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  1. Renewal before last the feo said "just the one?" To which I replied no I have 2 and have had for a long time. He mumbled something about it being the 3rd time that day. Last renewal was all in order.
  2. To be honest I've made a lot of sausages from game and haven't had any shot in the final product. I normally make 40lbs or so in a go. The key being prep. I tend to only use breast and mostly (99%) of the shot has passed thru the breast into the cavity or gone straight thru the whole bird. Occasionally I wonder how the bird died to start with. A metal detector might not be a bad idea and it can't hurt but I'd want to be make a lot more to justify it.
  3. Can't the steel plate be changed to something else? A thin lead one perhaps?
  4. Without the beans, better noise.
  5. I've never had a problem breasting out birds and joining up rabbits and cramming them in my freezer. Too good to waste and not into wasting my time on people that want something for nothing without without word of thanks. Its rammed with pigeon breast at the min and they will shortly become sausages and burgers. Maybe spicy meatballs if I fancy it.
  6. Coke cans are OK but really you need a steel baked bean tin for the satisfying "thunk" noise. Or on occasion a small pine cone just to watch it ping off never to be found.
  7. GingerCat


    They are immensely powerful things, often wondered how they have escaped the nanny state so long.
  8. He pleaded to all charges, not sure what bits the police stuffed up as if they had he wouldn't have pleaded. The sentence is average for that type of offending. Not shaking my head just yet but then maybe I'm used to it.
  9. I've seen 3in Chambers on a lanber.
  10. I've yet to go round a car boot sale and not see an old webley pistol or 3 for sale at reasonable money. Lovely things to shoot. Had the older typhoon myself. Not the power of my friends hw45 but considerably more accurate.
  11. Do you only take spare carts if you shoot by yourself?
  12. I drove past your car by the cross roads and did note it looked "dumped". Good effort on the birds.
  13. I don't think it matters what anyone says, you have your views and will stick to them. Just for you information, if your arrested you get a similar letter on release, a victim of crime also, when I go to the loo there's posters telling me who to call should I feel depressed, the same when I log on to the computer. It's It's over the news. The armed forces have similiar. Armed police have mandatory referrals regardless as did I in another role. The wife has similiar in her work that has nothing to do with the government or police. Is it backside covering? To an extent, its probably more like an awakening to a massive mental health crisis not helped by lock down. It could all just be a conspiracy against firearms owners though.
  14. Often a bit of a rush at the end.......
  15. Scully, what's the issue? It's a letter sent to gun owners about mental health and what to do if you need help. Is that a bad thing? Yes it singles out gun owners, as its sent from the licensing department its going to. If the police don't send out a simple letter (perhaps at the request of another agency or office as often happens) they get criticism, if they do send it out they are "singling us out" and get criticism. I can't see the issue. I've tried but I can't. Your right about kitchen knife and cars, pieces of rope could be included along with over the counter medicines and alcohol and matches (they tend to be hangings or tablets but not always). Occasionally a gun user kills themselves, maybe the rarity of it (about 100 or so a year) is due to letters such as this. Maybe not. I don't know but I cannot see the harm in the letter. Most suicides are impulsive and have had little thought put into them, those that survive say as much and often wanted to go for help but didn't know where to turn. They just acted on impulse. Maybe, just maybe, this letter will help 1 person. That's good enough as far as I'm concerned. I don't see the need to demand to speak to senior officers or march on Parliament over it, perhaps I've got more concerning things to worry about.
  16. I dont think anyone needs to be defensive about this letter. It's clearly generic and aimed at gun users who have a simple means to commit suicide. I wonder if a recent one prompted them to send it, perhaps from the coroner? Who knows, either way it's not a bad thing. A number of other organisations and news papers print similiar generic stuff daily. Having been to a far more suicides than I want to and knowing there are plenty more to come I welcome the letter.
  17. I looked out the window this morning and thought some mad sod would be out there shooting pigeon. I then stayed in bed until it stopped. Trust jdog to not let me down.
  18. A lot tougher than labour who started all this. There again a piece of wet toilet paper is tougher than them.
  19. Good job. Days like that are worth every minute.
  20. Good effort, that wind was cold wasn't it
  21. Last week jdog invited me out and i had to cancel. That was the final installment of the great conspiracy to prevent me from shooting. So far I've had about 6 or 7 days out binned for reasons out of my control and I've had enough. Nothing was going to stop me today. Nothing. Except my daughter being sent home from school sick. A few promises for the future and the wife watched her whilst working from home. Everything crossed I made my way to the dogs lair, nestled in the wolds. He was waiting my arrival and we set off straight away. Not far either, about 400 yards round the corner to a field we had shot before. This was a field of rape, steadily rising uphill to a small copse of trees. The village down below some 500 or so metres from the sitty trees. The birds were leaving the village and following a hedge to the trees. A few were feeding on the haws and some on the rape. The dog bangered off the trees and we set up somewhere near the bottom of the line to intercept. A rotary and a few decoys, a bitter freezing northerly wind to our backs and the sun perfectly in our faces blinding us every shot. Perfect. The birds didn't disappoint and great flocks flew up the hedge appearing for seconds before being out of range. They must have been doing 70 miles and hour effortlessly. We banged away and within a minute or 2 had landed 3. This continued and we missed a few more than we would like, the sun being their protection. A few came from behind, some in front and the odd one even tried to land amongst the decoys. What a great time we had. In all we picked about 15 for a little over 90 minutes until the wife called to tell me to collect the other daughter who was no also sick and the sprayer arrived. I won't say how many cartridges we fired but the conditions were challenging to say the least. We probably should have tripled the bag however I will say it was probably the most fun I've had with my clothes on for a long time.
  22. Cheeky mate you have there. Probably wouldn't shoot with him again.
  23. It could be interesting, not only the penetration of the pellets but also how many hit the block, presuming its pheasant sized or course. The much claimed 100 yard screamer should be illuminating with 4 or 5 shot. I'm guessing not that much penetrative and few hits.
  24. I don't know anything about the Avon tyre but I have had falken and conti on my car (m&s and 3pmsf) and the verdstein quatracs on the wife's (new asymmetrical ones). The verdsteins are quite amazing in rain snow and dry. Reasonably priced also. She has them in a jazz and it drove about in 4 or 5 inches of the white stuff, some compacted as ice, with ease. Summer handling is good and standing water is no issue. We'll worth a look and seem to be wearing well. I shall replace mine for those in due course.
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