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  1. Owned a Freelander2 for 2 months back last May/June. It was a nice place to be, HSE so had all the toys too but in those 2 months the dealer had it more than I did, rear diff, haldex pump and then front PTU, but by the time I’d driven it home it had started making a new noise, dealer just said to bring it back and he’d give me my money and old car back. It was immaculate and had only done 62k miles. Maybe it was a bad one but I was too scared to buy another so I’ve just bought a Q5.
  2. Had a Robin Hood once which is basically a replica Lotus 7, immense fun, you’ll always be smiling. Mine had no radio however the 4 into 1 exhaust was all the music you needed, it was freezing in the winter all except for my legs which cooked as they were basically in the engine bay and I was forever tinkering as the original builder wasn’t the best and one day the offside front wheel literally fell off, luckily at only about 5mph, half hour before I was doing 70 so it must have been my lucky day. If I had the cash I’d buy a Caterham at the drop of a hat, flawed but fun, as a Landrover owner y
  3. Can’t see it happening myself.
  4. Great people to deal with, recently bought a shell pouch from them at a fantastic discount, transaction was smooth and it arrived quickly. Julian is often found at a clay shoot on a Sunday and is a really nice guy to chat with.
  5. One of my heroes, will have to give this a watch.
  6. I find it amazing that people are allowed to flock to the supermarkets, DIY shops and garden centres in droves where social distancing has long become a thing of the past however we are advised not to travel out of our ‘local area’ so we can indulge in our chosen leisure activity in a wide open space. Also what was the point of allowing non essential shops to open whilst telling people not to travel more than 5 miles?, shops are open but very few would be able to get to them if they stick to the advice. Some operatives lucky enough to still be in work with our company have been sen
  7. Picked up another £50 this month. Minimum investment is £25 according to the website.
  8. There was between 4-5k in there at the time, there’s a bit more in there now. As someone else mentioned you don’t have to check the individual numbers, you just get an email when you win or you can check Yourself using your membership number or phone app.
  9. Had about £100/125 in the last 12 months or so, much better than I’d get in interest.
  10. So far every time something has been asked of him he’s taken an extended holiday, become ill (if you believe he actually had C-19 you must think the moon is cheese!) and now just after his miraculous recovery his latest squeeze has popped out a sprog so it’s paternity leave!. Any normal employee with this appalling track record would have quite rightly been sacked by now.
  11. We need a ‘like’ button!!!
  12. Mrs has a 63’ plate swift running on supermarket fuel that returns about 47mpg however she does spend a lot of time in the early morning/evening bumper to bumper Traffic. Lovely to drive and good spec but serious lack of omph. My old Saab 93 1.9 Tid returns about 52- 53 mpg on BP ultimate which is 6/7 mpg more than It did on Sainsbury’s fuel, feels a bit more sprightly too.
  13. Bloody hell!!!! How much???? 100 at South Wales 2000 is £30!
  14. I find pedestrianisation of town centres has also become a big factor. I work in property maintenance and deal with quite a few retailers, all of which report a loss of footfall due to this. You can’t just ‘pop’ into town and pick something up anymore. Now you have to pay to park in a car park 1/2 a mile away and then walk in, most likely in the **** pouring rain to boot. On the other hand you can find whatever you want, get next day delivery and probably save a few quid without even leaving the house. And they wonder why most high streets are full of charity shops and travel agents. The mind
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