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  1. No problems with the AA one fitted to my 510, iv got other makes which cost more and you have to factor in the thread adaptor but the AA will stay on regardless
  2. I will take this, can i collect tomorrow during the day ?
  3. Really top class work sir ! Has Ditchman ordered one yet ? To get you prepared in advance, research photos of a Mole (the lawn burrowing type) Naughty corner for me 😁
  4. Or, buy a compressor and stay fat like me
  5. Got one, looks a tad different to mine... We use it as a two player, when all targets are done we shoot to reset them, that makes it fun !
  6. Great shot, i have two problems though..... 1, iv not got a fat chance of making that shot.. 2, a blinking long way to walk for the pick up 😜 Merry Christmas chap 👍
  7. I will take this at £100 posted if still available ?
  8. I have two hft500, The only downside i can think of is, the loud bark it gives off. Air stripper is fitted as standard so a adaptor to use a moderator will be required ! Same stock as the ultimate sporter, higher shot count to ( i get between 80-90 ) Loading a small .177 pellet each time, in the dark, could be a deal breaker ? Buy the s510 if you dont need the adjustable stock....
  9. pics please so i can see the fittings, i need din as per shop bought bottles. Paul
  10. That has made my mouth water... Liver Kidneys etc is a thing of sheer delight !! Mrs wont eat any of it though
  11. Mel, is this chainsaw purchase just some cock and bull story, to cover you wearing leather ppe 🤔😜
  12. Thank you for that, im tempted if its recoil friendly ? I use a Benelli super sport and 24 gram carts at the moment... Thanks again for your time. Paul
  13. Found one in my garden yesterday, well the dog did, sat staring at it for ages she did 🙄
  14. Ditch may just be spot on with this, send them the photos and hopefully you should get sorted 🙂
  15. I will take this please if it is right handed mate ! Paul
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