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  1. 5 at golf course with 22 rf total 854
  2. Just the one last night total. 168.👍
  3. Yes I agree sometimes I go to my farm permission and come back not having a shot but like to get out in the fresh air and country side watching the wildlife. If I shoot anything its a bonus think it's the same for a lot of us.
  4. That's also wot I use only in green witch the rabbits are a bit skittish with. Been looking on ebay for the red pill but can't see any for T67 torches. 😕
  5. Well done again mate on them rabbits wot sort of lamp or torch you using and wot colour . .
  6. Even a better result just using the lamp well done mate 👍 take it there not lamp shy then?
  7. Nice to see the rabbit total was better than last year I dident beat my own talley from last year but will hope to this year.🤔
  8. I shoot rabbits and foxes at a golf course local to me don' get paid just happy to have plenty of land to shoot over .
  9. Mine took 8 week from start to finish with west yorkshire 6 years back thought it was quick but took 3 month for my renewl. 5 week is quick well done and enjoy.
  10. I got mine opened after 2 years with west yorkshire but I was on the phone a lot asking them to come and check some land all the time. Think they got fed up of me .
  11. Me and my work mate are roofers and managed to work yesterday in leeds doing some cladding was hard work but got a day in . Been beat this morn tho a lot more snow here and even colder than yesterday and snowing heavy and roads arnt clear . Haven' worked a full week yet since beginning of year with rain and snow all the troubles of been self employed.
  12. Did my renewel last year with west yorkshire and took 13 week for fac and sgc and had no home visit just a phone call. Only took 7 week when I first applied for fac and sgc from start to finish good luck .
  13. Great bag for this time of year I'm finding it hard at moment on my permissions plenty of evidence of rabbits about but never out when I'm out. Roll on spring well done again mate .
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