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  1. bigman

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    Buddy they look amazing I love anything handmade good luck with your new venture,
  2. bigman

    Track identification help

    Anybody know this one ? The track is about. 20mm by 20mm and 600mm apart
  3. bigman

    Pointless Madness

  4. bigman

    Pointless Madness

    Been scaffolding in it all week , but then us scaffs are hard as nails been told to go home twice by site manager as it's too cold , jog on son
  5. bigman

    S guard rifleman Bowie

    It's a good knife steel I prefere carbon steel to stainless o1 when heat treated correctly can get very sharp and be very tough and it's much easyier to heat treat than the other fancy steels that cost a fortune
  6. bigman

    Old or new pick up

    Sounds like a billy bargain ,
  7. bigman

    S guard rifleman Bowie

    Cheers Dave , it consumed me for awhile but my boy (jake) was born 5 weeks ago so now there just no time for the shed
  8. bigman

    Smallish hunter knife

    Thanks buddy , not a hollow grind iv yet to try one as my machine doesn’t have a big contact wheel ,
  9. bigman

    Mountain man Bowie

    Cheers lads , I do love a big Bowie
  10. bigman

    Old Trade knife

    Thanks lads appreciate the comments
  11. bigman

    S guard rifleman Bowie

    Thanks guys , some say the original Bowie was a carving knife of sorts that's the magic of the Bowie nobody can prove what it was ment to look like there's plenty of interpretation
  12. bigman

    Old Trade knife

    old trade knife style I made from o1 with etched blade and oak scales
  13. Hunter style knife I made from o1 the spine has some file work ,
  14. Another rustic S guard Bowie I made from o1 tool steel , blades 11 in with a forged guard from a old file, stag handle
  15. bigman

    Mountain man Bowie

    Rustic Bowie knife i knocked up few months ago thought I’d share , farriers rasp blade forged to shape with forged guard also from a old file bit of leather and stag for the handle The blades a knats over 12in