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  1. I think I will keep hold of these for now. cheers sam
  2. Cartridges Fiocchi Pigeon 12Ga 32g 6 full slab so 250 These are plastic and I need fibre. either swap for similar in fibre or will sell for £70
  3. We are moving so these need a new home. Based on northampton 8 in total, 6 hybrids 2 other breed. approx 4 years old - still laying but slowed down a little it.
  4. Thanks all, I have brought some of the bandage tape. 6 rolls for £6 on Amazon. Let see how it goes.
  5. I’m looking for something to cover the Mod on a Hushpower single shot. Any recommendations? I’ve had a look at tape but not sure what to go for.
  6. I’m looking to upgrade so have this going spare. It’s the nvuk add on - (tube style on their website). I have somehow lost the mount for the screen but these are readily available on the nvuk site or tape it on 👍 Full set up (minus the mount) just add an or torch and you are away. £75 posted.
  7. As above ideally single barrel ( due to budget) also ideally close to Northamptonshire
  8. Measurements are as follows, Height 84cm Length 27cm Depth 24.5cm
  9. I will measure first thing in the morning and come back to you.
  10. As stated. Collection from Northampton. it dose have a few rust patches but I have hit it with a rather large hammer and was fine. Seems to just be where the paint has chipped and the surface has rusted. Only 1 set of keys I’m looking for £30
  11. Hi all, thank you for the replies. managed to get an older one for £30. it needed a new lock.which is all sorted now. cheers sam
  12. I’m looking to get a new gun cabinet. Must have safe attached. Let me know what you have?
  13. I have been offered a n970 lrf from a PW member
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