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  1. Well done Bob some good pointers there for some people with hatsans i had two one for me one for the son we shot thousands of carts through them only had one problem the o ring a 1£ part, the dealer we bought them of told us 70mm 28gr carts and keep them clean and he sold loads of them, o i upgraded to a beretta 400 i had to send it back twice but i dont have a bad word to say for about it and would buy one again, i certainly would not go on an open forum and advise people not to buy a beretta thats my advise 70mm 28gr cart simple.
  2. hello it would be so much better if people would put where in the country they are .
  3. Hello i powdercoat all my lead bullets i get it of ebay i found gloss black to be very good i use one of the plastic tubs they use for sweets i put those plastic balls they use in air guns for war games dont put loads of bullets in the pot and just a desert spoon amount of powder ie 50 and a swirling action on a worktop it wont take long stand bottom down on some non stick paper and bake for the time it says for the powder oh and use tweezers to place bullets on paper dont touch with hands i would not go back to lubing very easy and cheap i shoot 45-70 38-55 44mag and you dont have to worry
  4. petesv

    zeiss v4 6-24x50

    I am looking to buy a zeiss v4 6-24x50 i have seen one on ebay but the person selling says he has no receipt and has not registered the warranty so if anyone is selling this scope please contact me many thanks Pete.
  5. Buy the howa in 6.5 creedmoor its an excellent gun i have one with 26 inch heavy barrel it is a tack driver.
  6. Have sent you a pm about another item. Please can you check your pm. Thanks
  7. I have sent you a pm about this but you havent responded. Please can you check your pm. Thanks
  8. Howa it not only looks good it shoots good.
  9. petesv


    wanted pedersolli high wall in 38/55 win thank you pete.
  10. Im after howa short action mag conversion . Thanks Pete.
  11. Hi mick i have said i will have this on ukvarminting thanks pete.
  12. this scope has been sold thank you pete
  13. zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 as new with box and everything that came with it when new £400 not illuminated
  14. hello mate i have a zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 as new £400 if you are interested
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