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  1. sle

    Tesla one year on

    I’m was hoping that someone would launch a decent usable electric van, with a good range, but nothing seems to be happening. The government have more or less forced us to have diesel everything and soon they will be trying to charge us a million pounds a day to use a diesel.
  2. sle

    Tesla one year on

    Sounds like a good choice then, they are definitely the way forward. How have you found the range?
  3. sle

    Tesla one year on

    Aren’t they 50k ish more to buy than a discovery though?
  4. sle

    Barnul .308 Ammo

    Were can I get this stuff to try ?
  5. sle

    MTC Mamba 3-12x44..30mm Tube

    Il take if sidesy doesn’t. cheers
  6. sle

    Can’t stand this new layout

    Yeah it's awful, i don't really use the site anymore it's that bad. Totally ruined pigeon watch.
  7. sle

    Buying/Selling a second home and tax

    Inland revenue treat that as fraud and money laundering unfortunately.
  8. sle

    Buying/Selling a second home and tax

    You will pay double stamp duty on the second home purchase now.
  9. sle

    Ammo prices

    What's the accuracy like?
  10. sle

    Vw Transporter black smoke

    It had about 75k I think, it was unbelievable that van it had a new gear box under warranty then a couple of years later the intercooler, then the head, then it needed a new radiator, then the water pump went, then the injectors had to be replaced, then to top it off it had to have new wiring loom. When I asked the vw garage about it they told me it was an 8 year old van with 90k miles and that's what I should expect, I was gob smacked. Still I hope you have better luck. It put me off VW for life.
  11. sle

    Vw Transporter black smoke

    It was the smaller one, I think it was 1.8 or 1.9.
  12. sle

    Vw Transporter black smoke

    I had tithe same thing it was a hole in the intercooler, then a couple of months after the head gasket went.
  13. sle

    Boiler recommendations

    Ideal vogue is top end for good price. Don't go near Potterton or Baxi their after service is non existent. Worcester are seriously overpriced now, valliant good but a bit overpriced.
  14. sle

    Land Rover Freelander Terrain Response

    Freelanders are permanent 4 wheel drive aren't they?
  15. Defo replace it, no chance of repair. Don't use a crane or hattersley valve, they are all made in the same factory and are the most unreliable valves I have ever used and I fit a lot of big valves. They are an absolute rip of as well, a 6" will prob cost £600-£1000. Albion valves are the best value at the moment and good quality, al least half the price. Best thing to do is replace with a stainless butterfly valve especially if it's buried, most gate and globe valves tend to seize unless used fairly regularly. What's it used on is the other thing that determines the best valve type to use?