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  1. Yes very fishy. I am posting a site thats dodgy. Not claiming its my site. Not vouching for it. Not promoting it. Im Saying its dodgy. Im Not selling anything. Im Not asking for money. Also since Im so fishy, and had only 7 posts (you checked), it would have only taken another click to see my intro. Also i can understand if maths is not someones strong point so heres a refresher: 24 April 2012 (my joining date) is 9 years before 24 april 2021. Anyways nothing i can say will convince you, so let me make it easier for you all:
  2. Hi all,I want to observe someone experienced fox shooting.Please note that this is not a request to shoot/ guided foxing and i shall not be bringing my rifle or shotgun (hoping this will make it easier for people to reply) and only wish to observe, learn.Happy to assist as per the shooters request (for eg you keep sitting in the truck while i run to retrieve the fox, or however you deem necessary).I do not wish to record/take selfies etc. This is not for media but for my learning.I may have questions to ask re: learning about foxing but if you wish, i am happy not to ask anything and only obse
  3. Due to my recent searches, Big brother google decided to show me a labs-for-sale-website. Its a wierd site, yes the prices are like WOW but something seems fishy. No geographical location, no internet presence ever, no reviews re the site (positive or negative) Its so dodgy its funny. Please read all sections including customer reviews, "shipping". (is frozen water the correct way??!!) seems super dodgy to me but maybe its because of my lack of knowledge. Would value experienced members' opinions https://zanzilabrador.co.
  4. can we meet up (covid rules), so i can meet local shooters and members? you have pm
  5. dear all, Thanks for the reply. @Grandalf wow thats cool. Do forum members have local get-togethers where members can meet others from their area?
  6. Hi all, Looking for some local knowledge. Ive recently moved to Norfolk- Suffolk border near Scole. Im looking to join a wildfowling club which has shooting close to me, areas which have good shooting (pinks, teal), inland shooting duck ponds, accepting members. Someone recommended Norwich and District and Great Yarmouth. google suggested North Suffolk, Rockland (rockland had their shooting areas on website and a few of them were close to me. I used to be a member of Kent , Holbeach and Ely but now looking for something more local.
  7. Hi is it too late to reply? Ive just moved to near diss and starting posting here. Thanks
  8. Hello all, Long time member, first time poster. Based in East Anglia. Interested in all kinds of shooting but novice in knowledge. Hoping to learn from experts here.
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