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  1. Just had a look and the choke is actually cylinder not half
  2. Looking for any beating pops in Northamptonshire Saturdays only
  3. Just looking for the screen mount can’t seem to find them online
  4. I did it for a short while, during the birth of my daughter/ career change - the hours were brilliant. it genuinely wasn’t a bad job at all, some days was a bit of a rush but nothing crazy, normally me just getting lost. some days I would have a 2hour gap between deliveries and have 20 min drives between each delivery.( might not be the same now with COVID) Rural routes are by far the best. Town centre flats can be awful but not if there is a lift. Like every job you can have the worst days and meet every knob going, others days it’s the best job and meet interesting nice peopl
  5. As above, really depends on budget. I always see loads full set ups on eBay and Facebook ... some better priced then others. also a1 code is PWMEMBER5
  6. Thinking about looking for a buddy , I normally shoot (quite happily) on my own but was thinking it might be nice to have some company every now and then. Ideally someone with permission so we can uses each other’s. Drop me a Dm if your interested. Must Have SGC or FAC, insurance and ideally permission.
  7. I have a hatsan gen 2 £60 My bad, Just seen you’re sorted.
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