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  1. Hi If you send me your number i'll give you a call.Alan
  2. Hi Sorry for the late reply, I have checked on the USA web site the reply was 1 in 10 twist rate for my rifle. I use 50 grain V Max ballistic tips which are very accurate. Please give me a call if you are interested. Regards Alan
  3. Hi, if you are interested please phone me 07940512516
  4. Hi I don't know what you mean pm you????Alan
  5. Hi Please note that this gun is a Browning not a BSA. Thanks
  6. Hi, No it's still for sale if your intersted give me a ring on 07940512516. Thanks Alan
  7. Hi John, Yes the gun is still for sale. I will let it go for £950.00, it's in excellent condition and I'm only sellling because I have a problem with my neck. One bloke phoned and made arragements to come and have a look but didn't turn up. You'll not be disapointed if you come and have a look. Many thanks Alan
  8. Hi can you give me a ring on 07940512516 or send me your number and I'll call you and we can have a chat. Thanks Alan
  9. Hi Mark, Can you give me a ring on 07940512516 or send me your number and I'll phone you and we can have a chat. Alan
  10. Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner but I've had a problem with my computer but all sorted now. I bought the 243 rifle for fox snd deer shoting but i've changed my mind and no longer want to shoot deer. I also own a .17 HMR rifle to shoot the foxes at the chicken farm, I look after 6200 hens and don't need the 243 it's too big for my need at the hen house. Regards Alan
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