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  1. They are absolutely rubbish in my Blaser barrel, RWS on the other hand, are brilliant.
  2. Recently swapped for 110 grains Barnes TTSX in my .270 and is more forgiving on the shoulder... It knocked over from foxes and munties to the biggest Sussex fallow bucks without a problem...
  3. Very sad news indeed... I knew Graham personally, he was the one who took me out for my first proper wildfowling day on the Wash back in 2014... I will miss him! R.I.P .
  4. Hard wired is the way to go... You can ask your dealer to fit it for you like i did. It set me back £350 front and rear from my Toyota dealer.
  5. I think Toyota is the way to go from now on, as from June 1st they coming with 10 years warranty, transferable to the new owner as well if you decide to sell...
  6. No one is taking pot shots, the canadas in question are being removed from a private fisherie at the owner request due to causing a lot of mess and damage around, perfectly legal under the General Licence.
  7. Top one is Rapala X-Rap Haku, bottom ones Strike Pro Buster Jerk 👍
  8. Wasn’t looking for a “well done “ just sharing my experience...
  9. To make it clear , that small deer it was an adult muntjac doe, invasive species and very destructive for the enviroment, same like the canada geese, and they got no close season. March, August or January, it makes no difference to me as the landowner wants them gone. If i'm not doing it, he's going to bring someone else in my stead. As for the belly, nothing was missing, just a slighty bigger than usual exit hole on a perfect heart and lungs shot , that deer was dead before it touched the ground.
  10. Thank you for your kind words! That's alright, i'm not so important... Just wanted to share my experience with like minded people...
  11. I only lost the rib cage, other than that , perfectly fit for consumption. The .270 left an unusual big exit wound , it does happen from time to time.
  12. Had a cracking morning few days ago on one of my permissions, went out for a muntjac, and after shooting a doe, swapped the rifle for the fishing rod. Managed 3 jacks in about 45 minutes, and just as i was packing up a pair of canada came into land on the pool, so ended the morning with a left and right ( shotgun always ready whilst around water ) Superb morning and one happy landowner !
  13. He let me get close to about 25 yards , before he started moving away slowly. I’m not shooting roe on this estate, unless injured or poorly... I did shoot 17 muntjac from last November though...
  14. He’s definitely old, need to assess it properly once he’ll get cleaned up and in season
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