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  1. Can I have a pair of black and blue please pm me the detail for payment
  2. Thanks Dave, you have been pm’d
  3. samadams21

    Pigeon Magnet

    I was thinking of making one, but haveant the time at the moment. anything considered eg. Homemade, old, heavy, ugly ect.... the only real requirement is it can’t be tooo pricy (this hobby is already very expensive 😂) idealy located within an hours drive of Northampton. But happy to travel if need. thanks all!
  4. Thanks both, I really wasn’t sure after even after reading the new GL.
  5. Everything has been cut on the Farm I shoot on at the moment, does this mean I can not shoot pigeons or is protecting the cover crop enough justification?
  6. I’m looking for Lanber chokes if anyone has any spare? Also after a choke key. Cheers, Sam
  7. Sadly not, I could do £45 picked up? But that’s the lowest I could go
  8. Looking for beating in Northampton if anyone can help
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