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  1. Just out of curiosity was it okay, good guns? Want something that won’t break the bank to get me back into clay shooting
  2. Hi mate, very interested, is it still for sale, I’m very local to you which is a bonus
  3. Just wondered if anyone had come across Concorde semi autos in 12g. Looking for a cheap semi for pigeons and rough shooting and found this in a gun shop. Average condition but cheap i just have never heard of them and can find nothing on the web all it says on the gun is Concorde, Germany stamped on the barrel. Help and info gratefully received Thanks all
  4. If anyone fancies this gun I will sell everything for 375 and throw in a night hunting kit which is brand new and cost another £50 Bargain!!
  5. Sorry Ellsworth but I just bought an o/u today so I am now looking to sell the air arms n exchange Thanks any way
  6. Updated ad on Gunwatch to reflect updated detail. Scope is Bushnell 6-24x50 AOEG and divers bottle is 3 litres tested to March 2016.
  7. Hi This is my gun it's currently at my parents whilst I've been moving house which is why the lack of details as I could not remember exactly. I will get some pics and detail tomorrow and update via gun watch Thanks
  8. 12 boxes of 25 in each Hull 12G , 7.5 , 27grams, 70mm in length fibre wad cartridges, clay pigeon load really selling as given up shooting, licence holders only £4-0
  9. New price for the gun of £525 I will also throw in the 8 Briley Invector Plus chokes at no extra cost. Will also consider swaps or p/ex as I am looking for a semi auto any sensible offer considered.
  10. Would you consider an RFD on the gun, I know its a pain but I am quite a way from Bristol
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