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  1. If we could get details of the club/organisation, then arrange to have pics posted of the scopes in action, iF WE LINK THIS TO A CLUB then it should be ok If nothing happens on to the cops and get them to ask for details
  2. i have one what sort of price are you looking for
  3. He's in the 4th pic right hand side i only see 3 pics then his sig? :lol:
  4. I'm looking to invest in an as cheep as possible lamp for my gun I am willing to do a fair bit of DIY but i am stuck for a good idea for a battery, has to be drycell and last a couple hours also rather than trying to find/build a lamp are there any relitivly cheep ones that i can pic up. I dont want to be spending £100 on just a lamp And to make things even better it must be light and compact Was thinking about 2 moped batteries linked together but it's not an idea solution 100 yarder 350yarder ARe these anygood? are the ranges accurate, as in can i see Buggs at that distance Thank in advance
  5. How do you dispose of 300 corvids??? i assume you dont eat them?
  6. Do you have any info on teh target or is it altered post pic?
  7. we can own semi cnetrefire's
  8. being realistic and not wanting to insult or hurt any persons conect with the tragic event if it was a shotgun not much will be said if it was a centerfire for fox or the like there will be a far greater fall out
  9. anyone using the new american digital one MARPAT?? it looks ok but i'm still not sure?
  10. thats mean they only get to shoot 32 rounds a year at an annual assesment fello i has speeking to was a bit confused when i told him i could go through 500+ a day at the range
  11. if you are going out to get food not for sport it makes perfect sence
  12. hi peter ya said i'd try this one for a change i'm on quite a few forums, too many i'm just not sure if i get the right sixe one will it be too loose, i read somewhere that if you get the one a size down and heat fit it you get a better seal,,,, not sure how well it works
  13. i have a hawke nite eye 6.5-20x50 i'm looking at putting a sunshade on to it will adding a sunshade effect my FOV and if so bu how much also i'm looking at putting bultercreek caps on the scope do ye know what size would suit it best i'm looking for a tight fit
  14. i've been putting .22 40gr through crows and having them fly off it still happens when there hit in the chest they seem alot tougher than they look
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