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  1. Every year the same thread, couldnt we just pin one and save the typing?
  2. GingerCat


    Same, it's half the price and the quality the same or better than tesco.
  3. Yesterday whilst driving on the a46 I saw a buzzard swoop and try to catch a woodpigeon mid air. The wife and I were quite impressed given how lumbering the buzzards generally are and that it only, only just missed the pigeon that did a fantastic barrell roll type manoeuvre to get away.
  4. I've come away from diesel but would put some forte through mine and could tell the difference after a few miles, cleaned it out out nicely.
  5. Wife's worked from home for about 10 years, she's gets a different tax code (£360 a year better off) and thanks her lucky stars she doesn't have a 4 hr commute per day.
  6. Mostly windows detects and install the drivers painlessly these days, depending on what version you have will alter how you go about a reinstall. Have you backed up everything you need I.e. photos or videos, important files etc? Recently upgraded from 10 to 11 when I changed some components and it took about 30 mins all in and zero effort. Google and YouTube will help probably better than this forum as you can watch someone do it. Try cc cleaner (it's free) and prevents me having to format for years at a time. If its slowing down to a snails pace then I'd hazard a guess and say you have limited ram and the hdd is full. Both very easy fixes and neither requires a format and reinstall. What specs are the machine?
  7. A solid 39.c here all day, the wind is very hot also no respite from that. I bet there's someone in a hide..
  8. GingerCat

    Why ???

    If you already have the ticket and the space then there's lots of choice for not an awful lot of money and you can keep the sub 12 for those days it's the right tool. I'm toying with the idea for bunnies on a neighbours paddock, I know I can get one but I'm not sure if I really really need one if you know what I mean.
  9. No point splitting hairs over it, they each have thousands so it makes no difference, the point stands though, he won't invade Alaska. I doubt agmftwr this he can do very much for a while.
  10. He would be a brave boy to try and reclaim Alaska, part of a massive nato country with more nukes than he has and lots of cutting edge weaponry, I think he'll stick with the ukraine and he's doing a poor job of that. He will have to get his finger out as when the winter hits he will end up going home.
  11. Get it cleaned up and serviced and it will be a good watch, looks nice too.
  12. Like in the scene from wolf of Wall Street. That would be awesome.
  13. None apparently, he's told them all to jog on. I give him 10 days bearing in mind the weekend is coming with some nice weather to boot. If he's still here then I suspect he will remain for some time. If he's gone then the defence chap I think seems popular, a general election will be on the way though for sure.
  14. Raise the mower half inch to avoid the stones.
  15. Where are the stones coming from?
  16. Given all the machinery right there at the site (electrics etc) I think he's lucky it didn't ignight.
  17. 10 years left before he can think about it.
  18. Febreze. The fabric spray version. Give it a good spay and leave it to soak before wiping off.
  19. GingerCat

    Big spider

    I got bit on my hand one night whilst asleep. The fangs or whatever were about 6mm apart (we measured it in the office). It was sore and swollen and oozed puss for about 10 days. Sometimes I would sit and squeeze it out till it ran clear and felt better. No idea what the spider was but in the house I only ever see house spiders so it was probably one of them. I have sent flase widows in the potting shed and oddly the chicken coup but not in the house. Occasionally I bug bomb the entire house and kill the lot.
  20. Just got a 1.5t civic. New shape and not pigeon shooting friendmy really. On a run to work it can do 55-57mpg sticking to the speed limit and no harsh acceleration. Should I put my foot down (I do occcasionally) it does 35. Very enjoyable.
  21. My house is 1840's. 3 bed. Solid walls. Everything electric bar heating that is oil. Wife works from home all day on a laptop. 2 kids. We use 20 quid electric a week. Electric cooker, dishwasher and tumble dryer on all day. At least 3 times for the latter. I get in from work d I like to play on the pc. The gpu doesn't mess about. In the winter about 30 oil and a little bit on the wood burner per week.
  22. If it was the same one I had there, he had served a considerable time in the guards.
  23. Elderkins is a lovely shop.bought my first gum fro. them and they changed the recoil pad for me as well. On a £100 biakal for an 18 year old that's some service.
  24. The last 2 years I've seen more and more, a good gauge (for me) is the cat. He's managed 1 or 2 a week ever week for the last 4 months. Half to 3/4 grown. Not bad for his age. And he eats them, well their heads in any case. Most nights the verges are full of them over the wolds, 2 years ago I didn't see 1.
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