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  1. I tried a slab of 20 bore zenith ..Very disappointed ..Very poor Cartridge just couldn’t get on with them ..Also had 2cartridges in a box. Where the crimp had not closed properly and the shot had fell out in box..Far better cartridges out there at less money ..Try Lylevale Ultimate Power shot 500 at the end of last season and found them exceptional..
  2. I would say it’s a big loss to the farming community, traders and the thousands of people who attend each day, my 9year old daughter and I shall miss our annual dad and daughter day at the show this year..Always a great day learning about farming and the countryside...
  3. For Sale :- 1 x Muller U1 , 2 x Muller U2 , 2 x Teague flush fit 1/2 Choke..to fit Geurini Maxis. Comes with Muller Choke Case. £180-00 inc P&P
  4. We are on Red Course at 10-15 ...
  5. Two of us there Tuesday shooting Wednesday.....
  6. Absolute tabloid Bull.. Anti shooting agenda from the scum press again.. Wether she has or had an animal rights agenda I don't know, wether she will be with her husband or not on Boxing I don't know either , however I can from experience state as fact that she does support him in his sporting adventures...
  7. Is this still for sale. Thanks

  8. is the gun still available


  9. Thanks for a great morning Alan, another great set-up, team Steve obviously boosted by me jumping in on one stand to cover Sharon..!! As for some shooting 170 cartridges I brought 300 with me and still got through another 75 from the car all for £25-00 no better fun or value anywhere. Come along and enjoy yourselves folks would be a shame if Alan didn't run them..
  10. Same here tonight but ours was for Battersea Dogs home..
  11. Great mornings sport thanks Alan and the rain pretty much stayed away looking forward to the next one, see you at Holkham...
  12. All paid up for myself and Blunderbust, looking forward to it .....
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