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  1. no longer for sale, price was too low to let it go for me, appologies for the inconvenience
  2. For sale Sightron Siii 6-24×50 rifle scope SIIISS624X50LRFFP/MOA MOA-2 reticle 0.25 MOA increment tactical knobs Lifetime manufacturer's warranty come with origional box, flip caps, screw in sunshade, unused lens cloth, scope pouch and origional paperwork Scope is in perfect working order is only being sold due to a recent upgrade to a swarovski 2.5-18. cosmetically there are a few scratches from general ownership but has never been dropped or bashed. £650 (ONO) with free uk mainland postage if you have any questions of enquiries please PM me and ill get back to you as soon as possible
  3. its quite possible today was the worst weather ive ever shot in, cross winds were pushing shots more than 4 inches across! i passed but i think it was more luck than anything else, probably aught to go out for a lottery ticket now 😂
  4. 20 more bullets for my DSC1 assessment tomorrow
  5. got mine from this person a few years back, can't fault the quality!
  6. aim sport are light, have a 5 year warranty and don't need stripping, good noise reduction too
  7. takes the standard dropping hinged plate correct, i have the same stock in grey on my 223 with a mag conversion in it, took about half an hour with the dremel to remove a little material to take the heavier duty bottom metal. This stock however was only ever on a rifle with the factory bottom metal though
  8. £275 at the show is the lowest i can go, this is a serious deal for anyone interested! as mentioned before ill be at the show tomorrow all day and will happy bring it along, thanks again fudd
  9. For sale is my Gibson SG in 'Worn Brown' with official and unused gig bag The guitar is a 2009 model which i was given as a gift for Christmas of the same year, unfortunately i haven't really given it the love it deserves with time commitments as as such has probably spend the last 4 years in the case, before that it was only played infrequently. It is visually unused and once oiled and polished will be virtually new If you would like some more information of further photos, as always please let me know http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/USA/SG-Faded.aspx
  10. to anyone interested, i will be going to the shooting show this weekend and if you are there, could arrange to meet up, i would accept £300 cheers Fudd
  11. Selling due to a personal shuffle around of my rifles (selling my remi 700 .223 and getting a Tikka .243) GRS Adjustable Hunter stock for remington 700 short action in blue The stock was purchased around 9 months ago, new Currently quite a tricky stock to get hold of due to the colour and uniqueness £300 + postage - these stocks retail at over £500 new! If you would like pictures please PM me this really is one of those stocks you have to see to appreciate its beauty
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