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  1. Thanks for looking now been sold on another site
  2. Five Fushing reels and spair spools 1 Drennan series 7 feeder reel with three spools 1 Michell match 440A one spool 1bait runner xlt4000 3 spools 1 browning ultra match um50 4 spools 1 force fx 6540 2 spools £100 collection only chesterfield derbyshire
  3. Hi Are the chokes extended please
  4. Are any of the cokes extended please the brûlée ones please 

  5. They all in Derbyshire not many fields cut yet but the ones that have been cut have lots of pigeons on them had three fantastic days shooting
  6. Wast of time He puts things on for sale but dosent reply back
  7. Are these still for sale mates wanting a set
  8. Hi would you sell the l/m on its own please
  9. It’s ok now thanks I have bought some
  10. Can’t get photos up are they extended and what choke sizes please
  11. Buy some cheap black socks and put them over your pigeon decoys they bring crows in no trouble they don’t shine either in the sun been doing this years
  12. If they haven gone I will have them I live in chesterfield can pick up anytime
  13. Very good guns you don’t get ten year warranty if there no good my F16 numbers and letters did come off but just get in touch with blaser and they will send you some out
  14. I have seven blaser Teague extended chokes for sale 1 cyl 2 1/4 2 3/8 11/2 1 5/8 all nearly new most not been used these cost £48 each wanting £200 posted
  15. Have you still got the flapper
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