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  1. People don't realise what the materials cost never mind the time spent making them. The will become too expensive for the likes of me to make and sell.
  2. I'll second using James Reynolds who trades as the woodworking Gunsmith based at Thimbleby Shooting Ground. He has done work for me in the past and I have a gunstock and foreend with him now for a best London finish.
  3. I'm wanting a hard case for my shotgun. It must be suitable for a 32" barrelled gun, choke case, cleaning kit, stock key, allen keys and choke key. It will have latches that lock plus locking tabs for TSA padlocks and be airline approved. I bought a B & W Type 72 case but had to send it back because the latches didn't lock despite the advert saying they did. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers, Alan.
  4. James Reynolds trading as The woodworking Gunsmith. He's based at Thimbleby shooting ground. Did a stock alteration and fitted an adjustable butt plate to mine. I wouldn't take a gun to anyone else now. Alan.
  5. Search for a group called Stickmakers and Supplies or British stickmakers guild. Plenty of people there will make what you want.
  6. My Grandson wants to collect bullet cases. I've got him a few from the lads who shoot at the clay ground I go to. What he would really like are some bigger ones eg 50 cal as shot from a Barrett sniper rifle. I've tried trawling the net to find some but not done so up to press. Would anyone point me in the right direction please. Cheers, Alan.
  7. Japanese water stones. Once you've got used to using them they're awesome.
  8. Keep it going it's a brilliant post.
  9. For sale mint condition Bushnell yardage pro 500 laser rangefinder. £75 to include signed for p&p. Now sold subject to the usual.
  10. Have a look at MFC Knives & Leather Sheaths on facebook. You will find none better than Mick's creations.
  11. Have a look at MFC Knives & Leather Sheaths on facebook
  12. Davyo has sent me a bird identification book for my grandson free of charge. There are still good people out there. He wouldn't even take anything for postage. Thank you mate you will make a little lad's day. Alan.
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