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  1. That's my thoughts, if I have 7's I'll shoot cylinder and 1/4 and I've not found them wanting to 40 maybe 45 yards. That's far enough for me decoying. Getting actual 7's and reliably can be a pain so I've settled for 6's with 1/4 &1/2 chokes. Yes I get more power at range but the pattern is not better.
  2. 7's will kill pigeons to 40 yards through cylinder choke . After that pattern fails. 45 yards with full maybe. 5's or 6's don't do it any better. I shoot 6's as u can't get the 7's reliably.
  3. I can't wait for the 30 pager thats coming.
  4. Rumour has it there was a bsa Mercury knocking about Norfolk that could teach Elon musk a thing or 2 about tuning and ballistics. Know anything about it ditchy?
  5. You can do. He might just say the same.
  6. I don't shoot enough to worry about dumping them. That said I turn the lot into sausages,burgers and the like. I can use a lot of pigeon breast up quite easily. Given its good for you and tasty I don't know why more shooters don't do the same. The lack of rape this last winter hasn't affected numbers on my perm. Not very much at all grown with 5 or so miles.
  7. Try Google, the question should be who was not connected with him at some point. It would be quicker to answer.
  8. Good point, it may drone on for a bit yet then. There will be if the shoots want to sell the game. Can't see how the big shoots will function otherwise.
  9. Some hand gel that's 70% alcohol would clean up what's left maybe. Works on my glasses.
  10. If petrol is no issue then there a plenty of rav4's about for that money that will do the job.
  11. Did anyone get a day to witness these feats as posted above? At least the lead ban will end these threads.
  12. Given the amount they currently write on food labelling it's a miracle it's not mandatory to list it already.
  13. In the grand scheme of things currently it's not very high on the list at all. The effects of TM are just starting to bite. The full effects will take a little be longer to be seen. In 20 years its easy the worst I've seen across the board, most days a full team is no where near fielded and the demand far outstrips resources. You then have to base what you go to on what the threat/harm/risk is. Sad but true.
  14. I know what the law is but I've yet to see it happen.
  15. If she can find one person that has i will be astounded
  16. That was a very enjoyable game to watch, they both played to their limits. Hardly anything between them.
  17. Battery ? Maybe the clutch. Mine likes to spend my money when I can least afford it also.
  18. I hate selling cars privately for these very reasons so don't do it anymore. People tend to annoy me with the childish questions, as if you'll give them the car and twenty quid for their hassle.
  19. No doubt, and same regard for the law it seems. I still feel if your over 16 and use the road then a licence and insurance are need regardless of what it is, cycle,bike etc etc. A good few friends in London were hit by cyclists and had bad injuries. If I used an airgun with the same disregard I'd be arrested. Why is it different when it comes to transport?
  20. Out of curiosity, how do these pumps work? Do they chill it? How much for a keg? What space is required?
  21. GingerCat


    This. 12ftlb no. Fac air then still no. Sort the fencing out. They will go elsewhere.
  22. Of course I do. Some things help it along.
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