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  1. shootgun

    .22 Hornet

    I should get my renewal back in a week or so, so I’m in the market for a good quality .22 Hornet. What have you got?
  2. Yes, it is a Thai Ridgeback
  3. Lovely dogs, here is my bitch , Vesna
  4. Don't put down you want a .22 air rifle, just put .22. Then go and buy whatever you fancy as long as is on your FAC. Yes you do.
  5. This is how it works down my way, they are different chamberings but technically the same caliber.
  6. On my last variation i applyied for a 7mm Rem Mag and the ticket came back as 7mm rifle only. I have double checked with my FEO and he said i can get any 7mm i fancy , (7x64, 7mm-08, etc) as on the FAC is stated the caliber, not the chambering. The RFD had no issue with this so i purchased the 7mm Rem Mag. Now on renewal i put for a .22 rifle so i can buy a .22 FAC air, a .22 rimfire or a 22 hornet centerfire if i want to.
  7. Friends and familly first, than the game dealer...
  8. This is what i call the ''Jar Jar Binks effect'' 😉 It was shot in the head, and most of the times the eyes are popping out due to the shock...
  9. Got quite excited about the begginig of the roe buck season so went out on a sunny afternoon, on a small but productive patch, to see what is moving about. Seen quite a few deer including 2 big bucks but left them alone , and on my way back i came across this one, at about 60 yards standing still giving me time to aim for the neck, pulled the trigger and he dropped on the spot. Having cured my roe buck fever for the moment , i had to remind myself that is almost the end of the fallow buck season so the next three outings were exclusively dedicated in trying to get a few more bucks on the deck and keep the landowner happy. Had a cracking time but it was hard work at times , with the last buck weighting a healthy 124lbs larder weight, but managed to extract with the help of the Polaris, even though i couldn't get exactly where i want it, due to some logs blocking the access. That's the end of the fallow season for me, bring on the roe buck rut!
  10. A lot! We struggled two of us to get him in the back of the truck...
  11. I know is a long shot, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get... All my land is winter barely so no pigeons. Looking for a day pigeon decoying in the South East, preferably for 2 guns, I got all the gear, guns and insurance. I don’t mind paying for the privilege or to return the favour . (I can offer a morning or evening out in the high seat to try for a roebuck on my ground in Surrey) Thanks!
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