firearms or it has either been taken from you by the police or it has expired. The reasons for police taking your authorisation away are many but unless a court has ordered the forfeiture of your guns, the police cannot dispose of them. Unless your guns have been seized then you will normally have time to sell them on. If the court orders their destruction or you sign them over to the police then they get destroyed.
    5. https://images.app.goo.gl/DoRWGYPE6nNeWSEYA This young lady is a doctor working in Australia. Rather attractive if you ask me!
    6. This rabbit seems to have a death wish. Warning. Some fruity language from the workmen but rather funny
    7. bobthedug


      And by deploying such tactics and tying up resources, you are taking these much needed resources away from genuine cases where there has been such species sighted. Not a road I'd wish to go down which, thankfully is an opinion shared by the OP.
    8. Not sure where you are located but in Scotland it is certainly an offence unless you have given permission.
    9. Fair points you have raised. My background is that I'm a somewhat recently retired police officer and have been involved in shooting in some form or other for over 5 decades and for almost 20 years have stayed in the area referred to and also worked there. I am friends with 2 local vets who are also shooters and a full time falconer, again a shooter. Between my job, hobby and helping out friends, I have indeed seen it first hand several times. Several species of raptor shot, poisioned or trapped. I am in no way an "anti" or attempting to defend CP or groups such as WJ, but these offences do occur. With regards to the reference made to "escaping prosecution" , that is indeed only my opinion. Based on overwhelming evidence , which due to a technicality was never brought to court. Again, bearing in mind that a person is indeed innocent until found guilty, my comments are indeed conjecture but made with a fair degree of knowledge of the specific incident I was referring to. I'm sure a google search will throw up a much more recent incident in this area where a goshawk ( i think) was shot by an estate worker in full view of witnesses. Having witnesses who are prepared to give a statement or evidence can be problematic if not only their livelihood, but their home and that of their family would be lost if they were to be dismissed..
    10. I stay in this area and unfortunately, most of what is reported here are facts. There are 2 large estates and the gamekeepers are instructed to "deal with an issue". Methods used have been illegal and one of those responsible escaped prosecution due to lazy and incompetent police involved. There may be other landowners involved but for as much as I do not agree with Packham and the likes, there is most definately an issue in this particular area
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