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  1. That is a great answer! Thank you. Very much appreciated.
  2. Hi All, Quick question, When things are a little bit back to normal, I plan on applying for my FAC. I currently have a gun box with no ammo box for my shotguns and future rifles but I have just brought a break down gun box which I plan to keep my o/u and ammo in. My question is, as long as the rifles and ammo/bolt are kept in different boxes, would this be ok or do I need to buy a safe only for ammo?
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    Pigeon decoys

    If only you were closer 😞
  4. @spurs 14 I’m having the same debate, I will definitely put in for a .22 Lr but also wanted to go for either .22 wmr or .17 hmr from the ammo prices I have seen online and the popularity, I think I’m swaying to the .17 hmr
  5. There is one on the bay at the moment. Starting bid of 34 but he will take 25.... was just about to buy it myself but I found one a bit closer
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    All sorted now
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    Looking for ideally a Hawke or Nikko Scope ideally 3-9 50/40 price wise I’m looking around the £30 mark sadly just missed out on one I think the for sale section
  8. I have had the same as above. I have just sold my xs78, I’m so glad I did.
  9. Anything non Chinese considered but I’m looking for something as close to full power ( uk limit) As possible. I don’t really want to spend much more the £100 😜 im based in Northampton, but will to travel an hour radius. many thanks,
  10. I thought that would be the case but was hoping for a different answer 😞
  11. Firearms certificate If I have had a sgc granted within the last 6 months, will I still need to complete the same paperwork and pay the full grant price for a firearms certificate now?
  12. Xs78 parts This is the smk xs78 .22 - it’s not complete as it is missing the exhaust/ sterm valve - (can be brought for £18 online ) - I don’t have the time for it and want to move to FAC. would be ideal as a Spares gun or a project. scope and bipod not included. CAMO tape easily removed I have co2 Capsules on here for sale but if they don’t sell I will throw them in and what ever pellets I have left over. Spare screws and Lots of seals/o rings included I would like £60 - happy to post at buyers expense
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    Ammo safe

    Brilliant! thanks all. Much appreciated
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    Ammo safe

    I was looking at this one ....https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006XBSPF2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_4fpcEb5YTTWY4 I may just drop my FAO a quick email
  15. samadams21

    Ammo safe

    I’m looking for a small (ish) ammo safe. I’m thinking of apply for FAC Looking for one one the cheaper side but up to FAC standards
  16. Ideally I’m looking for someone to collect as I want to sell as a whole and postage would be costly. many thanks, sam
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