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  1. Sorry for your loss mate .
  2. 5 las night with 22 rf before got dark total 1163
  3. Rabbits are well up on the golf course I shoot prob best in 5 year only downside is don't no were the foxes have disappeared to used to see a few but not seen one in last 2 outings . Just need grass cutting at farm permission to see wot rabbit population like there but seen good signs so far .
  4. 6 last night at golf course 22 rf total 1046
  5. 5 at golf course with 22 rf total 854
  6. Just the one last night total. 168.👍
  7. Yes I agree sometimes I go to my farm permission and come back not having a shot but like to get out in the fresh air and country side watching the wildlife. If I shoot anything its a bonus think it's the same for a lot of us.
  8. That's also wot I use only in green witch the rabbits are a bit skittish with. Been looking on ebay for the red pill but can't see any for T67 torches. 😕
  9. Well done again mate on them rabbits wot sort of lamp or torch you using and wot colour . .
  10. Even a better result just using the lamp well done mate 👍 take it there not lamp shy then?
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