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  1. Not much to say really, i'm still overwhelmed by the whole experience...
  2. shootgun

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    +1 👍
  3. Nothing can beat the real birds. I always keep in a freezer a couple for the magnet from the previous outing. Hypa flaps are good, but useless in strong winds.
  4. shootgun

    Mosquito Repellent.

    Ben 100 (deet) is the only repellent which works for me...
  5. shootgun

    Bisley Pay and play .. insurance ??

    BASC membership will cover you ...
  6. shootgun

    End of the does season...

    Pretty much same for me, but haven't got a lot of muntjac on my ground unfortunately. I had shot only one all season in the open field, everything else whas shot in the deepest darkest Sussex woodland. At the moment the bucks are coming out at the very last light and they gone just after dawn.
  7. shootgun

    End of the does season...

    As i said in a previous thread, my pigeon season was(and still is) absolutely rubbish , so on my shooting days i was reaching for a rifle rather than a shotgun from my cabinet... I had thoroughly enjoyed this season , some challenging stalks, as sitting in the high seat didn't proved particulary successful for me, and also had my fair bit of blank days. Stopped shooting does couple of weeks ago, even though in season, i don't take great pleasure in shooting them while heavily pregnant. Seen some stunning roe bucks as well, hopefully they will still show up after April the 1st!
  8. shootgun

    Free Experian HPI vehicle checks

    Pm replied, 2 free checks left...
  9. shootgun

    Free Experian HPI vehicle checks

    PM replied! 3 free checks left !
  10. shootgun

    Free Experian HPI vehicle checks

    Chaps, if anyone thinking of buying a used car and need a HPI check, i’ve got 4 checks available as i purchased a 5 checks package and only used one. Send me the VRN and i’l email you a full report.
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  12. shootgun

    Last of 2017...

    Thanks mate! Still keeping an eye on your Youtube channel but no new pigeon shooting videos... Did you gave up? :)) Thank you! Thanks mate, believe me, i won't do it again lol
  13. shootgun

    Last of 2017...

    Thanks chaps!
  14. shootgun

    Last of 2017...

    Thanks gents!
  15. shootgun

    Last of 2017...

    Having had a terrible year on pigeons (the worst ever i might add) i concentrated the last few weeks of the year on stalking, with the last roe doe taken on Boxing Day. Seen some magnificent beasts, let a few very good fallow bucks to live for another day and hopefully get to mate and spread the genes, stalked in treacherous weather conditions and had an epic 800 yards drag over couple of fences, a valley and a river , but looking back to it, i couldn't feel more acomplished. I feel very lucky to be able to enjoy the great outdoors, and is not allways about pulling the trigger! Wishing you all, a healthy and prosperous new year!