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  1. Thanks again all, there's been a bit of a delay in so much that the wife fell in a ditch walking the dogs and badly broke her wrist so it's going to have to take a back seat for a day or two but thanks for your suggestions hopefully I'll be able to get on the case this weekend and will let you know how I get on
  2. Thanks for all your replys folks, really very much appreciated I'll get on to it this afternoon and let you know how I get on
  3. Thanks for that I will thank you Quite possibly the ejector is on the right hand side of the bolt I'll try to get one tomorrow thanks Thanks for you advice so far please keep them coming
  4. Hi Al l'm after an ejector spring for a .410 Sportsman (the 3 shot version) which I am told is different to one for the more common single shot if anyone can help please? Happy to pay reasonable price thanks. Rich
  5. Hi All I'm hoping one of you fine folks may be able to help me please? I have a Webley & Scott Sportsman the 3 shot version of the old single shot bolt action. It has stopped ejecting and was returned from the gunsmiths today with a verdict of a broken ejector spring (the small spring which sits in behind the ejector pin). As new parts are long gone the solution offered was to manufacture one but at a cost of £100 plus at which it was righty suggested wasn't worth it given the value of the gun. They suggested I try to get hold of an old 'scrap' gun to cannibalise the part. I wa
  6. I just got one last week and have to say that first impressions are very good. Well put together and feels solid. Actually very accurate over the iron sights!. It came with a horrendous scope which I gave to my 11 year old to play with and I've just got a 3-9 x 40 which I haven't got to try it yet. Being gas ram it's very smooth to shoot and the trigger is a world on from gamo triggers of old. I bought this because it popped up at a bargain price and I couldn't not buy it for the money, but I've also got a Stoeger X20S which is a very capable springer. I fitted a Charlie da Tuner trigger upgr
  7. It's a personal choice and semis won't be for everyone. It does wind me up that people look down their noses at them but at the end of the day a gun's a gun and a good shooter will hit with a cheap old semi what a bad one would miss with the finest Purdey. I used semi auto weapons for nine years in the army so when looking for my first shotgun a semi auto was an instinctive choice. I also own both an O/U and a SBS but prefer the semi but that's just me. I take on board your points around picking up empties (nine years on military ranges makes that instinctive too) and agree that more peop
  8. I started my collection with a brand new Hatsan Escort. I use it for pigeons and clays and it's never missed a beat. Can't understand some peoples issues around semi autos and it does wind me up that some people look down their noses at them. Being ex military I'm more than comfortable with them and it was my first choice when I looked to buy my first shotgun. Easy reloads and three shots what's not to like? I also own an over and under, side by side and a .410 bolt action but still use the Hatsan as a first choice on most outings.
  9. I've only got a shotgun licence but there were .22 rifles going for considerably less than the value of the scopes on them yet air rifles were going for daft money? Does anyone know of any other auctions in the Hant's, Wilts, Dorset area?
  10. They're more than welcome there's always a couple at the auctions . Have to say there's a place for everyone. I've always been on a tight budget for my shooting (ask the wife!!!) although I did buy my Hatsan brand new from Avalon Guns who were very keenly priced and gave first class service but at those prices £80 for an O/U who wouldn't?
  11. A version of this popped up in a mates pics and couple of former colleagues who used the Sig 552 commando as pmc contractors in Iraq said they loved it, reliable, easy to shoot and proved to be popular with those using it. If it's good enough for work I've no doubt it's up to sorting out bunnies. as has been said it is a Sig, definitely different and looks good too
  12. Had my first outing this morning with my Mirocchi O/U 12 bore (on clays) bought for the princely sum of £80 at Netherhampton sporting goods auction (Salisbury)last weekend. It's 27.5" barrels, single trigger and an ejector in good overall condition with good woodwork and clean bores. Even allowing for the fact it had me behind it, it shot well enough for me to know that those missed were down to me not the gun. The last gun I bought there was a Spanish box lock sbs for £25 which everyone that's shot it says is a great little gun so overall two cracking bargains. Neither expensive guns in the f
  13. Seems so, I just find the 28" too long for me (I'm a short ****) but thanks anyway
  14. Hi All I'm after a spare 24" barrel for a 12 bore Hatsan Escort, if anyone has or knows of one please get in touch thanks. WT
  15. I'm still using the original oil from my SA80 cleaning kit I forgot to hand back when I left the army 19 years ago and haven't had a stoppage yet lol
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