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  1. Got really frustrated today and tuned down my Wildcat to 915 fps, and i'm getting 1/4 inch groups at 50 meters with the JSB Kings. the JSB Hades weren't far behind so i'll stick with those... Still got 300 FX Hybrids left though... 😐
  2. shootgun


    I got a hard wired dual-channel Thinkware F800 Pro and already paid for itself . I know is more expensive than a Nextbase but is got parking recording as well , and managed to find the culprit after a hit and run on my Mrs. car parked outside our house. My car was parked on the other side, a bit further down and got recording of the incident with both rear and front camera. Is all depending what are you looking for and how much do you want to spend...
  3. Still trying the FX hybrids in my .25 Wildcat MK3 FAC, and so far they are rubbish... Started at 840 fps all the way to 945 fps and still no joy...
  4. I had the HW100S , KS, T , in both .177 and 22, now i got a HW100BP ... Never had any problems with any of them, best PCP's in under sub 12 foot pound imho.
  5. Got a nearly new high quality FX four-stage pump if any interest. I'm moving to a 250 bar air cylinder on my HW100 so i'll need a divers bottle instead.
  6. shootgun

    New gun day

    I thought the same, but unfortunately they got issues to sort out.
  7. shootgun

    New gun day

    FX Wildcat MK2.... first one no power at all, swapped for a new one, 19FT Lbs....😲
  8. shootgun

    New gun day

    After 2 faulty FX , finally picked up this beauty today, only need to zero it ant put it through its paces...
  9. jeez, you don't need a book... Just get some fresh pork fat ans spices in the mix and crack on!
  10. I'm lucky i don't have to buy any , we're doing our own receipe venison sausages in house...
  11. 9 in the back garden with air rifle over the past week... 1734
  12. I did not unfortunately... I really liked the COD MW4 , i thought this one will be better.
  13. As per title, opened and played 5 minutes but don't like it . The game was only launched yesterday and cost me £50, yours for £40 incuding tracked delivery.
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