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  1. aye stu's still open repaired a couple of guns for him a bit back,plus spoke to him yesterday mind you he can talk for england
  2. ive been working on a few stocks of late,but yes checkering always ends up darker its because the wood there is rough and it darkens really easy the stock would be the same if you only used say 240 grade but i find when sanding walnut or any tight grained hardwood the finer the paper you use,say up to and above 1500 grade you can actually polish the wood with it pic of one of mine,beech,black stain and truoil(sprayed)
  3. as above plus bbs arent very accurate,you might find youself getting flustered the more you miss
  4. logunator


    ...get a cotton bud and clean the 4 black led covers inside the 'tube'
  5. logunator


    im 14 miles north of newcastle,i collect localish or courier in using parcelforce48 serviced in excess of 1000 pcps over the last 9 years,ive done most guns on the market,even some for gun shops but generally do the harder,rarer stuff. ive a mill/lathe and if i cant then ive mates who will make stuff for me.
  6. logunator


    ha! actually forgot i was a member on here glad i could help owt else you need ,you know where i am
  7. evening all.some of you may recognise my user name....im new to this forum though im a member of a few others plus i run my own forum with a mate...thought id sign up and say hi....so,hi!
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