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  1. Where in north Wales r u. Who is your FEO.? The advice I was given, came directly from FEO and St Asaph.
  2. Thanks for replies. All sorted for now. Guns stored in 2 other locations, their certs have guns on as shared, simples. The FEO was really helpful, as always. Only problem I have to go to their house to check the guns are ok, so it looks as I have to be out more often. Happy days.
  3. Thanks Robbiep. As mentioned there is already a spare slot for the 17HMR, so no problem with it being transferred.
  4. Just had call off FEO. Due to my son's pathetic behaviour and his inappropriate mates, I have been advised that to avoid my certs being revoked that I should arrange to have my shotguns and fire arms stored else where. There's no problem sorting that out, even where the firearms is concerned. (spare slot for 17HMR) I need to transfer them to my shooting companions, but In order that I have lawful use of the guns I also need them to remain on my cert. What do I show on column B on the cert. I seem to take it that if they were lent to him then its only valid for 72hrs. Advice would be gratefully accepted, because I have to get rid tonight.
  5. I have 2 Border Collies and Kent has said exactly what I wanted to say. Love 'em to bits, but when beating or shooting my Spaniel come out to play.
  6. Oh I miss them good old days, and still think of buying another classic escort. One day maybe.
  7. GREENGRASS" New camera being collected on Friday from London. Canon 1D iv hopefully I can manage to get some decent images then. Bloody hell, you say you want decent images. How better will they get. Really envious of the photos you take now. Please keep posting your half decent ;-) images so that we can all enjoy them.
  8. The photos must be photoshoped, or the shrubbery is at least 300ft tall Either that or they like posing. The bl00dy things are never that low when we go on the estuary. :-( +1 for making calendar
  9. I remember working on a farm that kept loads of horses. Had a young apprentice who could thought he knew it all. Any way we were working next to the electric fence, and close to the voltage generator. As you all know (hopefully) the wire gets electrically painful in pulses. Being close to the generator I could hear it discharging/pulsating. If you timed it right you could grab the wire and not get a belt. Did this a few times, or enough times to convince the apprentice that the fence was switched off. He proved me wrong, silly sod grabbed the wire with both hands. You can imagine the rest.
  10. bostonmick For your information my registration fees are ALSO done in the name of public safety and I pay for it. But just like your costs. IT MAKES US A WAGE. Being stuck in your cab all day seems to let your thoughts work overtime. Look at the bigger picture because your irrational suggestions can effect some less fortunate than yourself. There are many gun owners shooting on a very tight budget and at the moment enjoying it. We cant all justify spending £800 a month on shooting. If you think your receiving an excellent service off your FA dept, that's good to hear. The bigger picture tends to show things in a different prospective. What you don't seem to be able to absorb is the majority of gun owners are not happy with the service they receive. Have a nice day and drive safely, and watch out for cash making speed cameras.
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