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  1. daytona

    Air rifle springer

    Thanks chaps but they need to be local so that I can send the chap to view,.
  2. On the lookout for a cheapish air rifle ,in .22 or 177 must be around Rotherham,Sheffield,worksop area,prefer a springer,asking on behalf of a friend who’s wanting one for vermin in his garden,.
  3. daytona

    Camo caps etc

    SOLD subject ,.posted thanks
  4. Camo caps ,1 is wax cotton 2 face veils ,I pair camo gloves ,£14 posted the lot .
  5. Sako .17 hmr 5 shot magazine,,suitable for .22 magnum as well ,like new £21 posted.
  6. daytona

    Mole trap (s)

    Sent my number
  7. daytona

    Mole trap (s)

    These ones,
  8. daytona

    Mole trap (s)

    I’ve got 6 you can have ,I’m in kiveton Park ,
  9. Sako 5 shot magazine,to suit sako quad .17 hmr and .22 mag.looking at £25 posted within uk.as new condition with little use.
  10. daytona

    Sako magazine

    Sako quad magazine,covers .17,hmr and .22 magnum.as new ,little use,.£25 posted,uk.relocated to “other sales” Sorry mods,I’ve added this in wrong topic,,should be in other sales,.
  11. Sako quad magazine in .17 hmr,,mint condition,I’m not 100%sure but I think this can be used for 22 magnum as well,.£27 posted ,U.K. .
  12. daytona

    Rifle brass

    I’ve got loads of .17 hmr brass ,whereabouts are you based,.
  13. Oh I see,thanks you.dave g.👍
  14. Sako quad .17 hmr 5 shot magazine,£25 posted ,ukU.K.
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