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  1. Measurements are as follows, Height 84cm Length 27cm Depth 24.5cm
  2. I will measure first thing in the morning and come back to you.
  3. As stated. Collection from Northampton. it dose have a few rust patches but I have hit it with a rather large hammer and was fine. Seems to just be where the paint has chipped and the surface has rusted. Only 1 set of keys I’m looking for £30
  4. Hi all, thank you for the replies. managed to get an older one for £30. it needed a new lock.which is all sorted now. cheers sam
  5. I’m looking to get a new gun cabinet. Must have safe attached. Let me know what you have?
  6. I have been offered a n970 lrf from a PW member
  7. Hi there, sorry need to update the post, I’m all sorted now. if you don’t mind me asking what are you upgrading to?
  8. Sold to man above! thank you @3xspringer
  9. This is my gun. **Manual indexing mag**
  10. Megaorei3 NV Add on (pard copy) Any one have one they're not using ? I know pard are better but I’m on a budget for at the moment.
  11. Can confirm my Decoys got licked! Great morning managed 23 before the rain came in hard!
  12. Should of said, farmer is more than happy for me to shoot in these fields. I just wasn’t sure if it was the done thing. Thanks for the replies guys 👍I’ll be out on Saturday. Wish me luck!
  13. Might be stupid question but does anyone shoot crows in fields that have livestock (sheep) in them? I will only be shooting in a upwards angle. I usually try to stay out of these fields but I think it’s my best option.
  14. I was looking at a lower price than new to begin with but if that fails I will go for the above link- thank you!
  15. Looking for an extra mag in 22lr happy to Consider 5, 10 , 15 or 25 shot. thanks, sam
  16. 12 shot Saturday. Still loads more about. 128
  17. Yes please if your happy to post. I will pm you
  18. Brand new never used. includes the Fudslinger carry hook. £20 posted. No offers.
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