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  1. Cambsman

    Recommend sat nav for Canada

    Don’t buy one. Download a free app called Here We Go onto your phone. You then download the maps of any country you need to visit. All free. Do this at home on your WiFi. I have used this app in lots of countries and it always works really well. It also works without a data signal when you are out and about so no need to worry about high data charges (it simp,y runs using the gps in your phone). It’s better than most sat navy’s that are built in to cars.
  2. Cambsman

    Country pub/ Resturant

    I can recommend The Anchor in Sutton Gault in Cambridgeshire. Great food, local ingredients, game in season, friendly staff. Superb
  3. Cambsman

    Prince William on overpopulation

    And the factual evidence to prove your ridiculous and racist post is?
  4. Cambsman

    Another Defender copy

    That first thing totally misses the point!
  5. Cambsman

    A real mans watch

    Omega and Squale. And yes, they both do get wet!
  6. Cambsman

    Boot Fair experience.

    The tax man must be gutted at his sudden loss of income!
  7. Cambsman

    Not Really Very Yorkshire . . .

    I knew it. I just knew it. All a bunch of poncy limp wrested vegetablists!
  8. Cambsman

    David Gilmour in Pompeii

    I saw him on that tour in the amphitheater in Verona. Absolutely fantastic.
  9. Cambsman

    Pigeon WATCH

    Day to day I like my Omega Seamaster Diver 300m. My fave though, is my Squale Ocean Diver Blandford SA in blue that my wife bought me many, many years ago. Priceless as far as I am concerned.
  10. Cambsman


    A known fact. Really? Based on what.
  11. Cambsman

    Reloading for 223

    If you want to shoot cheaply then buy factory. Reloading becomes a hobby in its own right!
  12. Cambsman

    Feeding my beaters

    Guns and beaters all eat lunch together on our shoot. Proper food, lots of banter. Great times.
  13. Cambsman

    Grayling fishing results

    Nice. Did you get a chance to try for them with a fly rod?
  14. Cambsman

    Shooting baseball cap

    Don't do it. Get a proper hat.
  15. Cambsman

    Lousy Christmas present

    I would recommend a 12 gauge. I shot at mine with a .410 and it just annoyed her.