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  1. Found a brand new Savage Arms 5 round magazine for HMR and WMR in the back of the drawer for a gun which is long gone. Retail for £30, will do it for £25 including postage. PM me for any info or with an email address for a pic. Chris
  2. I might try and knock him down a bit in that case 🤣 more like £150 I reckon.
  3. Been offered one of the above, seems to be good nick, has Nikon flip up caps and tube looks pretty good, very slight marks when the old rings were but can barely feel it. Was going to put it on a .243 used for deer mainly, seems a decent quality scope, the guy wants £250, does that seem about right? Has got the original box and instruction as well. Anything I should double check with before I part with any money???
  4. If only they still made them, haven’t imported them for a while now. Silver cartridge? Fibre wad? Used to love these!
  5. Speer Grand Slam338 cal .388” Premium big game bulletI’ve got 5 boxes of 50 of theseRetail at £58 a boxOnly £35 a box of 50 delivereddrop me a pm if your interested
  6. I’ve got a bag of 100 Norma 22-250 brand new brass for sale, £40 delivered. Drop me a message if your interested. Chris
  7. That’s what happens when your 7 year old is being a pain in the backside and your trying to write an advert! 12 bore, Invector, skeet!
  8. walt1980

    Eley Cap

    Genuine Eley caps, 2 available, brand new and unused. £12.50 each delivered PM me if your interested Chris
  9. 🤣 yup well spotted you win first prize! Which is erm .......... a pat on the back!! Invector choke. (The short one!)
  10. Found a choke from a gun I no longer have, Browning Invector Choke with 5 notches, so skeet in black. £18 delivered. Drop me a pm if your interested. Chris
  11. Personally I think with animal welfare groups and the amount of opposition to shooting increasing it wouldn’t surprise me if it all gets really really regulated. Buying licences to shoot vermin/pest as we all know them (pigeons rabbits crows magpies etc) then it’ll be pheasant shoots getting more and more expensive to run, effectively meaning it’ll be the more wealthy who can afford to do it (£50+ a bird for a cheap shoot). Grouse will end up out of bounds all together. Deer will end up on the list for people who are registered and have done DSC courses, and have to be registered company for deer control. I honestly think this could be beginning of the end for anything other than target shooting, it’ll take time but give it 20 years and it’ll be a thing of the past. Thats why I’m putting in for more variations on my fac now and booking a grouse shoot for this year!
  12. Yes! It’s never been opened I think, will check which one but I think it’s lymans 7th edition or something like that. I’ll check in the morning and let you know
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